If Like Me You Feel

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

If like me you feel
That something is wrong with the World,
Maybe you can’t put your finger on the problem,
You must start with changing yourself.

Turn off the television and read,
And delve deep into ideology and economics,
Learn how history repeats within its context,
And rather than make claims learn from it,

As your brain begins to overload with knowledge,
And you start to see how this society works,
You’ll not fall for the simplistic rhetoric,
Fed to you by those with power on this Earth,

Start to free your mind,
From those who keep you down for there own greed
Every journey starts with education,
Allah’s first command to an illiterate man was read!

If like me you feel,
Like we need to change this situation,
You can’t stand by no more and ignore the problems,
You can’t pretend you don’t see the devastation,

Marx said that
Philosophers only interpreting the World is pointless,
If you know something is wrong then fight
Use your voice to speak up for the voiceless,

If like me you feel
That by living in an imperialist country
You either fight or are part of the oppression
Lusting after what is other peoples like a junkie,

Then look to be that change,
Like Fidel and Che fought their own class,
Was our prophet not of the Qureysh,
Yet tore down Qureyshi hegemony when God asked.

If like me you feel,
That morality comes before legality
And you can’t justify something through law,
If you think allowing loopholes is insanity.

For was slavery not once legal?
And Harriet Tubman not a criminal?
For when the system is the biggest crime,
It uses law to try make its oppression invisible.

If like me you feel,
That the time is now for you to act,
Start to organise or join those who do,
You’ll be surprised by your own impact,

Start small if you have to,
Play your part however little it may seem,
For it takes many bricks in order to build a house,
And build a new society with your team,

But if like me you feel
The movement flowing through your blood,
You hear the cries of the World when you lie in bed
And when it comes to your people you will not budge,

Then join the movement and fight,
Till you can no longer fight then fight some more,
You know that this system works as it’s meant to oppress
And you know that they lie when they say its flawed,

If like me you feel,
Like this is an unacceptable situation,
With hunger, homelessness and poverty,
Oppression, racism and military invasions,

If you don’t just wear the T-Shirt and post the meme,
If you shake with such anger at every oppression,
And it makes you feel sick to your stomach,
After finding answers to life’s questions,

Then my sisters and brothers,
I shall see you on the front-lines,
I’m by your side and we shall fight together,
We shall be on the right side of the times.

And should you die fighting,
Fear not for a shaheed is guaranteed Jannah
And if you feel at all like I do,
You’ll know that you succeeded with the Best of Planners!

Submitted: November 21, 2020

© Copyright 2020 Hüseyin Abudharr Ali-Diakides. All rights reserved.

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