Baby Gone

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

I Know I layed the baby down some where ,But no Baby can I find

 I know my daughter in law brought the Baby for me to Baby sett.

She always leaves the dipper bag on the dining room table. and it was there this morning.

  When I sleep late  she puts puts the baby in bed with me. when I got up about 8:00 the baby was not in my bed.

  I went to the dinning room and the dipper bag was on the dinning room table as it usually was . but the Baby I could not find.

  I searched the house over and no Baby could I find. I look under the bed no Baby I looked in the refigator and even looked in the garbage can,  no where could I find Little Johnny.

I called the police and they said we have your baby some one left it on the steps of the police station 

 when I arrived at the police station. I was arrested and charged with abounding the baby on the police station steps.

I told them my name Was Mary snow and that the Baby was taken 7:00

I didn't know how someone could get into my house. But my Daughter in law has a Key. but there was no signs of a breaking in that could be found.

 I was told I could make one phone call.

  I called my Daughter in law.

  She said Jonny was with her.

  She said I will come down and straighten this mess out. Today is Saturday and you know I never work on Saturday or Sunday.

She said the dipper bag was left on the dinning room table.

Her mother insaid I Always leave’s it there and put the Baby in bed with you The reason is I Forgot to pick it up on Friday.

  The officer on duty said I don't know we are going to do with the Baby, Maybe the state will take it. Our police has only three officers including the Chief of police.We are just not equipped to handle a young Baby.

  Would you keep the Baby for us for a few days His Name is Johnnie Carmon. we don't know if Carmon. might be his last name or his middle name.well our Baby name is John cecial.Snow which gives the boys the same initial.

  Yes we will keep the Baby for a few days,

But nobody ever came and claimed the Baby.

After about a year with the new Parents and john Carmon had bonded with both of them.

 The Snows went into the judge and asked for parament custody of the boy.

  The two Boys never knew that they were not twin Brothers. when they were twenty two years old and were just finishing collage their mother died from cancer.

The boys were looking at some papers and it dawned on them that they were of no kin .that john Carmon was adopted.

  After their father died in a car wreck,They would keep close contact with each other

 both married and had Children and lived good life's

The end


Submitted: November 23, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Waymon l. young. All rights reserved.

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