National Stockpile

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Back seat driver Democrats are at it again. They point fingers at everything but them selves. Trump points fingers at everyone, no partisanship in his part. A true equal opportunist, and non discriminate objector. Yes, Trump is not a politician, he is buisness, and has no issue with getting on anyone's back for not doing their job. Only if Dems were that way, I would be all for them on support. Find faults within your party, then someone will start believing you from outside your party. I was hoping Biden would rise above, but he is no better than Pelosi.

Looking at facts, late to the party
Chinese PPE  and old stock faulty

Democrats stopped US production
All because of environmental protection

Large hospitals not rationing
Entitled and NYC mob hoarding

Trump saying no to Merkel's needs
This PPE stuff don't grow on trees

Back seat driver Democrat agendas
Working in packs acting like hyenas

Cause and effect, their attempts to decieve
Once seen, no question, on which side to believe

Submitted: November 19, 2020

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Back in Black

So true !

Thu, November 19th, 2020 8:49pm


Well written opinion, although I disagree 100%. Still... your writing is good.

Fri, November 20th, 2020 12:50am


Thanks! Well I am use to looking at the world around me, not being part of it. So what I see is removed from varied opinions. I cannot deal with a group of people in discussion, mostly because I find too many discrepancies, in how to take the information. Too many allow for maybe as yes. I am a yes / no person. So seeing how people react and how the media is sensationalized I simplify, by removing option, and emotion. Facts are too much information with misinformation cause more of a mess, than what we see and understand. I noted first hand medical practices were obsolete when my mom got infected in mid March. She had been masked, gloved and using bleach before March, when going back and fourth to Hospital. I told her she was taking too much into being careful, being rual in the mountians. None the less by in and out traffic and medical staff thinking they can let their guard down by going out of the hospital environment as safe to do, was the main issue to why so much has spread happened. Once ebola was considered safe to bring physicians back home, we thought we were invincible. Did not bother to update medial quarantine procedures to unknown virus activity. We now have become reactionary to precautionary. Due to how medial facilities are, in bean counting, there is no room for error when it comes to pandemics. Forced cordoning of facilities with corona, in only allowing infected in. All staff stay in place. As for ppe and tests. Not one test was proper, yet we were fed information that tests were important. Mom was tested twice and did not get proper results until it was way too late. The first was inconclusive to being positive, which many were given at the time. The second was only because she was elderly and may have not had a good test. 50% guess work in my opinion. So that part was used up until a month ago. Over 5 months of 50% guess work as fact. No wonder NYC lost so many, Cuomo forced the most tests upon his people at the time. Like he knew there was a problem, yet would not close down NYC, and forced near by states not to cordon NY. Now for ppe... many states went behind Trump's back and ordered Chinese ppe. Which they found out was not N95, or defective. Then NYC had hoards of Ventilators and ppe in stash. Don't get me on ventilators, as they were the main issue to why people died. As for ppe being made, Trump tried to get 3M to stop selling to other countries and deliver to the US on ppe. Which caused Germany to get pissed. Now the EU is pissed because Trump was cutting off aid to corona stricken countries, and Trump cutting ties with China. EU is in China back pocket, and china is pulling strings. To trump, America was #1 first and foremost. Yet media turned everything around on trump. I don't like Trump as a person, but his actions, not words are to be noted. Believe what you want, but not one country was prepared, and not one country was able to contain, no matter how much ppe and support. Only the few small countries and Australia succeeded, by the fact is that the populations are isolated by distsnce. Too far to move about freely under lockdown.

Thu, November 19th, 2020 5:45pm

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