Christmas Dusting

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A visit to a house on Santa's route. Let's have a peek and a listen.

Somewhere in the world, on a dark and moonlight morning, Santa's Sleigh is seen descending onto a rooftop.

It is not yet 3 a.m. as we hear the tinkling of bells and a muted, "Ho, Ho, Ho," coming from the sleigh.

It isn't long before a sack of gifts is unloaded, then Santa and a Helper-Elf press their fingers to the sides of their noses, (and Poof!), they are in the house.

The Helper-Elf begins unloading the gifts from the sack as Santa arranges them under the beautifully decorated tree.

And what a wonderful tree it is, too. Strings of Popcorn going this way and that, with brightly colored ornaments and hand made paper cut-outs all around. And up on top is a glittery Satin Star.

"Ho, Ho, Ho," Santa laughs very quietly, then he says to his Helper-Elf, "This is a dazzling tree, don't you think, Annete?"

"Oh yes," Annete replies, "I especially like the hand made Star."

"My Mommy made that Star, and my sister helped with the tree decorating," stated a child's voice from behind a chair.

Annete spun around to see a child watching them.

But Santa simply looked over his shoulder and replied, "And your Mommy made a beautiful Star, didn't she?"

The little girl nodded her head in agreement, then she asked, "What's ya do-in Santa?"

Santa replied, "We are delivering your family's Christmas presents, Gina."

Gina then asked, "Why?"

Santa responded, "Well, Ho, Ho, Ho,because that's what Santa does every year."

"Why," was Gina's next question.

"Because it is Santa's job and it is what he loves to do," Santa countered.


"Well, --- just because."


As you can imagine, these "Why" questions went on for awhile, and the answers became more and more abrupt. That is, until Santa's Helper-Elf, Annete, intervened.

Annete did the asking this time, asking Gina if she shouldn't be in bed.

"I can't sleep, too much busy-ness," Gina replied.

"Oh, some Sandman dust will take care of that problem," Annete replied.

"Will you read me a story?" Gina questioned.

"I don't have a storybook," was the answer.

Gina asked, "Why?"

Annete replied, "Well, I didn't know I was going to need one."

And once again, the "Why" questions flowed freely until the little girl was in bed and the Sandman's dust was sprinkled.

While Annete was busy taking care of Gina, Santa heard another voice saying, "I got Slicker-boots just like the boots you have on."

Santa knew who was talking, it was Gina's older brother, Richard.

Richard was a little older than Gina, about two years, but he was well out of the "Why" questioning stage; thank goodness.

"I know about your Slicker-boots," Santa said with a laugh, "I brought them to you last Christmas. Remember?"

Richard thought for awhile, and then replied, "Oh yeah. --- Did you bring new ones this year? Mom says I'm growing out of the old ones."

"Ho, Ho, Ho," Santa laughed, then he stated, "Well, I guess you'll just have to wait until morning and find out."

"Can't I open a present now, after all, I'm awake?" Richard begged.

To which Santa replied, "Opening presents is something that should be done with loved ones around you, so I think it best if you wait until everyone else is awake."

Just as Annete came back into the room, Richard answered Santa by saying, "OK, well I'll just go wake them up, then we can get started!"

But Annete was quick with the Sandman dust, and with the flick of the wrist Richard was caught in the cloud. And just as Richard started to fall, Annete scooped him up and off to bed she carried him.

"That was a neat trick!" said a much older sister as she came into the room from the kitchen. Then as she chuckled she asked, "Do you have any extra dust?"

"Ah, Penny, I thought I sensed you presence," Santa said as he began arranging presents.

"Oh no, that will never do," Penny stated, "A yellow wrapped present next to that off-red one. Well, I can see you could use some help here."

Then Penny escorted Santa over to an easy chair, seated him, then put a glass of milk in one of his hands and a cookie in the other. And all the while she was saying, "Here Santa, why don't you just take a seat right next to your milk and cookies. They are gluten free, Mom and I made them.

In the meantime, I'll arrange presents for you."

Dumbfounded by the swiftness of her actions, Santa just shrugged his shoulders and took a bite from his cookie.

After a lot of present rearranging, and more rearranging, Mother showed up all blurry eyed and yawning.

She gave a quick hello to Santa, almost as if she expected him to be seated in the room, and then she said, "Penny, Sweetie, square packages don't go well right next to rectangles, lets stack some flat ones in-between. --- Yes, like that. --- Oh that looks so much better!"

Then as Mother reached across Santa and snatched a cookie for herself, she motioned for her daughter to come sit with her on the couch.

And as the two women sat huddled together, comforter draped across the both of them, they discussed how beautiful everything looked.

It was then that Annete came up behind them and gave them a sprinkle of the Sandman's magic dust.

Well, with everyone fast asleep, Santa and Annete put their fingers to the sides of their noses, and (Poof!), they were back on the rooftop.

Then, as the Reindeer pulled the sleigh skyward, you could here Santa saying, "If it wasn't for the Sandman, this job could take forever!"


D. Thurmond / JEF



Submitted: November 23, 2020

© Copyright 2021 D. Thurmond aka JEF. All rights reserved.

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