The Malakan Knights

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

So I made this for a Fiverr order and asked if it was okay for him if I posted it after it's finished. And now it's finished and all good.

Bard: This next one is a song about the adventures of the Knights of Malaka, A group with unrivaled courage, who manage to utilize the strength of the group perfectly, with their unbreakable bonds, unbreakable trust, they fight on without stop

Through storms of thunder
Through horrors and fright
Their foes fall asunder
vanquished by their might

They strode forth as the heavy rain poured
Awaiting them in the swamp a swamp goblin horde
The goblins then rushed these 33 knights
With cheap tricks and fire, no honorable fight

Without hesitation the knights formed a circular line
As the goblins dashed forth with lust in their eyes
Two wizards in the circle gave buffs o' speed and a sign
The knights used 'Whirlwind' and severed the ties
The goblin anatomy was filling the skies
"Nobody will beat us, no matter who tries!"

The Malakan knights equipments were stained with blood
As they marched beyond the deadmans flood
Their quest was clear, but how will they fare
as their path will lead them to the black dragons lair
Upon climbing the rocks, with no fear to spare
The knights entered the cave, no others would dare

A Bellowing roar, echoed within
A sounding of all darkness and sin
The eager dragon Akuin, awaiting his prey
To feast on their souls where thousands dead lay



The knights arrived and with courage they stared
At Akuin who viewed this as one of his games
The dragons spews fire to make them impaired
With their enhanced shields they wall off the flames
The dragon then flails and whips with its tail,
But the 33 men although moved wouldn't fail
The pain was shared, caused by this great foe
But the knights had far more cards to show

31 move forward, as two remain back
Chanting spells as a means of attack.

The dragon it claws, as the captain
dashes through
The Dragons claw shatters the legs of a few
The captain pierces through Akuin's scales with his blade
And so the dragon flaps its wings to evade
As it flies up it crashes into an invisible wall
Crashing down where the most men stand tall
With swift thrusts to the throat the great foe now falls

And that is the story of their greatest feat
And the men without able legs instead got seats
Cause if there's an order that will truly do right
It is the order of the Malakan Knights!

Submitted: November 22, 2020

© Copyright 2021 M.D Knightley. All rights reserved.

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