Hulk v. Saitama

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

who wins? hulk or one punch man??

The rocket propelled away from Earth carrying the most dangerous payload, as deemed by the Illuminati.  “It is the right thing to do.” voiced Tony Stark.  He could tell that Charles Xavier was uneasy with his decision.  “God help up if he comes back.”  grumbled an irritated Namor, being the lone vote to keep Hulk on Earth.  The group watched the sky, wishing luck for their friend, and feeling ashamed for discarding him as they chose to do.


In the ship, Hulk was sedated, secured safely with coordinates to land on an uninhabited world, where he could live in peace and be unable to hurt anyone should he lose control again.  In his rest, he was in his form of Bruce Banner, harmless but genius and gentler self.  While he was unconscious he dreamt about peace, no longer being the Hulk.  He dreamt about having a family with Betty and living a normal life.


He was sitting at a table, Betty next to him and a young son playing with his food.  His cousin Jennifer Walters was visiting, over for a Sunday brunch.

“Skylar, stop playing with your food.”  Bruce said to his son.

“If you finish it all, Sky, I’ll take you for some ice cream!” smiled Jennifer.

Skylar smiled wide and was determined to finish his dinner to go with his Aunt Jennifer, Betty acted surprised with him and the group gave up a small laugh.


A loud sound crashed outside their front door causing them all to look.   Another loud noise.  And another.  Betty took Skylar and Bruce stood, shielding then, watching intently at the door.

“Jennifer…”  he started to say.

Suddenly the front of the house tore away and before them was a giant silhouette, with green glowing eyes.  Horrified, they turned to run, but the giant green beast chased them, tearing through walls, snarling and roaring.  The beast cornered them and started smashing Bruce’s world around him.  When the noise stopped he was surrounded by dust.  He choked on it and cried out for his family.  As it started to settle he saw them laying there dead.  He dropped to his knees and held them.  Behind him he suddenly heard deep, long breathing, turning into a low growl.  Bruce turned around and the beast launched from the thick, settling dust and the giant green fists came falling down towards him.


Right before he was crushed, Bruce woke up.  BANG!  His eyes darted around the ship, unable to recognize what happened or where he was.  More banging.  As his senses came back, he fought against the drowsiness of the sedative.  He realised he was in a ship, in space, and the loud crashing was the sound of rocks and other debris hitting the ship.  Alarms were going off and lights were flashing.  His restraints released and he fell to the floor.  The ship was spinning out of control and Bruce used all of his might to get to what looked like the main controls.


After some time, he was able to regain control of the ship and turn off the alarms.  He found a video, created by the Illuminati, explaining the reason he was sent away.  He discovered the coordinates were deep in space, and protected by a code, set by his friends.  Bruce felt the anger welling up inside him, but the sedative still prevented him from turning into the Hulk.

Get your wits straight, Bruce. He thought to himself.  In his mind he thought about how to get back home, if he should go back home.  Are they right?  Is it better if I leave?  Bruce thought about Betty and his dream.  He didn’t have a son with her, but he couldn’t shake the feeling of wanting one.  I need to get back home.


Bruce thought of a plan to override the autopilot, understanding it became disabled when the ship was in distress.  He attempted to quicken his heart rate, jumping around and pounding his chest.  His frustration grew but he was still unable to release the Hulk.  becoming desperate he was able to remove a sharp piece of metal from some of the ship’s panelling.  The took a deep breath and thrust the metal deep into his leg.  He screamed out as the pain ceased his body.  He felt the familiar feelings of losing control, his eyes flashed green, but he was still unable to turn into the green beast.


He crawled to the flight chair, whimpering as he sat there.  He felt hopeless as he studied the computer.  He looked down and watched the blood drip and travel behind him.  His eyes followed it back until he noticed the hatch.


Although he was unable to remove the autopilot, he was able to override the locks on the hatch.  Deciding not to secure himself to the seat, he opened the door to space, where the vacuum took everything that was not bolted down.  Bruce held on with all of his strength, feeling like he was going to be torn in two.  His fingers lost strength as he slid down to the armrest, sweat made it impossible to hold any longer.  He flew back and just barely caught onto some cargo netting before being sucked out into the black abyss.  His muscles screamed at him, taking his mind off of the metal in his leg.


Just as he felt he couldn’t hold on much longer, he felt the adrenaline shoot through his veins.  His skin darkened into green and a monsterous sound escaped from his lungs.  Security protocols took over on the ship, resealing the hatch, but instead of a sedated, desperate Bruce Banner, it was now carrying an enraged Hulk.  He slammed around the ship, infuriated, once again sounding alarms and flashing lights, even more infuriating him.  the ship lurched and spun, falling off course, straight towards a black hole now. 


_ __ ________________________  __ _


Down in the shadows of Z-City, Sonic thought about the bald hero he hated so much.  He couldn’t get his stupid bald head and stupid face and stupid outfit of his mind, and most of all he he the man seems so nonchalant about everything.  The more he thought about the more he wanted to pick a fight with the next poor schmuck that walked by.  In the distance he saw a couple C-class heros stopping a mugging.  They will do.


_ __ ________________________  __ _


“Gasmask Cowboy and Saturn Man demand you stop at once!”  shouted Gasmask Cowboys at the muggers.  The muggers stopped and studied the two heros for a second and squared up.


“Four against two, heroes!”  mocked one of the muggers.  One of the other muggers grabbed the victim, who was a little old lady, and held a knife to her throat.  “Get back, or she gets it!”

“How cliche…” echoed a voice around the standoff.

“Who is there?”  demanded Saturn Man.


A gust blew around the group and in a second the four muggers stood, seemingly paralyzed and their eyes wide open in agony.  The two heroes stood stunned, now with a figure all in black between them and the muggers.  He slid a sword back in his sheath, and just as it clicked all the way in, the stomachs and throats of the muggers opened up in pools of blood and guts, spilling onto the ground.


“Are you a hero?” asked Saturn Man, almost hesitantly.  Just as he asked, the man in black looked up, his eyes wide and face twisted, “not quite.” A moment later the old lady fell on her knees and her head slid clean off her neck and onto the concrete.

“How dare you!!”  shouted Gasmask Cowboy, aiming his revolver and shooting a lasso at the crazed man.  In another gust of wind, the man disappeared and the two heroes jumped back to back.  “Get out here and fight!”


Around them they heard laughter echo around them, and a figure moved around them so fast, it would cover large distances in a blink of an eye.  For a moment the man stopped.


“You’re dead!” cried Saturn Man as he charged.  He swung but his hand moved through the man as he began to jump around again.

“Get back here, Saturn Man!”  yelled Gasmask Cowboy.  As Saturn Man turned to move back to his colleague, a blade exploded through his chest.  Slowly the haunting, twisted face appeared around the dying hero, staring into Gasmask Cowboy’s stunned, horrified eyes.


“The name is Speed-o’-Sound Sonic.” the blade wielding man said, “Not that it’ll matter to you for these last for seconds, but I thought you might as well know.”

“S-s-s-speed… S-s-s-sonic…?” mustered the hero. “I-i-i-isn’t that kind of... r-r-r-redundant?”

“You bastard!” enraged, Sonic charged the remaining hero but stopped when a large ship came barreling down towards the two.


Both of the combatants managed to maneuver away from the impact, narrowly missing being smashed on the pavement.  The Ship slid into nearby buildings, demolishing them into rubble.  Around the ship sparks shot out, turning into flame.  Both Sonic and Gasmask Cowboy stood ready, inspecting the crashed UFO.  seconds later the ship exploded and a large roar came from the crash site.  Out of the fire walked a giant green beast, his veins bulging with his heart beat, skin torn and bloody, and eyes glowing green.


“This looks like a challenge now.” smirked Sonic.  Before he could make a move, Gasmask Cowboy shot a fury of bullets at the green beast.  The beast growled as the bullets ricocheted off.

“Die!!!” screamed Gasmask Cowboy, as he swung a lasso around the creature’s neck, while it was distracted by the bullets.  The beast roared and grabbed the rope, pulling the hero towards him.  At the last second, the hero kicked off the ground and flew up and over the giant, planting his feet on his shoulder blades and pulled the lasso tight, choking it.  As he choked it, he pulled his revolver again and sent another fury of bullets into the back of its head.  The green creature became even more outraged and grabbed for the nuisance hero, but was unable.


Sonic stood by, analyzing the new monster, unimpressed as it seemed the C-class hero was getting the upper hand on it.  Suddenly the monster jumped in the, twisting 180 degrees aiming its back, and the hero towards the side of a large skyscraper.  The hero released his lasso and jumped from the monster, but to avail.  The green creature was able to grab the hero’s ankle and threw him towards the incoming skyscraper.  The hero hit the side, crashing through glass, stopping on the other side.


Gasmask Cowboy, covered in glass and agony and lodged in a wall, gasped for air and managed to look up in time to see the green monster crashing towards him and punch him through the rest of the building.  The hero flung through the air and skipped down the street outside.  When he finally stopped, he was on his back looking up at the stars.  Frozen in pain, he believed every bone in his body was dust.  He heard a large thud near him and heavy footsteps nearing.  The green monster stopped and loomed over him, “puny human.” he mumbled and slammed his foot down on the hero, crumbling the pavement under him.  Blood and rubble exploded between the monster’s toes.


_ __ ________________________  __ _


“Impressive.” said a voice, behind Hulk. “but you are rather brutish, monster.  And slow.”  mocked the voice.

“Hulk will smash, blurry man!” he yelled as the man jumped around him.


As Hulk lunged for the dark figure, he was slashed multiple times by the man’s sword, opening wounds all over his back, torso, and extremities.  A final slash came across his face, cutting into his left eye.  In a rage, Hulk roared and slammed his fists into the ground, sending a shockwave around him, flinging the blurry man through the air.  Sonic was able to land on his feet.  He was about to mock the monster again, but he stood shocked as all the lacerations began to seal themselves shut and the monster’s eyes became healed.


“Well let's see if your head can grow back!”  yelled Sonic, frustrated, focusing his anger from previous defeats onto the Hulk.  Sonic swung his blade for the neck, but Hulk lurched forward, grabbing the blade with his teeth, shattering the blade as he bit down.  Sonic quickly made for some high ground and turned to face back.

“How dare you monster!” he yelled.  “Next time you will not be so lucky.  You will…”



Before Sonic could finish, hulk jumped for him, crashing the earth beneath and him barely dodging the fatal blow.  Sonic continued to dance and jump, narrowly escaping the Hulk, as he kept crashing down around him.


“I got to get away!” panted the panicked Sonic.  Everywhere he seemed to go, Hulk seemed to be there waiting to crash down on him.  The city was falling apart and police cars and media helicopters began to swarm the area.  People watched the blundering chase on their TVs all over the world.


_ __ ________________________  __ _ 


“Master, you should see this.” 


Saitama was in the next room, cutting out coupons, preparing for a weekend trip to the grocery store.  “Huh?  Did you say something, Genos?”

“Yes, Master.  There is a terrible monster in Z-City.  It is tearing apart the city.” reported Genos.

“Hm.  That could be fun.” Saitama replied, half interested.  “You think it can wait?”

“I don’t think so, master.  But let me handle it!  Let me destroy this monster for you, master!”

“Uh… ok.  Whatever.” Saitama watched the news video watching the monster hurl itself after the dark figure.  “I think I know that guy.”

“Who, master?”

“The man he is chasing.  I think I met him before.  I dunno.”

Genos wondered who Saitama was talking about, as he couldn’t see who he was talking about and went deep in thought about how Saitama has some next level power and wisdom.

“Alright.  Let’s go Genos.” Saitama said, interrupting Genos’ wandering thoughts.


_ __ ________________________  __ _


Hulk became more and more angry as he chased the blurry man through the city.  Every time he got close, he would just miss him. 

“DIE, BLURRY MAN!!!” he would scream.  In his wake, he left a scene of destruction, like a war zone.  Fire and smoke filled the air, causing the helicopters to get too close for better shots, which would provide a temporary release of frustration for Hulk as he destroyed them.  Police would also become targets of his rage as they shot at him.  Sonic was running out of energy and becoming exhausted while Hulk became only faster and stronger.


_ __ ________________________  __ _


Sonic stopped, catching his breath when he felt a moment to spare.  All around him was dark smoke, pluming from the fires all around the city.  By now his clothes were tattered and soaked in sweat.  His lungs burned his throat and his knees barely had the strength to hold him up.  A crash exploded near him, the monster was back.  Dammit!  I need to use everything I have left to get away!  All the rest of my speed!  Sonic darted for the horizon, straight line with everything he had left in him.  Silence.  It’s so silent.  I did it… I did it!  No one can match my speed!  He laughed to himself and collapsed to the ground, utterly exhausted.

“Uh… hey.  I know you right?” 

Sonic snapped back up poised to fight, all a bluff.

“You!” Sonic shouted at the voice. “The bald hero!”

“It’s perfectly normal to lose your hair when you train!”  Saitama snapped back.  “But…. you should look out.”


Sonic looked behind him where Saitama was pointing, and behind him was the green monster glaring down at him.  Before he could move or defend himself, the monster grabbed his torso in one hand and his legs in the other and pulled until Sonic was torn in half.


_ __ ________________________  __ _


“Master, I will defeat this monster with one of my powerful attacks!”  declared Genos.

“I dunno, Genos, the guy was pretty fast.  Well, kinda fast.  I dunno if you can beat this guy.”

Genos stood, defeated by his master’s words, and thought more into it as he always did.  Becoming angry, he aimed his arm toward the beast and with all his power sent a powerful blast into its chest.  The green monster planted his feet into the Earth, and was pushed back about fifty yards.  After getting its footing again, the monster moved closer to Genos, as he continued to pour more and more power onto it.  His green skin burned and boiled under the heat of the blast, but step by step, the monster moved with more momentum.  Finally the monster was close enough to grab Genos by the arms, crushing them and tearing them from his body.  With a powerful kick, Genos was sent flying like a rag doll to the horizon.


_ __ ________________________  __ _ 


Saitama studied the large green beast.  It’s eyes were chaotic, its veins bulging with every heartbeat.

“You fight Hulk, Pajama Man?!  Leave Hulk alone!” roared the monster.

“Well… you did just kill three people, and probably more in the buildings.” responded Saitama.  “I feel like I am supposed to do something I think.”

He walked towards the monster calmly.  The monster seemed defensive and unsure what to do.

“How about you just come to jail with me and we won’t have to waste our time fighting.  I don’t want to have to hurt you.”

The monster clenched his fists and roared with rage that shattered the city around them.

“Hulk is strongest there is!!”

Even Saitama was pushed back with the force, surprising him slightly, and he felt a small rush of excitement.  He doesn’t look that big, or that fast, but could he finally be a challenge?

“Alright monster, i’ll fight you, but just because I am feeling a little bored.”

“Hulk smash Pajama Man!!”

The green monster rushed towards Saitama, tearing up the concrete underneath him.  It grabbed two trucks on its way and smashed them together onto him, exploding when they hit.  The monster continued to slam his fists into Saitama, collapsing the ground beneath the two.  Saitama could feel the monster becoming more and more chaotic, and he actually started to feel pain creep into his body.  They were now burrowed into the ground about fifty feet, he jumped and was able to maneuver around the monster.  Right before he was about to ground level the monster grabbed his ankle, he could feel his foot twist in its might.  This was the most powerless Saitama had ever felt in a fight, and the monster beat him into the underground walls, collapsing the earth on top of them.  Becoming a rag doll, the monster released him and stood over him in their new underground cave.

“Ow…” stammered Saitama, but with a small grin, “I think you gave me a dead arm, and mighta twisted my ankle. That’s pretty impressive.”

The monster roared again, grabbing Saitama in his large hand and threw him through the underground wall, crashing through layer after layer, finally stopping what felt like miles away.  Saitama was able to crawl back above ground and looked out in the direction he flung from.  He watched the city fall into the earth, building crumbling and screams loud and then silent.  He felt a tickle on his lips and after scratching found blood on his fingers.  He looked over his own body and discovered the blood and bruises all over his body. He felt an aching spread throughout his body.  This is for real this time.   I have to stop this monster.  In the stance he watched an explosion and a dust trail rocketed up into the air and towards him.  As the dust cleared, the monster emerged in the air and fell like a meteor, landing with a shockwave.


_ __ ________________________  __ _


Hulk glared down at Pajama Man, filling with anger that he was still standing.  Hulk smashed and smashed and still didn’t kill him.  Hulk could feel himself becoming even stronger as his anger grew.

“This has to end now, monster.” said Panaja Man.  “You have hurt enough people and I should have finished you sooner.”  The man appeared different now.  Early nonchalant and indifferent, now he seemed just as angry as Hulk.  Hulk lunged for Pajama Man and came down with both fists.  His fists stopped.  Pajama Man stopped them both with one hand and was glaring back up at Hulk, “no more.” he said.

With his other hand, Pajama Man made a fist and cocked it back.  Hulk lifted his arms to crush him again, the small man’s body twisted, posturing to attack.  Before Hulk could slam his mighty fists again, the man punched.


_ __ ________________________  __ _


Saitama aimed for the monster’s abdomen and punched with all he had.  Normally he would hold back and one punch was it would take for his enemies, but he felt angry, embarrassed, for playing with this monster.  He felt angry, guilty, for being excited about this challenge.  He felt angry, guilty, for letting so many die.  Saitama punched with everything he had and connected with the monster.  The screamed as its stomach opened up into a mist of guts and blood.  One leg dislocated from its hip and its left arm flew into the sky.  It slumped down and then fell onto its back, Saitama could see its heart beating through its torn chest, slowing with every beat.

Saitama felt his anger reducing as he watched over the monster, but was surprised it was still alive, but obviously for much longer.  The monster laid there, still chaos in its eyes but unable to get up, struggle started to leave its body.

“You won’t hurt anyone else now, monster.  I couldn’t let you.”

Saitama positioned himself for one more punch to end the monster’s pain, aiming for its head, he threw another punch.


_ __ ________________________  __ _


Hulk watched Pajama Man’s fist shot towards his head.  He felt another surge of anger.  Leave Hulk alone!  With his remaining right hand, he caught the small man's fist, trapping it, and crushing it.

“Hulk.  Strongest. There. IS!”

Hulk flung the small man back through the city, destroying more buildings.  His heart quickened again as his skin reformed around it.  Hulk picked himself back up, feeling his leg pop back into place.  His left arm still unformed, he launched for Pajama Man once more.

While in mid air, Pajama Man flew at him, in a blink of an eye.  Hulk was blasted by millions of lightning fast punches, each of them delivering more pain than the last.  He could feel his bones breaking, muscles tearing, and insides failing.  Hulk fought on, still in mid air and finally crashing back into the city.  Hulk punched back with his one arm, met with a fury of punches still by Pajama Man.  Hulk noticed the small man was only fighting with one arm as well.


_ __ ________________________  __ _

Saitama realized he was starting to get exhausted, he could only fight with one arm, as his other one was broken, crushed in the monster’s strong grasp.  They both seemed to be slowing down now, even the mighty green monster.  Saitama abandoned fighting blow for blow and began dashing around, attempting to wear the still much wounded monster down.  I don’t know how much longer I can do this.

“Ok, ok, big guy.” Saitama said suddenly, with a nonaggressive stance. “I think we could fight forever, just hold on.”  The monster, huffing and puffing, stopped for a moment, perhaps taken back by Saitama’s sudden change in demeanor.

“We clearly aren’t getting anywhere here.”  Saitama argued, “Are we going to just keep punching till what?  Can one of us really win?”

“Hulk strongest there is!” snapped the monster.

“Easy! Ok, I get it.” reassured Saitama to the monster.  “What do you want?”

“Leave Hulk alone.”

“You have hurt so many people.” Saitama looked around the city, the monster seemed to understand.  It looked around as well and seemed conflicted.

“I don’t want to fight anymore.  Honestly, it’s fun, you are a challenge, but we have hurt too many people.  I can leave you alone, but you have to go away.  Forever, monster.”

“You are more annoying than puny claw man.” Saitama did not understand the monster’s reference.

The two looked over one another and even the monster began to relax.  Saitama realized the fight was over.  The creature began to lurch and grunt, is he really going to fight again?!  The monster began to shrink and the green faded into skin tone.  Moments later, a man laid there, barely covered by stretched and torn pants.


_ __ ________________________  __ _


Bruce opened his eyes and saw Pajama Man standing before him.  He was cradling his broken arm, bruised and bloodied, clothing and cape tattered, but Bruce was relieved to see him standing, having just fought Hulk.

“You met the big green guy?” asked Bruce.

He continued to explain who he was, the Hulk, how he got there.  The other man explained who he was and how he became a hero because he felt like it.

“I’ll need a ship to leave.” explained Bruce.

“To where?  How do you stop being Hulk?”

“I can’t.  I just need to go somewhere I can’t hurt anyone else.” 


_ __ ________________________  __ _


Saitama could tell this Bruce guy was very smart, even a good guy.  He thought about how he could be a great hero for Z City.  Saitama looked around, though, and saw the destruction.  Where can Bruce go?  Is there anywhere safe you could not hurt anyone else?  Saitama thought how all it would take was one monster, one bad day, and thousands more would die by the Hulk.  Bruce seemed to know this as well.  Saitama didn’t know about ships and planets and space, he doubted Bruce could find anywhere to truly get away.

The conversation stalled and Bruce noticed Saitama’s sudden seriousness.


_ __ ________________________  __ _


“I can’t let the Hulk come back, Bruce.”  Saitama said. 

Bruce couldn’t find the words to argue.  He felt his heart beginning to quicken again.  He knew a fight was inevitable.  Another fight was always inevitable.

“Saitama, if you try to put me down, I can’t control the Hulk again.”

Saitama postured to fight again, and Bruce started to feel the adrenaline.  He began to tremble and choke as his body began to control and turn green. 

“Space!” Bruce grunted. “The sun… maybe…” no more words would come out, they faded into a roar as the Hulk came back.

Saitama flew towards Bruce, or the Hulk, he was someone in between at this point, and scooped him up with his one good arm and flew up.  Bruce… Hulk… flailed around trying to strike at him but was unable to stop the flight.  They flew higher and higher and the air grew colder, darker.  Hulk was now fully embodied and harder for Saitama to control.  Hulk broke free from his grip and fell back to earth.  The two fought in freefall, each other their one good arm.  Saitama struggled to keep Hulk in his grasp.  Hulk was able to grab Saitama around the waist and threw him down, sending him crashing into the ground miles below.  Hulk fell straight for him.  The two positioned themselves for a powerful strike. 

An impact jolted and cracked the ground around, cracks that seemed to go from one horizon to the opposite.  Hulk found himself in a daze.  He felt rage in his veins, rage that blinded his vision.  He couldn’t breath, the air was so thin.  His vision began to focus and he was soaring up.  Ice was forming from the sweat and blood on his green skin.  He glanced around for Pajama Man but could not find him.

A sudden jolt to his back and his brain became a lightning storm, sending a shock through his whole body.  His Spine felt shattered and he couldn’t feel, or control his legs anymore.  Pajama Man flew around Hulk, following him on his sudden change of trajectory, again grabbing him and pulling him deeper into the atmosphere towards space.  Hulk could still use his one arm.  He again grabbed Pajama Man, but this time the small man was able to maneuver Hulk’s arm around, locking it into an arm lock behind its back.

“No more, Hulk.” said Pajama Man.  Hulk felt him let go of his arm and was about to swing around to attack, but another strike to his spine made his remaining arm go limp.

“HULK. STRONGEST…” he started to say but stopped, “...Hulk just wants to be left alone.”

“I’m sorry, Bruce.” Saitama used one more punch and sent Hulk hurling towards the sun.  Now in space, paralyzed, there was nothing Hulk could do to stop his direction and his fate.


_ __ ________________________  __ _


Saitama watched Hulk fly towards the sun, certain, or maybe just convincing himself, that he saw a peace in the monster’s eyes.  He wasn’t sure if what he did was right, or if ultimately Bruce would have disagreed with him.

He flew back to Z CIty, which was bleeding smoke and fire.  On the ground level, the once tall buildings were mountains of debris.  He heard people calling out for loved ones, calling out for help.  He heard a commotion in the distance and flew to investigate it.  He watched as a man was pulling people free of the collapsed building and a crowd gathered to help.  As the crowd grew the whole city came to life, working through the mess and freeing one another.

The crowd started to notice the monster was gone and they were safe again, families and friends were reuniting and a quiet chant began to echo amongst the city.  The one hero in the middle, who began searching the rubble for survivors, stopped long enough to listen as the quiet echo grew into a loud, deafening chant. 

Someone cried out, “He beat the monster! He saved the day!”

The crowd continued to chant, “MUMEN RIDER! MUMEN RIDER!”


Submitted: November 25, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Minion of Coeus. All rights reserved.

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