Cole's Adventure

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Cole's dream is to become a player in Keilton, the world most famous game. He tells his adventure of becoming a player in this book.


Keilton Club





I am Cole. My dream is to become a player in the worldwide most famous game, Keilton. A game in which there are 16 people in one team and they have to invade the enemy territory for 1 minute. The game sounds easy, but there will be many traps laid out. If the enemy invades the place then you lose. But playing it also means standing in front of a crowd of more than fifty thousand people who have come to watch the match.

 I want to play for the ‘Keilton Kings’, my favourite team and also the team which has won four times, most by any team till now. It all started in 2005 when it wasn’t much famous, but in 2012, the ‘Keilton Kings’ created history by winning 50 games in a row, which made everyone come to see the matches from that time.

Now that it became a worldwide game, the toughest thing was the selections. 100 people getting selected out of a thousand was itself rare. To get selected you had to go into some forests, survive and then reach a place and then stay there for a minute, and there will be robots attacking you at that time and you have to stay inside that place for 1 minute. It wasn’t easy because no one knows what will be inside that forest. But I still want to play it and I will.

I am going to the selections now, which is at the Keilton Club. I reached there in a few minutes. It starts at 11 in the morning and the time is only 10:30am but by the time I reached the whole club was full. I found a small place in the corner and I went and sat there. By 11, there was no place for anyone to move an inch. Those many people were there in the club. The Chairman of The Club came and locked the door, so that no one else enters.

“I am the chairman of the worldwide famous game Keilton. My name is Sator. I will be giving you the details of this selection round to play in the game Keilton.”, he continued.

  1. Each of you will be given the map of the place.
  2. You will have to reach the end point of the map.
  3. When you reach the end point, there will be a place marked in red.
  4. Robots will attack you, but you have to stay in that place for 1 minute.
  5. But in middle of the way, there will be forests and there might be dangerous animals as well.
  6. You won’t get hurt as they are not dangerous but if they attack you and you get hit by them, then you will be out of the participation.
  7. You won’t be able to cheat because people of this club will watch your every move.

8. Whoever crosses these and guard the red-marked place for 1 minute, then they will be selected. The maps will be handed out now, and then you may start.







Into the Forest





A few people came and started handing out the maps. When I got mine, I checked out every place and sure enough there were three forests. The chairman opened the door. Everyone went outside quickly. I kept the map safely in my pocket and went. At the starting, there were only plain flat roads and it slowly became steeper and steeper. It again changed to flat roads and then came the entrance of the first forest. There were only bushes and plants at the entrance and then slowly there came trees. Taller trees appeared as I went further into the forest. By the time I reached the middle of the forest the trees were five times taller than me.

But things got worse when I went further more. Animals started to appear. Some monkeys started to swing in the forest at the starting but then they started coming towards me. I ran away quickly and hid behind a bush. They searched for some time and then went away most probably because they thought I ran away. I came out of the bush and went away without making noise. I walked more front and didn’t find much more animals except monkeys, and whenever I saw them, I went without making any sound.

I was nearby the end of the forest when I mistakenly hit a tree and it woke up a swarm of bees which were sleeping in their beehive above the tree. I wish I hadn’t done that because the next second, those bees were chasing me. 1 hit from them and I will not be able to play for Keilton Kings this year. I had to wait one more year for this. I ran the quickest I could but I knew I would get caught in any minute because the sound of the bees was getting louder every second.

I got an idea at that minute. I bent and picked up two stones and clashed both of them. Fire came out and the plan worked. The bees flew back. I waited till the bees went out of my sight and then I blew out the fire. My hand was burning from holding fire for so much time, but at least I escaped.

I went a few steps further and in front of me was the roads. The roads again were flat at the starting and this time went down. It went downer and downer and then there were flat roads again. And then was the 2nd forest. This time, there were tall trees from the starting. The trees weren’t problem for me but I was scared of what animals would come in this forest. I walked a bit further and had gone around 1/4th of the forest when I heard a growl. That growl was familiar to me. It was the growl of a tiger!











The Cave of Spiders





I followed the noise and found a tiger sitting on top of a rock. It hadn’t seen me yet, but I didn’t have much time until it saw me. I went through another route which took extra 10 minutes but it was better than being chased by a tiger. There wasn’t any other animal for a while after that tiger. I was around the middle of the forest when I heard the slithering noises of the snakes. I turned around and saw two snakes above the tree and they were seeing me ready to attack anytime.

I turned away and quickly ran again. The snakes weren’t very fast, but they weren’t slow either. But one good thing was I was faster than them, which improved my chance of escaping. But if another animal comes, then there would be no escape. So, for now I need to have luck on my side. I ran till the end of the forest. I was completely tired. I turned back and the snakes were still behind me.

I ran out of the forest and into the roads. The snakes chased me even outside the forest, but I finally escaped them when the roads started to steeper. They couldn’t climb those roads and there were no trees nearby for their support. I went a bit more far, and then rested. Now I didn’t have energy left at all, just because of those snakes. After few minutes I got up and started to go towards the forest. The road became straighter after a few minutes and then came the 3rd and last forest.

I went inside and found myself standing in front of three cave entrances. The one in the left was The Cave of Bats. The middle one was The Cave of Wolves and the one in the right was The Cave of Spiders. I knew there will be some tougher things in the third forest, but I didn’t know it will be this tough. It was to chose if you wanted to get attacked by bats wolves or spiders. I chose The Cave of Spiders, because I knew they wouldn’t be dangerous which meant they aren’t mostly venomous. So, I thought they would be safer than the other two caves.

I went inside The Cave of Spiders. It was completely dark at the starting, and then the light started to come through holes in the cave. And then the spiders started appearing. There were only 1 or 2 at the starting but the number of spiders started multiplying. And in a few seconds, there were more than thousand spiders. The spiders weren’t coming towards me so I went a bit front, but right at that time, all the spiders turned towards me and started coming. I thought they were going to attack me, so I ran front, but they didn’t come towards me, instead they weaved their webs in front of me, blocking my way. I turned back, but the spiders had already blocked that place too. Now, I was stuck.








Beyond the Forest





I tried to cut the web using my arms, but it wasn’t easy to cut all of them with just my arms. I also didn’t know how long this cave was. At that time, I saw the stones lying in the floor. The spiders were still not very close, so I took some stones and used it to cut the web. The spiders started to weave webs again, but I threw one stone in front of them, and they all started running around scared I will throw on them.

I ran quickly after I cut the webs, but the spiders started to chase me again after they saw me drop the stones and run. They tried blocking their way, but I was a bit too far for them to reach. I ran for some more time and then knew I won’t be able to run more, so I took another stone from the ground and threw it close to them, so that it doesn’t hit them. They again started running around, and I had more time so I walked for some time.

At last, I saw the end of the cave. I turned around and saw that the spiders were far away from me. I went outside the cave, and in front of me was the end of the forest and into the roads. I went further into the roads and after some time, in front of me was a huge mountain. First three forest and now a mountain. I wished this was the last to come and there wasn’t anything else.

I started to climb the mountain. It wasn’t very steep so it wasn’t that hard to climb it. I climbed for some time and then there was a narrow road with few benches, which I think was for resting. I went and sat in it for a while and then got up and started to go to the top of the mountain. I took breaks in the middle, so at last I reached the top of the mountain in around 1 hour.

In front of me was a circle marked in red, the circle which the chairman told. I went towards the circle. The second I stepped inside the circle, I saw robots appearing and they had weapons with them. This was the final phase of the selection, I came this far, so I knew losing this wasn’t an option. The robots started coming towards me. A watch appeared in my hand. It had the timer. I had to stop them for only one minute. A robot ran towards me but I pushed it outside just in time and I took its weapon.

It was a wooden stick, but it worked against those robots. I kept defeating the robots, as time went. 10 seconds were left. 3 robots charged at me from different directions. I went towards one at first. I defeated it and ran to the next, it was close to the circle. 5 seconds left I reached just in time to hit it. 3 seconds left and that one robot remained. It came closer. 2 seconds left. It could easily reach. 1 second left. I threw the stick and it hit the robot. It fell and the time was over!




Keilton Kings





The robot fell and the time was over! A few people came to me. They told that I got selected. I couldn’t believe it at all. I was selected. I got selected in the worldwide-famous game. One person who came told me that I can chose which team I want to be in. I told him that I wanted him to be in Keilton Kings. He then said that their next match is in 15 days with Champion Blowers. I had heard about the Champion Blowers, and they too were a good team, but I liked Keilton Kings more. He also told that if I want to be in Keilton Kings then I can play that match as they have to give chances to new players. And then they took me in a helicopter back to the Keilton Club. I was extremely happy. In 15 days, I will play for the Keilton Kings.


15 days later


The match was today. I went to the stadium which was inside the Keilton Club. The stadium was already crowded. The 15 players from my team had already come. I went and they introduced themselves. After a few minutes the match started. We had to capture the enemies red circle for a minute to win. The referee blew his whistle and I started to go towards the enemy’s red circle. We had to capture the enemy’s red circle before the enemy captured it. The only problem was the traps. We had also laid traps for the enemy, and we knew that they would have also laid the traps. Just when I was thinking about that, I heard a massive sound, and it looked like someone from our team had fallen in one of the traps.

I saw some of my teammates going together, so I joined them. With all of us going together, it became easy for us and we even found out and removed a few enemy traps. At last, after a few minutes of search we found the enemy’s red circle. We went and stood there, ready to attack if anyone came.

When 30 seconds were over, a person came to attack us. He would have defeated us if we were only 2 or 3 people. But he couldn’t do anything in front of all of us. We defeated him and waited as the time passed by.

50 seconds over. 10 seconds left. No one came. 5 seconds left. Still no one came. 4 seconds left, and at that time a guy attacked from back. He attacked from a place where there was no enemy. He was getting closer. 3 seconds left. I remembered how I defeated the last robot. I could use the same trick, but there was no stick this time. So, my plan was to jump and stop him and I knew I could reach him if I jumped. 2 seconds left. I jumped and I landed and blocked the enemy’s way. 1 second left. He still had time to jump over me, but I pushed him back and the time was up!  The game was over. I was really happy because this was the first game I played and we won. I could now play for the Keilton Kings even in the tournaments. This was my dream, and it had come true.




Submitted: November 23, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Shravan S. All rights reserved.

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Amazing Shravan. It had the feel and thrill of a video game . Thoroughly enjoyed your short story. As always , you rock it!

Mon, November 23rd, 2020 7:44am


Thank you

Mon, November 23rd, 2020 1:00am


Great start Shravan ! Looking forward to a lot more writing from you. Very proud of you !! Way to go !!

Mon, November 23rd, 2020 9:06am


Thank you

Mon, November 23rd, 2020 1:56am

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