Things Come Into Place

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

It is an exposition of Nigerian problems, solutions and hope

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Oba Kokanmi

Olori Ohuneriewi




Baba Iriri








Kulubi kingdom is well endowed with various high economy value natural resources. The climax of these resources is human—in terms of population and intellects. The kingdom has six provinces with unique characteristics—weather conditions, location, people, culture, arts, language, etc. These different characteristics combined to give Kulubi an edge among the comity of Kingdoms. Kulubi has come to the crossroad, the problem is how to harness and harmonize the variety of resources. Why this is difficult is the corruptible leadership, negligent followership, indiscipline, lawlessness, preferential treatment, double standard, etc. So instead of enjoying a flowing and abundant commonwealth, Kulubi is wallowing in abject poverty, except the King and the Chiefs. The hen of Kulubi has now perched on the rope, both the hen and the rope are in distress.

(As the stage is lightened, Oba Kokanmi is seen moving up and down one of the inner passage of the palace. He is soliloquizing):

Oba Kokanmi: I’m the wealthiest King

 Of all lands.

I have 16 undergrounds full of


I have another 50 for each of my son

I have 16 wives and 86 children,

400 knights are protecting me alone,

Over 1000 bans of yam, cowpea, grain, millet, mellon,…..

Are in this my vastest palace.

I have 500 slaves, over 500 robes.

My craftsmen are working without sleeping.

I have………

(Olori Ohuneriewi comes in to the presence of the King, chanting his praise):

Olori Ohuneriewi: B’Olugbon sun bi o ji

Kadara Olugbon ni

B’Aresa sun bi o ji

Kadara Arese ni

B’Owarangunaga lo ti o bo

Ori Owarangunaga lo ba wa

B’Oba Kokanmi ba ti ji abuse buse

Ori mi modupe

To’se mi laya Olugbon

Ori mi modupe

To’se mi laya Aresa

Eleda mi o seun

To’se mi laya Owarangunaga

Modupe eleda mi

Ti mo je Olori Oba Kokanmi.


If Olugbon sleeps and fails to wake up

That is the fate Olugbon

If Aresa sleeps and fails to wake up

That is the destiny of Aresa

If Owarangunaga goes and does not come back

That is Owarangunaga’s business  Once king Kokanmi is alive

All is well.

My head I thank you

That you do not make me Olugbon’s wife

My head I thank you

That you do not make me  Aresa’s wife

My head I adore you

That you do not make me Owarangunaga’s wife

Thank you my head

That I’m Queen of King Kokanmi.

Oba Kokanmi: Olori,

My ancestors shall favour you

You shall give birth to ‘isun’

You shall give birth to ‘iwale’

Olori Ohuneriewi: Ase, Ase


Why did you rise early today?

Hope more fortunes have befallen us!

Oba kokanmi: Okare

I’m happy.

I give thank to ‘Eledumare’

Ifa ‘Olokun Asorodayo’

It was joy that woke me up early

Olori! Enter your room

I want to enter Aafin.

(They take opposite directions)

(The light is off stage).

(As the stage is lightened again, the drummers are seen on stage (in Aafin), chanting the praise of Oba kokanmi).

Talking drum and interpreter: (the interpreter is interpreting the talking drum)

Kokanmi, Kokanmi,

B’ebi pa Alara ku, Kokanmi

B’ebi pa Ajero ku, kokanmi

Bamu, bamu

Bamu, bamu

Bamu, bamu layo

Awa o mon p’ebi n pa enikookan

Bamu, bamu layo

Owo n be

Owo n be lodu bi iyere

Iwofa n be bi egbefa

Kokanmi, kokanmi

Akoyinsi o gbo suti

Ori elegan lo daru…..

(I don’t care, I don’t care,

Alara may die of starvation, I don’t care

Ajero may die of starvation, I don’t care

Primly, primly

Primly, primly

Primly primly I eat

I don’t care if someone is starved

Primly I eat

There is money

There is money in safe in excess

Mercenary are at work continuously

I don’t care, I don’t care).


Oba Kokanmi: (he comes into the presence of the drummers)

Your goodness

My ancestors shall look upon you with favour

(He is shaking the horse tail in his left hand and then gestures to them to leave).

Oba Kokanmi: Olori eru (Slave Leader)

Olori eru (Slave Leader)

Slave Leader: My lord, my lord

Oluwa mi, Oluwa mi

(He rushes in and prostrates before Oba kokanmi)

Oba Kokanmi: now you will go to


Tell him I want him here now.

(Before the arrival of Adifase, Olori Ohuneriewi comes in, cat-walks in front of Kokanmi then sits by his side)

Oba Kokanmi: O kare (good of you)

Nothing shall become a waste for you

Except placenta.

Olori Ohuneriewi: Ase!

Kabiyesi, you said I should enter my room,

I was expecting you.

Oba Kokanmi: bare with me

I first want to hear from Orunmila.

(Adifase enters)

Adifase:  kabiyesi o! (he prostrates)

Second in command to gods

Commanders of witches and wizards

Commanders of herbalists

I pace towards Oba in six times

I pace from Oba in seventimes

Kabiyesi o.

Oba kokanmi: Orunmila shall shower you

with blessings

Ifa shall answer your call,

You shall not degenerate by the mouth

Like a bounce of broom.

You are welcome.

Adifase:  Olori!

Orunmila thanks you

For the care of crown head

Orunmila shall favour you.

Olori Ohuneriewi: Ase!

Adifase: Kabiyesi

I received your messenger

He delivered the message

Oba kokanmi:  yes, I sent him.

Ask Orunmila on my behalf,

Will it continue to be festive?

Adifase: (he brings out the ‘opon ifa’ and oracles)

Ifa Olokun, elixir of life

Say exactly what the situation is

You know; I’m dullard.

(He throws the oracles, follow by incantation)

Adifase: kabiyesi,

Orunmila says I should greet you,

He says; you shall break kola with molar

That verdict shall last on your tongue

That horse tail shall degenerate to needle size

In your hand

That this land shall attain great lofty height

But with but’s

Oba Kokanmi: what are the but’s?

Adifase:Ifa said,

The births are equal

What is meant for the goose

Must be meant for the gander

Ifa said,

Whoever is warned let him take heed

To be forewarned is to be forearmed

It further said;

The sky will spread at all cost

But ‘to’ may become ‘to’ ‘to’ ‘to’

Forty day journey may become forty year journey

Whoever is warned let him take heed

The sky shall spread at all cost.

These are the message from Orunmila

The knower of in and out of issues

The hearer of the message of heart beat.

Oba Kokanmi: Adifase, thank you

You can now go.

Adifase: kabiyesi o!

Ifa jiginni jigin

Ifa I heard a rumour

I was to be made a chief of the chiefless

(Adifase left the palace)

Olori Ohuneriewi: Kabiyesi, Kabiyesi

Adifase is old,

His sense is becoming cloudy

He has to be changed.

Or he has become one of the rebel.

How can the births be the same?

What of destiny?

Can a slave become prince or king?

Orunmila cannot forget such a thing.

Oba Kokanmi:  yes I shall do something

about his case

First his remuneration has stopped.

Second, he will not be consulted again even Ifa

Olori, go inside, let’s go inside.

(They leave palace, Olori in front, Oba follows).

 The light is off stage.

The stage is lightened.

(Oba Kokanmi is seen on the stage (in inner passage of the palace), sitting down in one arm-chair. He wants to have a talk with his eldest son who is now 25 years old).

Oba Kokanmi: Folawiyo! Folawiyo!

Folawiyo:  kabiyesi o!

(He answers from one of the palace rooms. He comes out, having a low cost ‘buba and soro’ on. He prostrates before Oba).

Oba Kokanmi: I told you times without


That a prince doesn’t fight like a slave.

Folawiyo: you say it more often than not.

Oba Kokanmi: why are you then become


why are you put on this rank and file cloth?

Folawiyo: I’m comfortable in it.

I’m very comfortable in it

Oba kokanmi: what a shame!

How gladden it would have been

If one’s son is taken after one

The way you dress

Is the way you will be addressed.

Folawiyo: yes!

I want to be seen as simple and moderate

Oba Kokanmi: it is your marriage

I want to discuss with you

You have come up of age

So you need a wife.

I have discussed it with Oba Otutu Kingdom

As regards his daughter.

So be prepared.

Folawiyo:  kabiyesi

May your reign last.

I have sighted one maid here in your Kingdom

She is beautiful, dutiful, respectful…

Oba kokanmi:  you cannot marry from this


Folawiyo: why?

Oba Kokanmi: she could not be of royal


And you cannot have poor parents-in-


She cannot be absolutely beautiful

Without majestic blood in her vein.

When wealth mixes with wealth

Wealth flows in abundance.

Folawiyo: but I can make her vein

A route of royal blood.

Oba Kokanmi: can’t you reason?

I said when wealths are mixed

Wealth flow in abundance.

Folawiyo: I heard you kabiyesi.

I am following slaves to jangbala river.

I have to go now.

Oba Kokanmi: I know you a stubborn,

Hardened to be convinced

But why should you follow the slaves

Why not hosting the princes of other great kingdoms

For various royal games!

By the way, how many guards will you need?

Folawiyo: none!

Oba Kokanmi: be conscious of your security.

And think deeply about my words

(Folawiyo leaves and Oba kokanmi stands to enter inner palace).

(The light is off stage)


The stage is lightened

(It is in Kolokolo province of Kulubi Kingdom. It is around 10am. A group of able body youth are sitting under the mango tree by the footpath discussing variety of topics. Three slaves of the Province’s Baale are coming from the farm, with seven camels loaded with grain; six donkeys loaded with yams; and a herd of twenty goats and thirty five sheep. The slaves by-pass the youth).

One of the youth: (he says to his colleagues)

We can hijack those loads and herd!

Another youth: yes! We can easily overpower


Third youth:  we cannot afford to die of


gods will not be annoyed

If we venture into the business

Fourth youth: why are we procrastinating?

Fifth youth:(he calls out to the slaves)


Stop there!

One-of-the-slaves: who are you wagging your

tongue at?

Fifth youth: keep on asking!

Second slave: do you know whom you are

conversing with?

First youth:   who are you?

Third slave: we are sons of Baale!

One-of-the-youth: keep your mouths, you


Even be you sons.

Another youth: why are you exchanging words

with them?

Beat them up!

(The slaves are injuriously beaten. The donkey, the camels together with the load and herd are taken away by the youth. The slaves crawl out of the stage. The youth are celebrating their fortune on the stage).

The light is off stage.

The slaves have made for the Baale’s. The Baale has gone for chiefs’ and Baale’s meeting at Kulubi, capital of Kulubi kingdom. The slaves have sent one of them to inform the Baale and the Oba Kokanmi, for the development).

The stage is lightened.

(Oba Kokanmi, the chiefs and the Baales are on stage (palace), discussing new formula for monthly remuneration sharing among themselves)

Chief Orogbogbo: kabiyesi o!

There is increase threat to our lives

Besides, the youth are thieving our properties

The chiefs, won’t you corroborate my point?

Chief Bobaje: high chief

You are very right!

There is necessity for increment of our allowances.

More guards need to be hired

All our stolen articles have to be compensated.

I thereby suggest ninety five percent increment.

Baale of Gbagbagbugbu: kabiyesi o!

The stories of Baales are the same

The level of insecurity of our persons and possessions

Is becoming alarming.

We cannot sleep with our eyes closed.

Oba Kokanmi: these youth,

You know their fathers, talk to them,

Let them warn their wards.

For the increment you seek,

It cannot be amount to ninety five percent,

Rather, seventy-five.

All of the Chiefs and Baales: Kaaabiyesi o o o


Chief Orogbogbo: I said it that Kabiyesi is


Chief Eseere: Kabiyesi o!

But the youth, what can be done,

To wrestle their muscles from the shackle of joblessness,

To sustainably arrest the nuisance they have become?

Chief Bobaje: Kabiyesi o!

Let Chief Eseere call them

Let him share his allowance with them.

Oba Kokanmi: I shall send knights to the


Any erring youth caught shall face the music.

(The slave from Kolokolo runs into the palace, panting)

Chief Bobaje: who is this that lack all


Baale of Kolokolo: my slave.

He is my salve.

What befalls you?

The Slave: the youth, the youth, the youth o (he continues panting)

Oba kokanmi: what happen to the youth?

The slave:  they crossed us on our way from


Beaten us to pulp

Hijacked all the farm produce

And herds of camels, sheep and donkeys.

One of us was decapitated.

Baale of Kolokolo: yeh!!!!

Sango oooooo!

Olukoso oooooo!

All my herds!

Chief Orogbogbo: as if heaven is fallen!

The light is off stage.

(The news of Kolokolo saga spread among the provinces like wide fire)




(In Gbagbagbugbu province, Baale’s daughter has been kidnapped together with her fiancé, the son of Baale of Ototo province. The youth gave warning that if their requests are not met on time, she’ll be raped to death and her fiancé beheaded)

The stage is lightened.

(Baale is surrounded by his three wives, given account of his predicament)

Baale of Gbagbagbugbu: I have warned her

Not to go out until she will be sent off

To kingdom behind the sea.

Seven barns of yam,

Seven barns of cowpea,

Seven barns of sorghum,

Seven cows,……..

What is left.

Ogun lakaye oshin mele

Sixteen gods that sustain the world

I pay libations: one big dog for ogun

One gourd of palm for esu odara

One bag of bitter cola for sango olukoso

We didn’t hear of this in the ancient time

What has happened to our time?

gods! Why didn’t you accept our libations?

(The wives are also lamenting in chorus comments)

The light is off stage.

(In Imodoye’s house)

The stage is lightened.

Imodoye: Baba, I said I need two cowries

To sew this my torn cloth

Mr Apalara: you don’t feel ashamed of


As old as you, still requesting two cowries!

Imodoye: Baba you have failed in your


As father to his son.

I persuaded you to send me to learn history

From Baba-Iriri-Matagbamole

You said your means is straitened

You have no land which I can cultivate.

Mr Apalara: you know, everybody knows

You know all you need to know

Oba, Baales and chiefs only can send their wards

To Baba-Iriri-Matagbamole

Not only you lad in the town

are your peers  requesting two cowries?

Imodoye:  No! No!

Mr Apalara: can’t you learn from them

And become a man yourself?

Imodoye: I have learnt.

In fact I am changing this cloth,

To go and join in.

Mr Apalara: what is the adventure?

Imodoye: kidnapping of course!

(Mrs Apalara who has been listened to their conversation runs out)

Mrs Apalara: oko mi(my husband)

How much do you need?

Don’t join in.

Oba has given verdict

That kidnappers must be killed

I will not cry over your corpse

Ask me whatever you need

Even if I will not eat.

The light is off stage.

(Imodoye leaves the house carries one gong in his hand heading towards Baale’s)

The stage is lightened.

Imodoye: (he beats the gong in front of Baale’s)

Allow us land where we can farm

Allow us land where we can farm

Allow us land where we can farm

(Four of Baale’s guards catch him and drag him to Baale’s presence)

Baale: (he orders the guards)

Before the news spread

Take him to the palace

Tell Kabiyesi that he is one of the nuisances.

The light is off stage.

The stage is lightened.

(At Kulubi, Oba Kokanmi is seen in the palace on the throne. The drummers and poets are chanting poems on him. Imodoye is dragged in by the guards. Oba Kokanmi gestures to the drummers to stop and leave. The two of the four guards fall in prostration to the Oba while other two guards hold Imodoye in each hand and their sheathed swords well position for prompt outreach)

One of the Slaves: Baale of Gbagbagbugbu


“He is one the nuisance”.

Oba Kokanmi: (he says to the head of the knights in the palace by his side)

Take him to deep prison

Where day does not exist.

(The news of the Imodoye being taken to underground prison spread among the provinces of the kingdom as the youth are seeing discussing it. The youth vow that the sleeping dog will not lie)

Folawiyo comes into the presence of the Oba in the Palace. Folawiyo is going to Isapara open land, some kilometers away, where he will watch the maid and horse dances. He is now dancing in front of the Oba to the delight of the Oba. Oba is seemed to be delighted at his prince attire. He is leaving the palace in company of Oba’s drummers and twenty guards.

Talking drum: [baba re lo nile]2×(your father owns the land)

Bo ba je pepe

(If you eat from the barn)

Bo ba je pepe lu

(even the barn is empty out)

Baba re lo nile

(your father owns the land)

Bo ba se wofa

(if the slave is sick)

Won a lo gbe se e de 

(he is called sickler)

Bo ba so’moba

(if prince is sick)

Won a ni o roju

(he is encouraged to eat)

Ko fata senu

Baba re lo nile

(your father owns the land)

They leave the palace and the light is off stage.

The stage is lightened.

Folawiyo and the fiesta team have reached the Isapara open land. The dance has started.

The maid lead vocal: bo ba se p’oloye lobi

mi o]2×

Magesin jawe odan]2×

Bi n ba legberin esin

Baba tani o bimi nileyi

If I am a chief’s daughter

I will ride horse to pluck odan’s leaves

If I have many horses

Who will question me?

(some hundred youth suddenly show up in the dancing arena (on stage))

The youth leader: Eh! Stop it!

One of the guards: (he comes forward to face the youth, draws his sword)

Who is your father?

Do you know where you are?

(the youth leader pushes him out of way and makes for Folawiyo right away)

The youth Leader: Folawiyo,

Or what is your name!

Another guard:  ah! Don’t, don’t…

Folawiyo: shiiiiii……(he stops the guard)


Youth Leader: Folawiyo!

Don’t you know?

If the homes are sadden,

The town is more or less like forest.

Now the sinful and the sinless are criminals

In your father’s prison.

We are already into one leg of trousers.

Youth Leader: (he waves to other youth)

(gba, gbi, gbu, ba, gbo, pi. The youth beat the guards to coma and Folawiyo is adopted. One of the slaves is sent to the palace by the youth to make their requests known)

The light is off stage.

The stage is lightened.

At the palace

The slave: (he runs into the palace, panting)

Kabiyesi o, kabiyesi o

(Oba Kokanmi is in the inner room, he rushes out)

Oba Kokanmi: what befalls you?

Are you cursed by the gods?

Slave: Kabiyesi! It is Folawiyo!

Oba Kokanmi: (he gears forward)

What happens to him?

Slave: he has been occupied by the youth!

Kabiyesi: where are the guards?

Slave: ah! The youth!

Their chests are like opkepke rock

Their eyes are flaring like burning coal.

Oba Kokanmi: may gods disown you!

Where are the guards?

Slave: they have been beaten to coma!

(Oba Kokanmi turns round with fury, trying to move inside)

Slave: kabiyesi!

They give condition for releasing the prince.

Oba Kokanmi: uh uh! What is it?

Slave: they said:

The guards at the yam farm by the river

Should be withdrawn

For them to harvest the yam.

Oba Kokanmi: (he chuckles)

They are comedians!

You heard me, they are comedians!

The light off stage

The stage is lightened

(Oba Kokanmi enters inner palace. The news has spread throughout the kingdom and provinces. The chiefs and Baales assemble in the palace. Oba Kokanmi, together with Olori Eyinlaaro, Folawiyo’s mother, comes to the presence of the Chiefs

The chiefs: Kabiyesi o

(Oba Kokanmi sits on the throne without uttering a word. Olori Eyinlaaro sits quietly beside him)

Chief Orogbogbo: these youth have called


They must see ‘soso’.

Baale of Gbagbagbugbu: my daughter has

not been released.

Baale of Ototo: and my son, her fiancé.

I pay half of the youth’s request,

Baale of Gbagbagbugbu also pays half.

But on knowing that the boy is a son of a Baale,

They said we should pay complete each.

Baale of Gbagbagbugbu: and we lack

capacity to meet the request.

We can’t afford it.

Oba Kokanmi: so you now send them

To adopt the prince.

Baales: ah! No! no!

the priest does not utter curse

Baale of Ototo: we saying this that

All hands must be on deck

To quench the menace.

Chief Orogbogbo: kabiyesi,

I suggest the knights

Should be fully engaged in this

Oba Kokanmi: I’ve talked to the head of


To go all out this evening

Chief Bobaje: they should kill any suspected


They should kill them.

Olori Eyinlaaro: please Chiefs and Baales

Appeal to kabiyesi to grant the youth


For the captives to be released.

Chief Eseere: Kabiyesi o!

I want us to look into Olori’s appeal.

The captives, the knights and the youth

Are all sons of the soil.

Killing will not do us any good.

You remember that the other kingdoms

Like Agbayunrere, Iloyinbere, Ibekebe, Ijafio, Epopa

Are revering us for our population.

Oba Kokanmi: don’t argue this.

You can now go.

(They leave palace)

The light is off stage.

(By the sunset, the knights begin the search for the prince. They eventually come upon the camp of the youth. Keu, gbosa, wo, wi. A heavy fight breaks out)

The stage is lightened.

(Folawiyo is seen on the stage (in jungle) with hands and legs tied together)

Folawiyo: (he soliloquizes)

These youth are good fighters.

They are good soldiers.

They are one rigid army.

(Two of the youth and eight of the knights die, others injure. Some of the knights are arrested while other flee)

Some of the youth: (They are sons of herbalists. They are calling out bullets from those who are shot and clothing the blood of those who are macheted)

Ela ro wa]3×

Bi omi gbigbona ba foju kan omi tutu

Ara re a ro

Bi ile gbigbe ba foju kan ojo

Ara re a de

Ela ro wa]2×

(The youth leader moves to where Folawiyo is; and loose his hands)

Youth Leader: your father sent the knight

To kill the youth

Whose sin is asking for the right to live

Is that not that you will step

Into the shoe of your father

When he passes on?

Folawiyo: (he shakes his head without uttering a word)

(The youth calm down now, sitting down around the camp. The bullets have been removed from the wounded. There is a cutlass lies quietly by Folawiyo, who is alone in the middle of the camp. Folawiyo picks it and cut off half of the small finger of his left hand on which there is a sign known to kabiyesi and his mother)

Folawiyo: yeeeeeeeh……

(The youth rush towards him, and see his bleeding finger)

One of the youth: get me ‘ero pese’ leaves

‘Odada’ leaves, ‘ehuhu’ leaves……

(He mixes the leaves, blend them and place it on the wound. Folawiyo faints and wakes up three minutes later. The bleeding has stopped)

Folawiyo: you people are gifted!

The youth: that is why we are requesting

That we should be allowed to explore

Into our god-given resources.

Youth Leader: why did you decide to wound yourself?

Folawiyo: kabiyesi is yieldless

Send him that finger

And give him maximum of two days.

(The light is off stage).

(The stage is lightened)

(Oba Kokanmi and Olori Eyinlaaro are discussing in the inner palace)

Olori Eyinlaaro: these youth have been well


See how they molested the knights.

Un! My son, I don’t know

What have become of him now.

Oba Kokanmi: just cool your temper.

Not to be in charge is better

Than my verdict doesn’t stand

Folawiyo will be saved.

(One slave rushes into the palace with a skin pulse)

Slave: kabiyesi o! kabiyesi o!

(Oba Kokanmi comes into palace, Olori Eyinlaaro follows her)

Oba Kokanmi: what befalls you?

Slave: we found this pulse belong to the


Outside on the ground.

(Oba Kokanmi collects it)

Oba Kokanmi: who brought it?

Slave: we don’t know!

Oba Kokanmi: where were you bastrads?

Slave: kabiyesi o! kabiyesi o!

Oba Kokanmi: enter bush!

(Oba Kokanmi searches the pulse and brings out the Folawiyo’s finger. Olori Eyinlaaro sees it and faints instantly. Oba Kokanmi orders immediate evacuation of the knights from the yam farm).


(Folawiyo has been released. He is now in palace to recount his experience in the hands of the youth. All the chiefs and the Baales are in attendance).

Chief Orogbogbo: prince!

How did the yam die,

And how did the knife peel it?

Folawiyo: kabiyesi o!

Chiefs and Baales!

The message is overwhelming

In a kobo newspaper.

The only way out is to listen to these youth.

Chief Awele: (the chief in charge of morning)

How can we just succumb to the hoodlums, force?

Chief Ejoro: (the chief in charge of afternoon)

it is disgusting!

Chief kwete: (the chief in charge of night)

I suggest we reorganize the knights

For effective combats.

Chief Bobaje: Chief kwete has said it

That should be the way out.

(Other Chiefs: Aiteteji, Ketenfe, Ojuina, Ibaba, Enueye, Dandanlowo, Tenbaje, Agbonsiko, Ojiji, Ipkute, Cetete, Abubutan, Otere, Atepa, Ojenje, Obembe, Senpe, Tanko, Vante, Waci, Monti, Nopi, Huje, Tuti, Boje, Dati, Japa, Yayi, Zekenta, Fobenb, Garje, Itu, Koku, Lami, all in the attendance (on stage) and contribute. Most contributions are on combating).

(Oba Kokanmi noticed the people who followed Chief Fobenb)

Oba Kokanmi: who are these?

Chief Fobenb: they are my assistants and


Chief Eseere: prince!

Did the youth tell you of their wants?

Folawiyo: yes! They did.

Chief Garge: what and what?

Folawiyo: kabiyesi o!

They want land for farming;

They want to be sent to learn

At the feet of Baba-Iriri-Matagbamole

Using the Kingdom treasure;

They want the forest to be available

For them to pick leaves for herbal preparations;

They want the detained youth

To be released;

They want bridge to be constructed

Over Jangbala river;

These, they say, if met

Shall restore lasting peace.

Oba Kokanmi: the Chiefs and Baales!

You heard Prince well!

Contribute to it!

Baale of Gbagbagbugbu: Kabiyesi o!

If this will ensure sleeping

With head lay peacefully on pillow;

If this will guarantee a deep sound sleep;

Let us abide by it.

Other Baales: (unanimously)

We give our words for it.

Folawiyo: kabiyesi o!

I remember something

But I want to ask a question before I say


Who is in charge of forest?

Chief Fobenb: I!

Folawiyo: how many species of trees are


In Toto forest?

What are the functions of Odada


Chief Fobenb: Chief Garje will answer that!

He is in charge of trees.

Chief Garje: No! it is Chief Ojiji’s question,

He is in charge of leaves!


Chief Ojiji: the two of you should be able to


As for me I don’t know.

Oba Kokanmi: who knows among the three of


Or your assistants and advisers?

(There was silence with no response)

Oba Kokanmi: Folawiyo, you can make your


Folawiyo: I saw wonders performed by the


Using trees and leaves.

If they can be so appointed

To be in charge of some holdings

It would have been more beneficial

To this great kingdom.

Oba Kokanmi: any other contribution

On the way forward?

Chief Bobaje: where will the money to meet

their wants

Come from?

(some slaves return from Enuaraeni province)

The slaves: kabiyesi o!

Oba Kokanmi: where are the produces?

One of the slaves: the youth have broken the


Of zulunki river

Chiefs and Baales: Ah!

Oba Kokanmi: what do they want?

One of the slave: they want independence

Of the Province.

They crave kingdom status.

Oba Kokanmi: we are deliberating on how to

get means

To construct one

They are destroying existing ones.

Chief Eseere: kabiyesi o!

If lice are not completely eliminate

Form the cloth,

The nail will continue to be stained with blood.

I suggest our allowances are slashed.

Let the deductions be used to meet the youth’s demands.

Baales and Chiefs: (unanimously)

We are in support if we will be able to sleep

With our eyes closed.

Oba kokanmi: Baale of Baoku!

We do not hear from the youth

In your Province!

Baale of Baoku: they are law abiding youth

They are adapted to situation.

Their disposition reflects our name:

Where there is life, there is hope.

Oba Kokanmi:  Chief Eseere’s suggestion

Is now a law of the land!

All of them: kaaaabiyesi ooooooooo!

The light is off stage.



(Imodoye and others have been released from detention. Imodoye meets his parents sitting outside of their house (on stage))

The stage is lightened.

Mrs Apalara: Imodoye (she bursts into tears) 

(Imodoye prostrates for his parents)

Mr Apalara: what prompted you Imodoye

To become irrational these days?

Imodoye: hostile living condition!

Mr Apalara: if others perfidious,

You become a sacrifice?

Imodoye: you die for something or

You die for nothing! 

(Imodoye enters (leaves the stage))

The light is off stage.

(Oba Kokanmi has sent message to Baales in troubled provinces to convene a meeting with the youth and constitute a committee of representative for dialogue).

The stage is lightened.

In Gbagbagbugbu province.

Town Crier: (ko ko ko ko, he beats the gong)

Keereeee o!

Let the rat hears and tells mouse  

Let the bat hear and informs ‘oobe’

That kabiyesi Oni Kulubi of Kulubi

Is ready to satisfy the youth demands,

The youth are encouraged to constitute

A committee of representative for dialogue

With kabiyesi.

Mo wiiire, a bi mi o wiiiire?

(People are jubilating).

The light is off stage.

(The youth in Gbagbagbugbu, Ototo, Enueni, and Kolokolo including Kulubi meet and work out the modalities for quality representation. Two people are presented by each province. Imodoye is made Deputy Coordinator. The whole youth in these five provinces match to palace. Only ten representatives are to meet the kabiyesi, the chiefs and the Baales. They stop some distance to palace).

Youth Leader: our death!

Others: are together!

Youth Leader: our fasts!

Others: are together!

Youth Leader: before we go in

Can we have any other demand suggested?

(for a while no one talks and there is silence. Then someone talks)

One of the youth: it seems I am satisfied

But I want you—representatives,

To swear before us before go in

That you will represent our interest.

Others:  yes, yes….

One of the youth: swear by Sango!

Another youth: no, swear by Ogun!

Third youth: let it be by Esu odara!

(other suggestions follow)

Imodoye: I will like to suggest

Let it be by the soil

Let the earth sentence them

Into its bowel

Others:  yes yes.

It is the most appropriate.


The representatives: (they hold soil in their left hands)

Ile ogere ofokoyeri

If we become infidels in this matter

Then don’t spare us.

(The representatives go in to meet kabiyesi en-council)

The light is off stage.

The stage is lightened.

(After eight long hour meeting, Oba Kokanmi, together with the chiefs and youth representatives, is coming out to meet other youth outside the palace)

The youth: kaaabiyesi ooooo!

Oba Kokanmi: (he is shaking his horse tail, turning right and left)

The future of Kulubi

The suns that warm the world

The moons that dispel the darkness

The lions of the deserts

The knowledgeable that know the pregnant in a snail

The rains that wake the dead land

The sons of Atete

The sons of Ababatete

They said they should walk, they run

They said they should run, they fly

The ‘tossers’ of the earth

They give it day, they give it night

The youth:  kaaabiyesi oooooo!

Oba Kokanmi: I have long wronged you

But the night has gone

With all its darkness.

New day has come

As from now on

All the lands are available

For whoever needs them for useful purposes

The forests are now available

For herbalists and medicine people

Let them cure the sick

Let them ostracize diseases beyond our borders

We have procured farming tools

And all tablets, inks and quills.

Available free for those who will use them

For personal and Kulubi development.

The youth: kaaabiyesi ooooo!

Oba Kokanmi: we have set aside special


For whoever wishes to work in the construction

Of enduring bridges for Jangbala River,

Enueni Province and another one

Which links Agbayunrere, Iloyinbere, …kingdoms

These bridges shall bare the names of constructors.

These bridges’ll be used to export our products

To those kingdoms

One of them who wishes to cross to our kingdom

Will have to pay.

But we need mindsets that can do these.

The youth: we can do it!

We can do it!

The female dancers are singing: kulubi

d’omo tuntun

Agbegege l’omo tuntun…….

The light is off stage.


(The youth have started various works. Imodoye and Folawiyo and some few others will be going for learning history from Baba-Iriri-Matagbamole. Imodoye and Folawiyo are now spending the time together prior to their departure)

(The time is 10pm, the moon is full. Imodoye is seeing Folawiyo off from Gbagbagbugbu to Kulubi. They are now at the midway between Gbagbagbugbu and Kulubi)

The stage is lightened.

Folawiyo: my brother you have to go back


Imodoye: ah! No! I have to see you to …

Folawiyo: we are at the midway,

You have to go back here.

No evil shall touch me neither you

Imodoye: I know

(Two youth are coming from Gbagbagbugbu, going to Kulubi)

One of the youth: our prince, it is dark!

Folawiyo: yes, the moon is our motivator!

Imodoye, you can now go back

My brothers and I will walk together.

Imodoye: it is alright,


(Imodoye leaves the stage. Two youth hunters are going hunting, meet with Folawiyo and other two youth)

One of the hunters: our prince!

It is dark!

Folawiyo: Ogun shall catch for you!

The hunters: ase!!!

The light is briskly off the stage.

The light is on again.

(Folawiyo is now in Kulubi. Some children are playing under the orange tree; the moon is also full. The children recognize Folawiyo and run into him)

The Children: prince, prince, prince,…

Folawiyo: how are you?

How are your parents?

One girl: I want to marry you!

Folawiyo: I heard you.

The Children: sing for us!

Folawiyo: at the bank of Janbgala River

At the bank of Jangbala River

I slept in the night

When the moon was risen

At the bank of Jangbala River.

The children: eh! Give us something

(Folawiyo gives them one cowry each)

(The light is off stage)



(It is now a year after the Kulubi’s rebirth. Folawiyo, Imodoye and one other have gone for eight months to learn. The youth at home are harvesting)

The stage is lightened.

One youth: kabiyesi o! I have harvested my


Yours are here in six bags

Oba kokanmi: six bags are much!

The youth: kabiyesi!

I will still bring more

When other farms are harvested.

(another youth comes with yam; third youth comes with sorghum; fourth youth comes with millet)

(the foodstuffs are now occupy three quarters of the palace)

Fifth youth: kabiyesi o! (he prostrates)

I went to pick leaves

In Ojutaye forest.

I found this sheep

Wandering with rope on its neck

Oba kokanmi: my ancestors shall favour you.

Tie it outside,

Its owner will come after it!

(Oba Kokanmi calls one of the slaves)

Oba Kokanmi: (the slave rushes in and


Tell town crier to go round

Whoever in need of foodstuffs

Should come for them at the palace

(the light is briefly off stage)

(the light is on again)

Oba Kokanmi: (he calls one of the slaves and

he rushes in)

Have people come

For the foodstuffs?

The slave: no one has come, Kabiyesi!

Oba Kokanmi: call others

Go and fill the public barns

For dry season!

The slave: kaaabiyesi ooooo!

(the slave leaves and light is briefly off stage)

(the light is on again and the slave comes back to the palace)

The slave: kabiyesi o!

The public barns have been filled

Oba Kokanmi: hope there is no left over?

The slave: the left-over is in multitudes.

Oba Kokanmi: call others

Fill the palace barns!

(the slave leaves and light is briefly off stage)

(the light is on again and the slave comes back to the palace)

The slave: kaaabiyesi o!

The palace barns had been filled.

Oba Kokanmi:   hope there is no left-over?

The slave: the left-over is in multitudes.

Oba Kokanmi:  tell others to prepare

You are taken the left-over for sale

At Agbayunrere.

I learnt there is famine down there.

The slave: kaaaabiyesi ooooo!

The light is off stage.

(it is now three years after Kulubi Kingdom’s rebirth. Oba Kokanmi, accompany by two knights, is visiting Adifase)

The stage is lightened.

Oba Kokanmi:‘agooo’

People in this house

Adifase:  ‘ago ya o’

Who is it?

(Adifase comes out; find Oba Kokanmi to his surprise)

Adifase: kaaabiyesi o!

(he prostrates)

Kabiyesi! Why?

Why don’t you send for me?

Where are the Knights?

Oba Kokanmi:  Adifase!

No one is puzzling us!

And I decided to take a walk

To see things as they are.

Things have come into place.

Adifase: Ifa had predicted this.

Enter kabiyesi!

(Adifase leads Oba Kokanmi to a chair under Odan tree in his compound)


Adifase:  iya Ifamesi!

You have a visitor!

Iya Ifamesi: O! I’m coming o!

(Iya Ifamesi comes out on to the stage)

Iya Ifamesi:  ah! Ah!.....

Kaaabiyesi oooo!

(she knees down and prostrate)

Why kabiyesi?

Hope all is well!

Why didn’t you send for Adifase?

Oba Kokanmi: I did it for pleasure

There is no problem whatsoever.

(Iya Ifamesi rushes out of the stage)

Oba Kokanmi: Iya Ifamesi!

Iya Ifamesi: kabiyesi o! kabiyesi o!

(she rushes back on to the stage)

Oba Kokanmi: don’t bother to entertain me

I’m not eating.

Iya Ifamesi:  kabiyesi o!

(she walks away from the stage)

Oba Adifase:  Adifase!

Omoloju Orunmila

Omoran tii moyun inu igbin,

Bi Ifa ba wi

E mo so pe e e gbo

Bi Ifa ba fo

E ma so pe e egba.

Adifase: kaabiyesi ooo!

Oba Kokanmi:  Adifase!

I had a dream

It had been my heart throbbing

Adifase! You can see that

rats are sounding like rats

And birds sound like birds,

And human, like human

I want this to be sustained.

Adifase! Ask Orunmila on my behalf.

(Adifase brings out the oracles and hand them over to Oba kokanmi. He, Oba, talks to the oracles. Adifase collects back the  oracles)

Adifase: (incantation)

Iwaju opon Ifa o gbo

Eyin opon Ifa o gbo

Olumo oro otun

Olomo oro osi

Aarin opon Ifa ita orun…

(He throws the oracles)

Adifase: unh! (incantation follows)

(Oba Kokanmi adjusts himself on the chair and clears his throat. He understands some of the words of incantation).

Adifase: kabiyesi, kabiyesi!

It is a doom coming

A doom that may perish Kulubi

There will be continuous nights for seven days

There will be brief day break every morning

After the seventh day, the Kulubi may perish

Oba Kokanmi: it is not different

From what I saw in the dream.

Then ask orunmila if it can be averted

And when the nights start.

Adifase: (incantation)

Ifa said the eclipse will start suddenly

Ifa also said, it can  be averted

With the help of ‘sharp blood’ that will simultaneously

Touch the source of the Jangbala River with one hand

And the shoulder of the Sepere deity with other hand at once.

The sharp blood must be the grain of this kingdom.

(Oba Kokanmi shakes his head and look straight on, wearing glooming look)

Oba Kokanmi: the solution is more or less no


The distance  between the Jangbala River

And the Sapere shrine is 100km


Have you ever heard of any person in any land

To have such long arms.

Adifase: kabiyesi!

This is un-heard of.

Oba Kokanmi: Adifase!

Ask Orunmila Again

If there is an alternative solution.

Adifase: (he recites incantation again and throws the oracles)


Ifa said there is no alternative.

Oba Kokanmi: there will be way out of this

There shall be way out.

Adifase: Ase! Ase!

(Oba Kokanmi stands up to leave)

Oba Kokanmi: deliver my blessing

To Iya Ifamesi.


Adifase: kabiyesi!

We are in this together

Because a falling heaven spare no one.

(Adifase sees Oba Kokanmi off. They discuss varieties of topics)

Light is off stage.


(Oba Kokanmi has summoned the Chiefs and the Baales to the palace to deliberate on the way out. They have sitted, expecting Oba Kokanmi to come out to them)

The stage is lightened.

(Oba Kokanmi climbs the stage (enter the palace))

The Chiefs: kaaabiyesi ooo!

(Oba Kokanmi sits down on the throne with ‘irukere in his hand’)

Oba Kokanmi: I sent for you

As we all know

We don’t go to bed while there is fire

On the roof.

Ifa prophesied a doom

If we fail to find sharp-blood

Who will touch the source of Jagbala river with one hand

And Sapere shrine with other at once.

The chiefs: Ah!!!

We never heard of this before!

Oba Kokanmi: Ifa said there is no alternative

Therefore we must find the youth

With such longs arms

(there is long silence in the palace)


Iyalode: I suggest that Baba-iriri-

Matagbamole is sent for.

Chief Eseere: it is a good suggestion!

Oba Kokanmi:  I shall have him here before

the day dies!

(Oba kokanmi stands up and leaves the palace)

The Chiefs: kaaabiyesi ooooo!

The light is off stage.

(Oba Kokanmi and Baba-Iriri-Matagbamole are in palace)

The stage is lightened.

Oba Kokanmi:  I know you an erudite scholar

With ocean of knowledge

You’ve taught many students

Who are the shooting learned

The problem at hand needs your vast knowledge

To be solved

Baba-Iriri-matagbamole: kabiyesi o!

The second in command to gods

Governor of the knowledgeable

Governor of wizard

Governor of witches

The custodian of knowledge

There is no problem without solution

There were critical problems across the ages

Yet solutions were proffered.

(he pauses for a while, rub his beards with left hand)

As to what Ifa asks us to find

In history there was no one of such height

In the year of leopard,

A man lived, tall in 100 metres

They conceived him to be a ghost

As his genealogy was untraceable

He was the tallest man in history.

(he pauses again to gather some thoughts)

I think what we are to do now is:

The slaves and knights should be sent

To search around for tall people

In the process of doing that

Some other good ideas will come up.

I will go back, together with the students,

To search into this and give further suggestions.

Oba Kokanmi:  Matagbamole!

You have spoken well

The search has began

We will not perish until we are perished.


The light is off stage.


(Oba Kokanmi and the Baales are in the palace, holding a meeting)

The stage is lightened.

Oba Kokanmi:  the owner of the land

Will not want it perishes.

You are aware of the loom.

Send your guards to search

The nooks and crannies of your provinces

For tall youth.

Baales: (simultaneously say:)

Kaaabiyesi o!

No dilly dally

We will not rest on our oars

Lest we are beaten at the post.

The light is off stage.

(The search for the tall youth has begun. The youth revolt follows. They do not know why for the search. They make a peaceful rally to the palace. Oba Kokanmi comes out to them).

Oba Kokanmi: the sons and daughters of Kulubi

The future of Kulubi

The strength upon which Kulubi relies

The suns and the moons that are lightened Kulubi

I see you.

Youth Leader: kaabiyesi ooo!

(they prostrate)

Oba toto bi aro

Oba rere bi osun

The faithful pilot

Leading us to the promise land

Kabiyesi, the taller among us

Have been searched for by your majesty agents

What ritual is demanding such cost from us?

Oba Kokanmi: the crown head shall favour


It is not ritual

And it is ritual

Ifa said there will be black out

Continuously for seven days

And Kulubi will perish at the end of the seventh day

The youth: (Simultaneously say:)


Oba Kokanmi: but this doom can be averted

If a sharp blood can touch the source

Of Jagbala River with one hand

And the Sapere shrine with another at once

Though no evil shall befall the youth.

The youth:  Ah!!!

We do not know of any person

Of nearly height.

Oba Kokanmi: Ifa said there is

And the sharp blood must be of this soil.

Youth Leader: kabiyesi o!

When is the blackout starting?

Oba Kokanmi: Ifa said,

It will start like the moving of eye lids

And grows like light.

(There is an hail from the east. The noise was deafening. All of them turn to behold. Then there is darkness. There are shouting coming from the town, but there is dead silence in the palace)

Oba Kokanmi: this is manifestation of the


Town crier!

Town Crier: kabiyesi o!

Oba Kokanmi: go and tell the town that all is


(town crier rushes out)

Youth Leader: kabiyesi!

We are into this together

We begin the search with you right from here

Since Ifa said there is

We will find it.

(The stage is lightened which indicates brief day break. Oba kokanmi and the chiefs are on the stage(palace). Some youth enter the palace.)

The youth: kabiyesi o!

(they prostrate)

Oba kokanmi: the Kulubi’s future

We shall not perish!

What is the result of your search—

Fish or crab?

Youth leader: kabiyesi!

We have been in all corners of Kulubi Township

We probed into burrows of ants

We searched tree hives

But all was fish.

We are now moving into gbagbagbugbu province!

(There is an hail from the east. The noise was deafening. All of them turn to behold. Then there is darkness. There are shouting coming from the town, but there is dead silence in the palace)

Oba Kokanmi: this is manifestation of the


Town crier!

Town Crier: kabiyesi o!


Oba Kokanmi: go and tell the town that all is


(Town crier rushes out)

(The seventh blackout has arrived, no taller man has been found. Oba Kokanmi and the chiefs are in the palace. The youth return to the palace)

(The lamps are lit to provide light).

All: kaaabiyesi ooo!

Oba Kokanmi: Kulubi!

Last run is here

Before we perish,

Is anybody here with any idea as solution?

(there is grave silence)

Folawiyo: I want to suggest

The tallest youth should touch

The Sapere shrine and run to the source

Of Jangbala River and touch it.

(Oba kokanmi orders that the suggestion should be carried out immediately. All the youth run, together with tallest youth, to the source of jangbala river. They come back (they run out of the stage and come back to the stage). The blackout persists. Now, it remains just hours to the time)

Imodoye: I have an idea too!

Oba Kokanmi: let us have it.

Imodoye: let all the youth line up

Side by side, hand in hand

Let them spread out

From Sapere shrine to Jangbala River

Chief Bobaje: what does lining up has to do

with this

You were with those who ran

Oba Kokanmi: there is no time for argument

Let the suggestion be carried out.

(The youth line up, hand-in-hand. Folawiyo is the one closest to Sapere shrine, where the King and Chiefs are. But the number of the youth could not go the whole distance.)

Chief Eseere: kabiyesi!

We will need to send quickly for youth

In Agbayunrere and Iloyunbere kingdoms.

They will not hesitate to assist

We have been given them helping hands.

Folawiyo: but Ifa said sharp blood of this


Oba Kokanmi: O! O! It is true!



Imodoye: kabiyesi o!

Let the prisoners be brought out

Let their hands be loosen but their legs

Let them join the lineup.

(The prisoners join, and the distance is covered. Imodoye himself is the closest to the Jangbala River. He touches the River’s source and says to the next person to touch the shoulder of Sapere Stature. The next person says the same thing to the next person. Folawiyo who is the closest to the stature touch its shoulder).

There is a hail from the west with strong wind which put out all the lamps. The day is broken at 11:58am by lighten the stage.

There is hurray of jubilation from the town. The drummers engage their drums, there is dancing in the palace.

All: kaaaabiyesi ooooooo!

(Oba Kokanmi step into the centre of the stage. Bata is drummed for him to dance)

Bata Beat:pa pa pa

Pa pi pa pi pa pa pa

Pa kun pa kun pa kun

Pa pa pa…

All: kaaaabiyesi oooooo!

Oba Kokanmi: Kulubi shall live forever

All: Aseee!

Oba Kokanmi: Kulubi shall live from strength

to strength

All: Aseee!

Oba Kokanmi:  Adifase!

Adifase: kaaabiyesi oooo!

Oba Kokanmi: Kulubi thank Ifa

Ifa Olokun Asorodayo

Kulubi thank Orunmila

Orunmila baba Agbonmiregun

Adifase: Ifa is responding

Oba Kokanmi: Kulubi sharp blood

Kulubi youth

The youth: kaaabiyesi oooo!

Oba Kokanmi:  our ancestors shall continue

Reinforcing you

You shall continue leading the rest of kingdoms

You shall live from grace to glory

The youth: Aseee!


Oba kokanmi: the Chiefs!

The chiefs: kaaaabiyesi oooo!

Oba Kokanmi: Kulubi will never forget you.

(he turns around and then maintains his former position)

 Oba Kokanmi: Baba-Iriri-Matagbamole!

Baba-Iriri: kaaabiyesi oooo!

Oba Kokanmi: Kulubi appreciates you!

The gods shall fortify you knowledge!

Baba-Iriri: Ase o!

Oba Kokanmi: Imodoye!

Imodoye: kaaaabiyesi o!

Oba Kokanmi: you have displayed the


Of your name

Your name has manifested itself in you

Kulubi will forever appreciate your  savior intervention.

Imodoye: kabiyesi o!

Kulubi deserves the appreciation

For sending us to Baba-Iriri for learning

Ifa Olokun is thanked for its guidance

Baba-Iriri is eulogized for the training

He taught us the story:

Cutting the Gordian knot.

Oba Kokanmi: Kulubi!

This day has become Kulubi day

A festive day which will be celebrated yearly.


All: kaaaaabiyesi oooooo!


Talking Drum: kulubi d’osu, o le tente

Kulubi, kulubi, kulubi

kulubi d’osu, o le tente


kulubi d’osupa o ran mon

Kulubi, kulubi, kulubi

kulubi d’osupa o ran mon


konbo lo ni mun

agbon isale lo ni horuhoru

apadi to doju dogiri

togiri lo n se

gba gba gba

gbo gbo gbo

gbi gbi gbi

(everyone is dancing, followed by moderate merriment)








About the Author

Adesokan Saheed Ademola[B. Tech(Ogbomoso), M. Sc(Ibadan)], ia s poet, playwright, novelist, motivational book and children rhyme writer and Poatgraduate student of Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry, Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, Oyo State, Nigeria.

He is CEO/MD of Adesokan Evergreen Resource Centre(AERC). The Centre anchors talks, workshops and drama for schools and organizations

Other book from the Author is:

‘The Misty Morning’,



Submitted: November 27, 2020

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