Poems to Show 'Em

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

(Temporary cover.) A collection of poems in one convenient place. Varies between tragedy to comedy, among other genres.

Table of Contents


An Introduction Inside you will find a variety of poem types, as well as poem subject matter. This includes a majority of free/blank ... Read Chapter

Where The Leaves Flutter By

Poem 1 Where the Leaves Flutter By A Nature Poem Where the leaves flutter by  And the calves do cry  As fra... Read Chapter

The Fairy Who Hit The Ground

Poem 2 The Fairy Who Hit The Ground A Fairytale Poem   There once was a fairy who lived in a knothole Close to t... Read Chapter

A Traveler's Guide

Poem 3 A Traveler's Guide A Travel Poem   North is where the Big Dipper lies South is where Orion The Hunter thr... Read Chapter

For My Beloved, To Be Loved

Poem 4 For My Beloved, To Be Loved A Romance Poem I have seen the tears of my beloved, For my beloved wishes to be loved.... Read Chapter

Miss Fit

Poem 5 Miss Fit A Dark Comedy Poem There was a lady named Miss Fit. Whatever she loved, friends did not. While they a... Read Chapter

Sonny's Sonnet

Poem 6 Sonny's Sonnet A Poem About Adoration Sonny, my son My heart, my life That precious face I look upon May y... Read Chapter

Petra's Poem

Poem 7 Petra's Poem A Tragic Poem Every day I look and say My dear Petra, where have you gone? You were my number one... Read Chapter

Some Cinquains

Poem 8 Concerts Are Fun   Concerts Loudly, brightly Running quickening beating Fun when it's needed Shows ... Read Chapter

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