My Cover Letter

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From when the moon goes up and the sun goes down,

And sun rises once again in the other way round,

When the rain is falling and the thunder strikes,

I never forget my mission for which one must fight.


A mission I never chose, but was chosen for me,

For destiny means one does not write his own story,

This is divine calling, for the One who wrote my saga,

Is none other than Allah! Subhanu wa ta’ala.


For Jihad can mean making peace over war,

The treaty of the pen mightier than the sword,

So I keep on fighting, writing and reading,

I will succeed whatever happens, in that I believe in.


My mission will take me from the Alps of the Swiss,

And down the Nile to Cairo, in the land of pyramids,

From Geneva the city of international relations,

To the land of the birth of the modern Arab nation.


I keep on networking for my mission needs contacts,

To create an army of peacemakers to help create pacts,

My Ummah is bleeding, I hear its cries as I try sleep,

This planet is ill, humanity dying, whilst I’m trying not to weep.


I was once lost in the abyss, but I was saved by Allah,

And shaken up with a journey whose destination seems so far,

I changed direction completely with a 180 degree turn,

Studied at university to succeed with two degrees earned.


One in International Politics, the other International Relations,

Volunteering at NGO’s and International organisations,

Whose destinations should be taking me New York,

And to Bengal, the land of Kazi Nazrul Islam and Tagore.


To Persia land of the first empire of empires,

To Konstantinople a city with which it was said had no rival,

Bandung the city of the birth of non aligned relations,

In Indonesia, whom of all Muslim nations has the highest population.


I keep on grinding I’ll never quit for comfort or for greed,

With all Allah’s blessed me with it would be a sin not to succeed,

He has blessed me with such an important task,

One for which is far more than I could ever have asked.


To help take my people out of war and of anarchy,

For to save a life it is as if you have saved all of humanity,

The Islamic Ummah is a community of communities,

Despite sect or race, I shall try to build up our unity.


As I continue to fight for this mission that was heaven sent

I strive and contrive towards our sustainable development,

Our children’s education and our people’s universal healthcare,

And to provide all the World with food, clothes and shelter.


And maybe to think I can have any effect I’m arrogant,

But I want us to play our part in saving the environment,

Allah’s beautiful creation that fits together in a perfection,

So, I fight and even if I fail at least Allah knows my intentions.


But even so I don’t see failure as an option, I have no excuse,

And whatever hurdles come in my way I refuse to loose,

I have to keep fighting on this cause of Allah’s with all I can,

So by the will of The Best Of Planners I will succeed in all of my plans.

Submitted: November 25, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Hüseyin Abudharr Ali-Diakides. All rights reserved.

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