the tough life

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a young child is forced to live on the streets this is a look into the day in the life

The cold rain pattered on the window of an old bakery. The smell had people lining up to get in, women with expensive purses and colorful umbrellas made idle chat.  I walked to the back door of the bakery and sat down by an old tree with barren branches. Moments after I sat down the baker came through the door in a rage.


 “I ask him to simply work at the cash register and he gives everyone a fifty percent discount” with this he lights a cigarette.


As I'm dozing off I hear the back door of the bakery get slammed and I open my eyes.

For some reason, even though he slammed it, the the door is still opened slightly

And I get a terrible idea. I haven’t had fresh bread in weeks. If I can get into the bakery I can grab something and run away easily because I can exit using the back door. As  approach the door I hear the man working the cash register saying

“Were down to fifty loaves everybody”


When I open the door I look to the right and see a beautiful red box labeled “Special order” . I grab it, slam the door and run. I ran all the way to an old concrete bridge. I go to the lowest park, to the darkest corner, through a small crack and into a small “room”.


“What’d you get.” said Rob


“I don't know Rob but let's hope for our sake it's good.” I replied.


Suddenly I hear a familiar voice  “ I saw him come this way officer”


“ It’s the police” said Rob with a terrified expression on his face.


I can see rob trembling “ listen, im faster. I'll distract them and go hide. We'll meet up here in two hours. Use the clock from town square to know when to come back.”


“You Got it?”


“ Don’t worry about me, I'll be fine.  ” said Rob. 


Rob starts trying to get through the crack and he's almost through “My foot I think it's stuck.”


“There he is.” says the familiar voice, then i realize it's the man from the bakery.


Then it happens, police officers grab Rob “ Son why'd you steal from that bakery” I hear one of the officers say as they pull him away.


Now I'm alone, no one to talk to, no one to help me get food and because of me Rob is gone.




Submitted: November 22, 2020

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