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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic


Title : Thandeka
By : Simiso Doyisa & Quinton Tebogo Makunyane
The daily utilities of life don't even excite her
She simply wants to indulge in experiences
the scent of freshly bloomed flowers
to be on rooftops of really high towers

You see Thandeka is not affected by the current status affiliated to the world

She has been encaged in walls and windowsbars since birth
Restricted to exploring this earth
Pupils constantly Monitoring her day to day growth

Thandeka's body has conformed to being behind these imaginary bars
But her mind is still trying to fight it's way out of the psychological shackles that have chained it down
You see imagination can only do so much before the brain seek physical exploration

Her mind still lingers
Thinking about the small things like beach sand slipping through your fingers

Day 30 something for us
Day 6235 for her

She seeks life beyond the barrier of concrete and glass
She seeks to be free

Free as long as freedom lasts
Like the end of a tragic timeline
Haunted by the her miserable past
Coming from a life long of experiences
Crushed memories and broken wings

The young broken soul made of innocence

She was a rare gem and she knew that,
but she won't force anyone to see it..
That's why she hid herself away from the public
Locked herself away from all the hatred

The innocent little girl that once lived
Within her precious soul has been held
Captive for far too long now
All may seem well from their eyes
I Know..

She just could not do it anymore
Pretending like the cold October
night was the perfect backdrop
For the fireworks exploding in the sky
Pretending like she did not fear the
shadowy forms made out of all her miseries..

She has tried so hard to get herself back but
With her fingers curled around the door knob
Dark, soulless eyes stared back, DECEIVING
I Know, Haunted and shadowed though
Glinting with that familiar glow of joy..

Submitted: November 23, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Quinton Tebogo Makunyane. All rights reserved.

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