How to be Sexually Attractive to Men #7, Michelle's Method: Dealing with Men 101

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Part #8 in my series on men and dating.

How to Look Like a Sexually Attractive Woman Michelle’s Method #7: Dealing with Men


This is bound to be the most controversial list and is based on what men mostly like in women, not on what women want to do or what women like. Following this list will most likely lead to much better results with men:


  1. Wear makeup. Men DO NOT like women who don’t wear makeup. They like women who artfully apply moderate amounts of makeup to enhance their looks. Go to the Clinique counter if you must and get some samples and advice. Magazines, videos, and Internet sites offer tips. Ask about hair, skin tone, racial features, weight, height, age, eye color, etc. 

  2. Most pale women look better with a bit of color, so invest in self-tanning products, bronzer, and spray tans. Avoid tanning beds unless you want to look like a prune or get melanoma. Avoid unnatural or excessively dark, bronze, or orangey-gold looks. 

  3. Wear high heels. Men much prefer high heels to regular shoes. Especially on dates and social outings. 

  4. Wax or shave the entire bikini line and pubic area. Remove all hair on arms, in armpits, and on legs, as well as the face. Men prefer this probably ten to one. 

  5. Start an exercise routine. This can be walking, weights, aerobics, whatever works for you. Exercise an hour a day. Try to include an occasional different sport or class. Get a gym membership or take a one-day class a week in something like martial arts or barre. 

  6. Do not cut your hair. Grow it out at least shoulder length. 

  7. Avoid radical dyes and cuts. 

  8. Enjoy jewellery and wear it when you can. Do not over do it. One or two pieces are enough.

  9. Get regular pedicures and manicures, at least once a month. Maintain nails in between.

  10. Invest in facials or at-home masks and skin care treatments. Get a daily skin care routine. 

  11. If you can get a better set of glasses, contacts, or laser eye surgery, do so. 

  12. If you have a very ugly feature, plastic surgery is an option. Avoid breast implants. They look fake and feel worse. No tramp stamp tattoos. One or two small tattoos are okay. Avoid the Tommy Lee look with tattoos. 

  13. Keep skin clear and treat acne, rosacea, scars, etc. 

  14. Pluck eyebrows.

  15. Consider getting eyebrows and eyelashes dyed for a younger, more alive look.

  16. Invest in dentistry or veneers if your teeth are not good. 

  17. Get rid of piercings. They are a turn-off.

  18. No green or weird colored hair.

  19. Streaks and non-permanent dyes can be a great way to add some color or look a little different.

  20. Buy a good quality perfume, just one, and wear it regularly

  21. Invest in at least ten dresses or skirt-blouse options for socializing, dates, and events. Always wear a dress if possible on a date and social outing. 

  22. Invest in good lingerie that suits your figure and is attractive.

  23. If you are overweight, lose the weight. You don’t have to be skinny or perfect, but eighty percent of men will not date overweight women. 

  24. If your feet are large or gangly, cover them up with good shoes in black or red, preferably with a heel to make them look smaller. 

  25. Get a lot of sleep. Drink water. Watch diet and alcohol consumption. Have good hygiene. 

  26. Invest in good bras, underwear, and pantyhose. Pantyhose of good quality can enhance the look of many outfits. 

  27. Spots and marks can be reduced with laser surgery. 

  28. Do not become a plastic surgery or makeup addict. It will look too artificial.

  29. Shoulder pads, padded bras, Spanx, light corsets, and silicone inserts for the bra can enhance your look in clothing. Make use of them but don’t go overboard. 

  30. Work on your posture. Make eye contact and smile. All three work wonders with men.

Submitted: November 23, 2020

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