Why girls have no security?

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In this magical world every thing is there for every one but there is no important one it is only one security for girls girls are only the important magic of creating world for that girls why there is no security what is the reason?

Why girls have no security?

In this world the coincidence is happening every where also the same will happened or maximum.In India 3years back a movie relesed in telugu its "Temper".If any one watched this movie they will definetely understand what happened in this story if not i am going to say about this story is girls have no security.

Do you know girls have really no security if there many girls may not die in monster's hands.

A girl named radhika celebrating her birthday in some day coming from her friends home a four monsters have seen her and she really looks nice and monsters have were a plan and she parked her two wheeler a side and went for some work and in that span they puntured the vehicle wheel and no longer no people are there and no light is there and the four monsters have followed her and they have kidnaped in another vehicle and taken to other place she was trying to escape and no way for her to eacape.They have taken a bear bottle and forced her to drink a full bottle and they have raped her and taken knives and cutted her in hands legs and some painful hurts her more.Finally she died in her birthday the monsters behaved stupidly and taken her to the drainage and fired her while they are firing a man seen them and informed to police department.Radhika parents have already complained and they arrived at that place in the police investigation the dead body belongs to radhika was proved.In that four monsters one monster feared about the investigation and polices and he surrendered to police and the polices had catched the remain people and enquired the entire state is waiting for radhika's justice.And also praying for god for justice and D.C.P is the police officer had taking them to an government jail in that way the specialist in encountering honourable D.C.P sir had encountered them and stated them as they tried to shoot us we killed them for our life purpose.Really it isgreat man to have as honesty officer and the monsters are died.Coming to movie the same incident as a girl kidnaped by four people and raped her fourty days and killed her by firing and shooted by a hero is a police officer.

My request to every men is when you see a girl in that type of thinking you should remember your mother,sister,wife if the same happened to them how we will feel it is equal to death so not to see any women like that way a girl is only magic of world not to spoil it.

Thank you!


Submitted: November 20, 2020

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