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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

The state of Colorado is a gorgeous state. I drive through some of the mountains every day and enjoy the scenery. I hope you enjoy this poem.

Photo by Leonardo Pereda on Unsplash



Brian Lee Clements


What can I say about a beautiful state

With its crystal clear streams

The Grand Lakes which are in every part of the state

But only one area is up north is the one that really beams

When you come in from Kansas, you start doubting

 And you start  wondering where are those blasted mountains

And Then the Rocky Mountains appear out of nowhere

For some people that is how they get from here to there

As you move westward with the large mountains, you become in awe

With the beauty that will cause you to have an open jaw

Canon City is known as the Cancun of the state

Surrounded by mountains that are so great

Driving down highway one fifteen

And going through the valley you start feeling like a teen

Farther out west there is Glenwood Springs and all of it to take

Especially when you see Hanging Lake,

And a little south, there is Lake City and its small community delights

And then there is the Alfred Packer Massacre Site

When you get to go to four corners,

You can put your whole body at once in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah and Colorado borders.

And when you get back to Colorado Springs,

You see Garden of the Gods and so many other things

You see Pikes Peak and ponder

How did it get to be so splendor

All across the great state

The beauty of it all, it is so great


Submitted: November 21, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Brian Lee Clements. All rights reserved.

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The descriptions sound so...realistic, and make me imagine the scenery. And the rhymes are also amazing. Keep enjoying Colorado and your wonderful knack for writing :)

Fri, December 18th, 2020 3:21am


Thank you.

Fri, December 18th, 2020 1:36pm


No problem!
Just being honest :)

Sun, December 20th, 2020 1:05am


A nice poem of Colorado.

Sun, July 4th, 2021 1:06am

B Douglas Slack

Couldn't agree more, Brian. My extended family has lived in Colorado since the 1890's, ranging from way Southwest (Durango, Breen, Hesperus) up through Boulder and Longmont. I still have a house in Boulder and my daughter lives there. Back when I used to hunt, there was no better place than Area 10, on the Western slope near Deep lake. Took a lot of Elk, deer, and grouse out of the hills.


Sun, July 4th, 2021 1:16am

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