Only Comfort Is The Moon

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

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In the night when I cant sleep,
I go to the roof and look up at the sky,
The moon is full and anything is possible,
So I endlessly think of her and sigh.
The moon is bright in between the stars,
And in my head repeats the sweetest tune,
I try to replicate it on my flute to convey my pain,
Whilst knowing that my only comfort is the moon.

She taught me to love the moon,
For her skin is of the same complexion,
And it glows just like the moon does,
To make her dark eyes always attract my attention,
And I feel so lost without her here,
I can’t stay in bed I must get out my room,
Out my house and into the garden,
As I know that my only comfort is the moon.

I see her face in the moon,
Maybe the wolf also sees her face,
Otherwise how does it howl with such longing,
Towards such an unreachable place
And her World is so so far away,
I dream of going there to see her morning and afternoon,
But in the night is when I miss her the most,
And my only possible comfort is the moon.

Just as there is a moon in the sky
There is another moon on the Earth,
But shes so far away from me,
That I try to forget her but it makes it worse,
And every time that I picture her,
I know that my peace of mind has met its doom,
All I can do now is stare longingly at the sky,
For my only comfort is the moon.

I’m lost in a confused wilderness,
Not knowing how to live without her,
Trying to remember how I used to survive,
But I can’t remember my feelings before I found her,
I can’t remember anytime in my life,
Ever since I entered this world and left the womb,
Of when I had wanted anything as bad,
But now my only comfort is the moon.

The night is calm and peaceful,
In the distance I can hear a sirens blare,
Too dark to see the other gardens,
But whatever else the moon is there.
And I wonder if I’ll feel like this forever,
Or at least until Azrayil comes to visit my tomb,
Cos I feel like this heartache will never end,
And my hearts only comfort is the moon.

Submitted: November 21, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Hüseyin Abudharr Ali-Diakides. All rights reserved.

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