The Shadowman

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it's bit gruesome.


Hello everyone, I’m Artifiction and this is my 1st short story I’m publishing. I welcome and appreciate any and all criticism you may have. Just please, pinpoint the reasons what you disliked so I may improve. Thank you very much.


It was a chilly and dark autumn November evening. Stacy had just finished her shift at the local diner. She changed, said her goodbyes to the cooks in the kitchen and left.

She walked up to her car, it was an old Impala she got from her dad few years back. As she was looking through her purse, she felt as if there was a gaze cat upon her. Watching her every move, but as she looked around, she didn’t see anyone except for the everyday teens who were at the diner to party each evening. She wrote it off as her being paranoid and got out her keys.

As she found her keys, she looked up and notice a shadowy figure on the other side of the road, but just as fast as she noticed it, just as fast it seemed to vanish. Startled by it she quickly got into her car and sped away from the diners parking. As she got out on the road she started to calm down and she slowed down to match the speeding limit.

She got home, looked around the apartment complex which was quite illuminated with the street and parking lamps from the complex she lived in. She looked around and only saw her neighbour John come home from the store.

John was a 60-year-old war vet. He had acquired great physique during his army days, and till this day he kept himself in great shape. He walked up to her. “Hello, Stacy. How was your shift today?” “Oh, Hi John. It was quiet. The opening of the new diner on the 66th has really taken away a lot of our customers, if this keeps up, I might be out of work.” John just looked her in the eyes. “Remember kid, if you ever need any type of help, be in money, moving furniture or beating some desperate stalker,” he said smiling “give me a call, I’ll rush right over.” She smiled and gave him a short hug “thanks John. I know I can always rely on you.”  John accompanied her to her apartment and then continued to walk up to his own apartment on the 3rd floor.

The talk with John had calmed her down. She entered her apartment, it was a simple 2 room apartment with kitchen combined with living room. She went to her kitchen, prepared some food and laid down in front of the tv. An hour later she passed out.

She laid there on the sofa with the tv running in the background. While she slept, a large figure appeared behind the window. The figure looked like a wall of a man that reached over 2 meters tall and covered half of the window. He just stood there, watching her through the window. He didn’t move, he just stood there watching for an hour.

A commercial for cola came up and the sudden change in volume awoke Stacy. She got up off the couch, still sleepy and eyes half closed. She turned off the TV and crossed the living room towards her bedroom. She passed by the window with the shadowy figure still standing there, watching, but because of her sleepiness she didn’t notice him. She had come back from a 14-hour shift, so she was exhausted which made her fall asleep in mere seconds.

As Stacy had slept for 2 hours, the shadowy figure was standing at her bedroom door, still watching, still just standing. Few minutes later, the figure started to move towards her. Taking heavy yet soft strides towards the bed. He stood next to the bed. He started to loom over her, he sniffed her body from head to toe, stopping at the areas that that released the most of her stench.

The massive body looming over her body must have made her less lucid. She started to move and slowly awaken. The Shadowy giant noticed it, and just as he strode up to her bedside, he strode away into the corner of the room. He stood in the corner, covered in darkness as Stacy awoke and walked over to the bathroom.

She walked across the living room in complete darkness, the only light she was presented by was the moonlight that shone through the living room window. She stopped to get a glass of water on her way back to the bedroom. She brought the glass with her. She walked back to the bedroom, put the glass on the nightstand next to the bed and laid back to sleep.

The man in the corner, stood there waiting, watching as his victim fell asleep right before him. He waited until he felt that she was back into deep slumber and advanced back towards her. He stood at the foot of the bed and slowly reached and pulled the bedsheets off the sleeping girl.

He walked over to the side of the bed, put his hand into the pocket of the coat and pulled out a scalpel. He ran it slowly across his nail checking its sharpness. The scalpel made a slight cut upon his thumbs nail. He looked at the beautifully sleeping girl and a huge smile appeared upon his face.

He started by slowly cutting open her nightgown. He started from the top, among her still plump and tender breasts as he slowly pulled the scalpel down the gown, cutting it open as it passed through. Gently he ran the scalpel across the gown, never cutting the skin, always in full control. He cut all the way through and revealed her full body.

He viewed her as if she was a piece of art. Skin pale and soft, breasts plum with hardened nipples from the breeze blowing from the window that was open since he climbed in.

She felt the chill cross her body, she tried to grab her covers, but to no avail. She opened her eyes, to see the dark man looking at her naked body with a crazed smile across his face. Just as she was about to scream, he covered her mouth with a hand and muffled her screams. She tried to break free of him, but the man wouldn’t budge. For this short 170cm woman, the 2-meter-tall wall of a man was more than she could move. She gave up on the struggle.

The man spoke in a rough deep voice that sounded more like a grizzlies’ growl than actuals words. “Hello Stacy.” He said with a smirk. “You were not supposed to wake up for quite some time yet.” He released one of his hands from her body to reach into his other coat pocket. He slowly pulled out a rope.

He made a quick movement on the sides of her neck with the scalpel. His cuts where fast, but precise. With 2 simple cuts, he had muffled her voice and screams. He applied some cloth he had with him to stop the bleeding.

He tied both of her arms and legs to the bed posts. No matter how much she tried to resist she could do nothing to the giant mountain of the man, but she kept struggling and struggling, but to no avail.

As he had tied her down, he got close to her and whispered. “This is where the real fun is about to begin.” She felt she knew what was about to happen, she was trying to mentally prepare herself as the man was running his index finger slowly across her body.

As the man had slowly scanned her body with just his index finger, he pulled out his scalpel from the pocket again and he went to wards her left arm. He started by slowly cutting off her skin from the back of her hands, and then went onto the palms. Slowly, with great precision he cut it all away until the muscles of her fingers could be seen through the thin layer of skin he left upon her body.

She tried to scream, but her screams got muffled within her throat. If she tried too much, she could feel the blood fill up her throat more and more, but still no sound would come out.

The man did not react to the poor woman’s screams, he just kept peeling her skin off, slowly and delicately. With every part that he took, he would bondage her up to make sure she wouldn’t bleed out.

Because of the pure pain the man was inflicting upon her body, she passed out multiple times during his practise and every time he would wake her up with a smelling salt.

He skinned her slowly, part by part he took her skin away until she had only her face left. Her face, covered in tears, snot and saliva she had no way of cleaning up. The man still with his big smile leaned in close to her and said “now you are beautiful, now you are pure and now you cannot hide who you are. With this everyone will be able to see right through your lies”

And with that, the man just turned around , walked over to the phone in the living room and called 911, to inform them that there’s a disturbance withing the apartment he was at right now. After that, he just hung up the phone and left before the morning light had lit.

Few minute later the police had arrived. The flashing light and the signals of the police arriving awoke the whole neighbourhood, including John. John climbed down to see what’s happening, will he saw the police tape across Stacy’s apartment. He questioned police about the girl and if she’s okay, but the policeman wouldn’t say anything, but then he caught a glimpse of her.

She way laying in her bed, covered in blood and completely skinned, only her face did remind him of the beautiful woman she once was. Tears filled his eyes as his emotions were filled with despair and disgust for whoever had done this. As rage was building up within him, he noticed something… Stacy was still alive…





I'm thinking of adding more to this story, but don't know if anyone would like this.

Submitted: November 22, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Artifiction. All rights reserved.

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