Man's Fascination with Cars

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Man’s Fascination with Cars

Restoring Self and Metal


Photo byIhor Malytskyi onUnsplash

Wandering along a country road I see a lovely piece of land

sprouting poplars in their third or fourth year of growth.

Not a building to be seen but now

it is fastly becoming a graveyard. No, not for loved-ones

but for cars long ago loved by careful owners.

I see in the distance what looks like the much loved Studebaker

or maybe it is a foreign-made ride of the future.

With it steering on the right, was probably driven overseas.

The seats are still pristine but dusty;

once covered with picnic blankets to prolong life.

The outside, a rusted facade caused by sheets of snow

not brushed away for many years, leaving speckled corrosion.

Long oval rear lights and fins reveal a futuristic design.

Once a robin-egg blue, now a faded blueish-brown.

White walls meant a hip, car lover with plenty to spend,

probably a top salesman who had to impress people.

No need to impress anymore so……..

there are plastic oil cans thrown about, no care and no dump

Maybe a car lover who got old; without the energy to declutter.

The household furniture left to rot and propped precariously

against the old relics and the land was devalued with each addition.

An old stove with a fold-down top, probably taken from the kitchen of a 

home nearby, brought in the back of a truck with other afterthoughts.

Finally, this car waits patiently for an elderly person with ideas

of restoration. Not a piece of junk, now renewed, with some restoration 

and bodywork and a chance of experiencing his teen years.

Feeling a commonality with the old car, and memories he must

relive to feel young again and to have a purpose until the next trip to this

metal graveyard and another love affair

with the past and an old rusted automobile. 



Shirley Langton 2020


Submitted: November 20, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Shirley M. Langton. All rights reserved.

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