Blood Moon Sex Magic

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

A teenage girl believes she knows what Armageddon is really all about... and is in a hurry to choose sides. (It’s actually a chapter, but I felt that it stands alone as a short story).

Lucy had apparently been taking notes, both literally and figuratively speaking. And now, following Jay’s controversial comments earlier that day, she was almost ready to share her conclusions. The final piece of the puzzle, however, at least as far as she was concerned, came in the form of a TV mini-series, which she had apparently been watching, and which concluded that evening. Specifically, it was Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’, which is ultimately about a final showdown between good and evil. Whether the timing of it was merely coincidental, or divinely ordained, I had no idea, but from Lucy’s perspective, “everything suddenly makes sense now.”

It was late. In fact, I had already gone to sleep. And the sight of Lucy standing by my bed, in her nightgown, holding a candle… Well, let’s just say that it was slightly unnerving. She had also been crying, judging from her make-up, and she looked faintly like a female version of Alice Cooper. “What time is it?” I groaned.

“Time to wake up,” she replied, rather melodramatically. “We all need to wake up, to what’s actually going on around here.”

For a moment, I thought she might have uncovered some dark secret about the community. Maybe the seniors kept their vitality by drinking the blood of virgins, at midnight, in the graveyard; maybe Jay wasn’t the messiah, but the anti-Christ; maybe Morwenna represented a secret society of foot fetishists.

Needless to say, it was none of those things, but something far more dramatic. “This is it!” she announced. “This is actually it, and we are on the front line.”

I switched my bedside light on before pursuing the matter. “What are you talking about?”

“Armageddon,” she said, her eyes as wide as saucers. “Only, it’s not what people think.”

“You mean, it’s not the final battle between good and evil?”

“Well, yes, it is. But good and evil are represented by Him and Her.”

“So it’s a battle between men and women then?”

“No, of course not. It’s ultimately a battle between those who worship the false God of patriarchy and those who worship the Goddess.”

My heart sank, in realisation of how catastrophically outnumbered we were. Thankfully, she proceeded to clarify her theory: “We won’t be fighting. They don’t even know we exist. No, we are the chosen ones. We’ll be protected because we are the only people on Earth who are worshipping the true God; or, rather, Goddess. Everyone else has fallen for the great deception.”

“What great deception?”

“That God is male, of course. Pay attention!”

“Sorry, I’m still half asleep.”


“Lucy, can we talk about this in the morning please?”

“It will be too late in the morning.”

“What do you mean, too late?”

“The ritual has to be performed tonight, otherwise the moon won’t be in the right position.”

“The right position for what?”



'Blood Moon Sex Magic'. I'm not sure why, but that's the first thing that entered my head upon hearing the word, ‘initiation’, in connection with the moon. As it turns out, it doesn’t actually have anything to do with blood, or sex, but it obviously has something to do with the moon, and what position it’s in. Since Lucy didn’t really know much more than that, however, I had no choice but to get dressed and find Jay.

“Are you going to see Jay?” she asked, following me down the corridor. “Because, you should know that he can’t tell you anything about the ceremony. It’s secret… and sacred.”

“We’ll see.”

Jay was at his computer, in the study, but didn’t seem at all surprised to see us. “I think I can guess what this is about.”

I was glad to hear him say that, but I nevertheless proceeded to cover the basics.

Jay poured us both a drink before responding. “Human beings have a spiritual need,” he said, “and that need isn’t necessarily met by… Well, by a religion, such as ours, that brings Divinity down to earth, so to speak, and which rejects any notion of external power and authority that isn’t, ultimately, us. And this can obviously leave a bit of a void in people’s lives.”

“So, if I’m hearing you correctly, Jay, you’re saying that all rituals and ceremonies are ultimately meaningless?”

“No, I’m not saying that. Because, after all, we are the ones who are creating reality. Therefore, if we say this or that ritual has this or that significance, then it does. Or if we feel that we derive power from certain symbolic ceremonies, then…”

Lucy interjected: “But isn’t it true that joining this movement, as opposed to merely associating with it, has great significance, not only to you, and obviously to the person concerned, but also to the Goddess Herself?”

“This is true,” he confirmed.

“Then isn’t it also true,” she reasoned, “that such a significant step in a person’s life, should really be celebrated and honoured, in a sacred and symbolic way?”

“One can certainly make that point.”

“I rest my case,” she concluded, with a grin.

“Objection,” I exclaimed, playing along with the courtroom drama theme.

Jay chuckled. “What is the objection?”

“Lucy,” I said, “did you or did you not tell me that it would be, ‘too late’, if you didn’t proceed with the initiation tonight?”

“I did say that,” she admitted.

“And what exactly did you mean by those words?”

“I meant that, because the next opportunity won’t be for another year or so, the end might come before I’ve had a chance to demonstrate my loyalty and commitment to the Goddess.”

Jay interrupted: “The end of what, Lucy?”

“The end of the world,” she told him.

Jay closed his eyes, as if trying to fathom what she was saying. “The Goddess would not be so… petty,” he said, finally. “She knows what’s in your heart.”

“But still… For my own peace of mind…”

Jay turned to me and asked whether I was actually taking a stand against Lucy being initiated.

“I don’t even know what’s involved,” I told him, “and neither does Lucy.”

“To be honest, neither do I,” he yawned, covering his mouth with his hand. “I mean, it changes, from year to year. The girls make up whatever shit they want, after all.”

“Blasphemy!” said Lucy, pointing at him with her finger. She wasn’t being serious, of course, but simply enjoying the drama.

“Why don’t you both go?” he suggested. “That way, Melanie, you can intervene if things gets too… I don’t know… too weird.”

Lucy agreed, but wanted more. “Don’t just observe,” she said. “We can get initiated together.”

“Two birds with one stone,” Jay remarked.

“Blasphemy!” snarled Lucy, once again. Although, I think she may have actually meant it this time.

Submitted: November 22, 2020

© Copyright 2021 JayShakti. All rights reserved.

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