The Woodworkers

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: A Home For Poetry

A short poem about two kindered spirits gathering wood for a similar purpose.
This poem uses a simple (A,B,A,B) rhyme scheme consisting of six stanzas.

The woodsmans axe swung at the great tree
With every impact the trunk grew slimmer
It finally fell on strike thirty three
The light of the sun caused the metal to shimmer

The tree was finally felled and crashed down hard with a thump
Quickly working on the branches he deftly trimmed them away
Until his tired arms would work no more he sat on the ground and slumped
He rested a while as he ate and drank cooling off from the heat of the day

A rustle was heard and the woodsman's breath grew deeper
What was it that lurked beneath the pile of fresh cuttings
Perhaps a snake or a fox or ferret his eyes instead beheld a curious beaver
The creature's teeth caught his eye from it's mouth they came jutting

It nibbled and nibbled at the wood on offer
So surreal was the sight he first thought it a dream
The little beaver gave the woodsman no bother
As he stood and watched it return to the stream

As the beaver worked away with it's teeth and hands
The woodsman smiled and returned to his work
The woodsman chopped the logs as the beaver fortified his dam
Familiar rustle could be heard the woodsman's head did jerk

The harmony of the day lasted not long
The day was pleasant and passed by so blissfully
The two woodworkers harmoniously both carried on
As the sun set the woodsman left whistling wistfully.

Submitted: November 26, 2020

© Copyright 2021 C. Edwards. All rights reserved.

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