Have A Very Covid Christmas

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Dysfunctional Poetry

The holidays look a little different this year


Have A Very Covid Christmas 


‘Tis the season to gather together

‘Tis the season to make merry and dine

To relive most fond remembrances

To look back on happier times

But this year the holidays will be different

Our love puts our loved ones at risk

We may unwittingly infect with a warm embrace

Or betray love and trust with a kiss

The science is irrefutable

This pandemic is reaping what it will

This year at the holiday table

There’s more than a million empty chairs to fill

While our government stalls on stimulus

A quarter million more people go homeless for the holidays

More than six million have lost what healthcare coverage they once had

As we enter another deadly phase

There are people who argue that none of this is taking place

Just because none of their loved ones has died

They claim that medical professionals are conspiring on causes of death 

They say that all of the experts have lied

Some stubbornly refuse to wear a mask

Indifferent to what that might mean

If pressed they pitch an absolute hissy fit

Cursing and screaming and causing a scene 

But most people understand the breadth of the crisis at hand

That it’s an all or nothing kinda deal

Even with a vaccine looming on the horizon 

It will take many months for the whole world to heal

This year the holidays come with a price 

We must decide whether to celebrate together or to stay away instead 

Whether we’re willing to sacrifice one season of festive gatherings

In order to preserve those in the years ahead



25 Nov 2020






Submitted: November 25, 2020

© Copyright 2021 ShadyBrady. All rights reserved.

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