End Result

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After just reading about science wanting clear test results. I wrote this. I am surprised medical science is so closed minded about bodies immunity. What makes us strong is with being around germs and virus. Removing them allows virus to take over, at a faster and deadlier level. Kicking our natural immunity to wake it up before the upper cut blow, is better than just one big shot to wake it up. Most likely putting the immune system into shock, after all this virus is well documented to place our immune system into overdrive. Science may have to rewrite it's book on proper vaccination procedures with vaccines. After all, how many complain about flu symptoms after getting a flu shot? Introduce a smaller sample 1st, then a larger dose second. Probably will have less people going through the shot sickness woes. They won't toute it, but the bodies immune system is the best option for immunity. Go with a vaccine that allows it to do its job than mask it.

A number of numbers out numbered

The lesser lesson of lessening learned

A stepped immunization by enept accumulation

Effective by indirect ineffective direction

The reliance to medical science in defiance

A natural ability for immunity raising mutiny

Common sense vs science, which one is nonsense?

Symbiotic yet so chaotic to the point of rhetoric

Submitted: November 27, 2020

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sprinkly biscuit

Well yes you certainly are onto something here , I agree 98% . 2 % is because of that fact we are all different in our immune responses which is most unfortunate , when I was a wee lassie I used to eat dirt from the garden ..

Fri, November 27th, 2020 6:09pm

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