The Story Of Us

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Review Chain

When her husband leaves without explanation Rue, a young woman with a Borderline Personality Disorder starts a journal to rethink life. After an old flame appears Rues present starts emulating her past forcing her to choose between the man made for her & the one who makes her heart race all while her mental health declines.

Table of Contents

Authors Note/Trigger warnings

I’m aware that Authors notes are unsuggested on this site, but it would be irresponsible for me to allow a reader to go any further w... Read Chapter

Chapter One: Daddy Issues

Michael Ratnadeepak said: “No one in this world can love a girl more than her father.” So, I suppose that means I’m fucked. I... Read Chapter

Chapter Two: Present, July 25th

  Well, that got dark quick, I think to myself, placing down my pen and rolling onto my back.  I lay on my bed star... Read Chapter

Chapter Three: Dear Journal,

Sometimes I think too much. This is probably why my room looks like it's been raided, but I digress. Sometimes I think too much. It's j... Read Chapter

Chapter Four: Monday, July 26

My alarm goes off. It's time for work, but I didn't sleep. I had been doing a lot of reading. Throughout the years I saved every letter... Read Chapter

Chapter Five: Mommy Dearest

Trigger Warning: Mentions Of Self Harm
Read Chapter

Chapter Six: Thursday, July 29

I don’t know if it was my exhaustion or if I really needed a friend but I told Thatcher everything. Everything that makes sense anywa... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven: Life Of The Party

“They say you do not notice the moment your life changes forever, that you never know you've walked through a door you can never go b... Read Chapter

Chapter Eight: Friday, August 6

It's my best friend Anastasia's twenty-sixth birthday and I am sitting in a Manhattan bar with her and my other friend Cadence giving a... Read Chapter

Chapter Nine: First Flame

I was so happy to see Kellen as I snuck out to the front of the lounge. Alexa was too drunk to notice and I had planned to return befor... Read Chapter

Chapter Ten: August 6, 10PM

I place my hat in the empty seat beside me while we laugh at Anastasia complaints abo... Read Chapter

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