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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

If I had ever seen

The world in me

Is so vast and green

I would have stepped

With all my feet

Embracing the vibrancy

And inhaling all the ecstatic airs

And allow them to fuse

Into my veins

Like memories of a beloved

That stands to be pure and true!


If I could ever wandered through

The gardens of my soul

I would have cherished

The fragrance of each dandelion

Swaying in the breeze

And guess what!

I would have caressed it

Part my lips

And feel the touch

And warmth

Of its soft petals

Absorb in the membranes

Of my skin!


If I could ever journey my heart

I would have travelled

Through my veins

Breaking all the tensions

And glide dancing

With my blood; so crimson

And violent

For it held memories

Of some long-gone

And stayed brutally silent!


If I could merely float into my eyes

I would have come across

All that I have born

All I made up

And all that has faded away

With some close inspection

I would have observed

The yellowish feel

Curtaining behind the white

I would simply be devastated

And break into tears!


If I could talk to my tongue

I would have questioned

Of its silence

And of course,

Of its enchantments

I have given to others

And they have fallen for me!

I would have yelled at its face

Of why didn’t it stop me

I kept on breaking hearts

Until mine broke

And broke

Till its fumes got mixed

In the worldly airs

Like a devilish smoke!


If I could have a super power

I would have taught

My eyes not to speak

And lips be sober about smile

And tongue be cautious

When I talk!

I would have loved myself

More than I would

Do to others

I would have taught my heart

Not to fall in love

For there is always

Misery at the end

And no one would come

To your knees

Hold you a rose

And kiss your lips!


If I could meet my poems

I would have eaten them

For it would be the only way

To hide them

From the eyes

Of ones I write!

Or I would have stabbed them

In their hearts

Just to let them know

How have they ached me

Pained my hands

And swallowed my might!

How they have manipulated

My being

As in greed of a Muse

A handsome, sleek

And loveable power

Who I have fallen for

Every time!

Damn! The every hell of a time

He has caressed my lashes

With his gentle lips

And spooned my disorder

Helped me lift high

Beyond any turmoil

And listened to the clamor

And clatter

And the hullabaloo!


If I could be me

I would have known

How cruel and hard-hearted I am

That there is a stony core

Behind the smoothest flesh

I would have recognized

My real face

That is a monochrome

And oh so colorless!

I would have listened me speak

And wondered how aching

The hit of my voice is!

I would be shattered

To nothingness-

Submitted: November 25, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Rehmat Tanzila. All rights reserved.

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