Chapter 1: The Begining

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

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I woke up to alarms whirling around my head. I slipped out of my canvas sheets and my bare feet hit the cold concrete floor. I looked around and saw my squad doing the same thing.

Since I worked as a spy, I lived in a bunkhouse with my squad. There were two floors in the bunk house, one with the kitchen, living room, and dining room, and the other was a basement with the bedroom and two bathrooms. The main floor was nice, but the basement, wasn't. It was a concrete room with no paint. There were plain metal beds with scratchy white canvas sheets lining the walls, five on two of the walls. Boys on one side, and girls on the other.

I slipped on my green cargo pants and white button up canvas shirt and combat boots.

"Uh. Training." I heard Lil say. Once a week, we had a training we never knew when or what it was going to be.

"Totally agree," muttered Elle. We called everyone in the squad by nick names, or almost everyone. Anne belle was Elle. Lillian was Lil, Sophie, Soph. Ava was V, Ruby was Roo or Rubes. Tristan was Tris, Jaxon was Jax, Fox, X. Bodi, Bo. Then there was Leo and I. We didn't have nicknames. Sometimes, Leo would call me Mia, and I would call him by his last name, but that was about it.

When we had all changed into identical clothes, we were out. I was infront, as usuall. I was the cap of our squad. Leo Cocap. Roo and Ava were Techies and the rest were just agents. 

We all jogged out to the grounds and there was a scenario set up. There was a jewel on a pedestal in the middle and red security lasers surrounding it. There was also a bomb ticking with a timer that had one minute on it that starting ticking.

"Roo, see if you can disable security! V the bomb! Bo, Jax, X, Tris, Lil, and Elle, see if you can find a was through the lasers! Leo, you and me get a different angle," I yelled all the commands except for Leo's. They all started doing there tasks. Leo and I climbed onto the statue of Patrick Henry and looked from the top. 

"You can get in if you repel right over top of it," Leo mentioned, "Oh, and V got the bomb." I had saw V and the bomb, but I leaned forward to see the open circle of lasers in the top.

That's when Patrick Henry's ear broke and I began to fall from the 20 foot drop. I screamed as I reached my hands up into the air hoping to grab onto something. I saw Leo belly flop onto the stone head and reach his hand out to grab mine. We just barely locked fingertips. He pulled me back up.

"Nice catch, Valdez," I smile at him.

He smiles back, "Just glad you're okay, Mia." There had always been a connection between Leo and me. Ever since the accident, there was a connection, and both of us feel it, its just the fact that neither of us have the guts to say anything.

I look back down at the rest of the squad. I saw Tris and Elle clibing throught the lasars. Then I looked at was Leo was saying about how you could lower down from the middle. He was right. There was a big circle in the middle aroung the jewel. I looked up and saw a crystal chandileir hanging right over the jewel.

"Scratch plan A!  I have a different idea!" I yelled to my squad. They all stopped what they were doing and met Leo and I on the ground next to the statue.

"We could easily get the jewel if we lowered in from the top. There just so happens to be a chandileir hanging fight over the jewel. Since Roo is the lightest, we will strap her onto he light fixture. Then, Tris, Jax and Bo, you guys will use the chain over there holdign the chandiler up to slowly lowe her down. Rubes will get the jewel and you will quickly bring her back up, just incase there is a trap around the jewel. Ruby will trough the jewel down on to the cloth we are holding up so it doesn't crack when it hits the ground. Any questions?"

"Ya," Tris asked, " How is Roo gonna get up and down from the chandilier?"

"She's mastered the climbing wall, did gymnastics for like, ten years, and has a grip of steel. She can climb up there just fine." Leo responded.

"But what if she falls or something?" Tris asked. He was so worried about Ruby because they were girlfreind and boyfreind.

"Well then you better catch me, superman," Roo says as she walks over and kisses Tris on the cheek. He smiles and kisses her back, this time on the lips.

The plan works flawlessly, and Rubes doesn't fall. When we get the jewel, we take it into Head Master Winsdor. We were all proud of ourselves when we went in and saw Winsdor sitting in his chair behin his desk.

"Good job," she said. He was about to say more until the phone rang. When he heard what the people on the phone said, he got an alarmed look on his face. 

He hung up and said to us in a whispered tone, "Go to your bunkhouse and lock the door. Don't let anyone in. Don't talk to or be seen by anyone but your squad memebrs."

"Why?" Leo asked.

"Squad 11," Mr.Winsdor answered Leo.

We saw a face with a white, full-face, featurless mask appear in mister Winsdor's window and we all understood. Squad 11 were under cover for the opposing spy school.

"RUN!" I sreamed and we began sprinting to anywhere but close to this school.

Submitted: November 27, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Grace Anders. All rights reserved.


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