Modern Madness

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Everywhere I go the people are miserable,
It’s like this society has lost everything spiritual,
We are brainwashed to believe what success is,
We must follow their ideals on how to be respected.

Even our dreams are manufactured by others,
We are stuck in the rat race making enemies of brothers,
Wealth is the only way to judge a person’s worth
And the system pushes this notion on us since birth.

So now the world is filled with fake people,
Even activists are just out for wealth, power or ego,
No one cares for anyone but their circle
And even most friends are fake, so who can you to turn to?

Corruption has now become the fashion,
For what we used to cover up now we are bragging,
Being all about the money, being a pimp or a cheat,
Today it has become a normal part of our speech.

Shaytan promised he would lead us astray,
We covered our land now the green has turned grey,
He commanded us to change Allah’s creation
And today we call it globalisation.

With millions trapped in a concrete maze,
Our minds can’t think blinded by the haze,
No wonder urban life can get so violent,
How can one stay sane in such an environment?

We listened to shaytan and fell into his trap,
Now we’re so lost it’s like there’s no turning back,
This disease of wanting more than we need,
Til we pillaged the Earth to fulfil this greed.

So mentally ill suffering from materialism,
Product of an evil system that they call capitalism,
Which turns us against each other with individualism,
Infiltrating even the family creating schisms.

Everyone wants rights of individuality,
Without no responsibilities for their society,
Like: “Why should I care? It aint my problem”,
Helping your fellow man has been forgotten.

They’re trapped within this liberal anarchy,
They follow what is legal and not what’s morality,
That’s how we’ve come to this selfish insanity,
Where we praise and admire greed and vanity.

Atheist extremist say religion is evil and fight it,
And then they say that its religion that is divisive,
Instead of chasing Jannah they’re chasing wealth,
Betray everyone not realising they’re betraying them self

And they get brainwashed into a battle of the sexes,
When they chat to their friends about what respect is,
Her friends telling her that he aint shit,
His friends telling him that he is whipped.

It’s part not understanding part a jealous grudge,
What they call ‘whipped’ is being madly in love,
Cos true love where nothing else matters or exists
Is today seen as a type of mental illness.

Cos if you love them you’ll make excuses for them,
Try to learn their past and have patience,
As soon as the first hurdle comes, they want a divorce,
Instead of fighting each other they should fight for the same cause.

You may know they’re better off with someone else,
But you still try to have them for yourself,
That’s not love that’s just infatuation,
Let them go even if it feels your heart’ll never stop aching.

Now they’re turning us against our own family,
Without our parent’s guidance we fall into anarchy,
Replaced with the TV and newspapers,
Which are training us on how to be shameless.

In this cold world where we praise our vices,
I try and fight to continue to stay righteous,
For I know that it can’t have always been like this,
So, hold on to the rope of Allah and listen to His guidance.

Submitted: November 21, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Hüseyin Abudharr Ali-Diakides. All rights reserved.

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