This Christmas Challenge

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Christian Writers

From the highest kindness, our greatest hope venture into a new shore, the heart within lightens, an awesome endeavour we must never forget. Our scientists are drafting a new science ever explored to bring back the extincted lifeforms as a lost paradise welcomes the earthly labor. Here God as one of us would hand over this remaking, still tell us, the expressionless living Earth has seen a hope, so will be alive everywhere, the next destination where we are leading our insurance, will be a truthful journey beyond human limits. Let us welcome this challenge as the gifted hope for all.

I organise my journey towards the next Christmas where there is a reality for every authentic shores,

This day listens may our expressionless living Earth knows where you came from,

Yet you sniffs this forgotten expected things into nothing for the time misses its prey,

Unexpected things in this promise stage to show the very sacrifice our friendship care each other,

And relationship take this extra care dont make noise with this legendary oneness what life means,

There is a honor how our awesome life break a small place in someones heart and listens,

For the smiles how you harvest every miles for wellness very touch the awesome dreams must safeguard,

Sweetness where the future will be resourceful for oneness you must give in the very sacrifice,

We inherited how the very moment will be the next chance to be the best for this prayer,

Our battle how the willingness has courage for the hunger you must endeavor every choices,

Where the courage how the transitory lifetime can be our gift for the most important person in your heart within,

From the freedom we devote how will be rasied in the peace we make for ourself for the graceful hope you must care and be kind,

Revisiting a little rememberance may you be happy for this day,

For whom there is a hope for our creation why you are so blessed,

Why you are so loved be safe for this revelation,

Why you are so prayful extends strength within be well for this existence,

Our expressionless living Earth welcomes this humbleness so loved as the little dream very cherished,

My answer for this quest seek the tender divine light shining from the nearest heart within how gifts,

I return my willingness on every word in this dream page reading a timeless secret came before your request,

I raise my request on very prayer in this common home reaching a honor humanity witness before your commitments,

I reveal my submission on this extraordinary pursuit in this humbleness requesting a moment back before your rememberance,

May the very living invocation where the ever-existing eternal energy host how this happiest memoir will be remembered,

You are the source when we never knew there will be one day God shall be beloved for an endless call within the revelation that we need you now,

How silently our expressionless living Earth retreat who own this gift for giving our entire food chain as the savior who devoted his entire existence for the sustainence of all creation,

Our Lord who forgets that this longest wakeup call comes from the divine heart as one recall embrace this waiting moment in time, peace and love;

If my lifetime witness how our expressionless living Earth craft this once extincted family back into a reality where we can recreate fortune so blessed for all,

This day will honor the beginning where we will have a home for all who made the humanity as the giver of your grants in the future we want for our unity,

A memoir I shall so recieve will be the source where we know,

Our God be one of us how we will harvest this beginning the entire human history will recreate this blessing,

If I have one teacher who always guided us for the rarest fortune we will not be misfortunate how we receive this blessing,

If my teacher request you and answers our source for the everlasting struggle for the willingness how far is the revelation that will end the darkness towards the unforgettable divine light,

Where knowledge will be born how our teacher has ignite the wisdom to survive wherever we will be,

Where kindness will be blessed how our resources has evolved the skills to harvest we can offer,

Where kingdom we inherit be best how our enormous dreams have ignite the willingless to promise we will do,

Everything beyond where our saviour has honored this transitory lifetime to be a part where the faith will be our guardian within,

Let you reach this blessed shores so shall the entire humanity will survive every challenges,

Truthfuly be the grants for all Earthly labour making the living Earth as our heaven blessed for this entire humane gifts.

Submitted: November 20, 2020

© Copyright 2021 abyskaria. All rights reserved.

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