Keepers 2

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: dumb60053

This is the second book of the Keepers series.

Table of Contents

The Setting Sun

They were riding in a carriage when suddenly, they stopped. May - an Elf who was the Keeper of Love - looked out the carriage window... Read Chapter

City Of Peace

Ray jumped off his horse and pulled May close to him. White wings grew from his back and hugged the two of them. Suddenly, the world felt... Read Chapter

A "Sketchy" Family

Jasmine - or Jay - was the Keeper of Jealousy, and a ruthless murderer. But she wasn't technically insane, she was more misunderstood. Sh... Read Chapter

More And More Lies

"You're sure we can't go visit her?" asked May. She seemed awfully worried about Jay. "Just like I told you last time," said Ray. "Sh... Read Chapter

Five - No Six - Motors On A Stone Road

While they were getting in their carriages, Renna shouted, "Come out here!" Once everyone was outside, they were greeted by a pleasan... Read Chapter


The dude's name was Trap, and that's all Jay got out of him. Other than the fact that he must've had a family at some point. Jay sigh... Read Chapter

A Suit, But Not Orange

Everyone had finally begun to relax when the ground started to shake. Then, they heard screaming and bullets hitting their target. Everyo... Read Chapter

Fire And Motorcycles

They had left without her. Jay was upset. She had helped them in battle, and all she got was one glare from Sabia? That was just unfair. ... Read Chapter

Perfect Dreams

Jay had completely forgotten about how happy she could be. She smiled. She was glad that she wasn't tied up or behind bars anymore. She f... Read Chapter

A Tearful Reunion

The sun rose and the dew on each blade of grass lightly glowed. The birds sang a song of new day. As the heat from the sun grew, clouds f... Read Chapter

Scars And Shadows

A.J opened his eyes. He yawned, got up, and went to collect firewood for the dying fire. There was a recorder on top of the pile of firew... Read Chapter

An Emotionless Facade

"What's going on?" exclaimed Ray. The poor woman fainted, and the man stepped back. "Calm down!" shouted Sabia. "You're scaring t... Read Chapter

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