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In this busy world, we are only only chasing for something....even no time to explore oneself .... just trying to say "love yourself"....


I am ME…

I am unique, I am special and I m "amazing"…

I love MYSELF.
I am "rigid" as some say, I don’t mind as I am capable to smile even if I am crying. 
I have my own world.
Only the best are accessible into it, those have the guts to resist me.
I love to be criticized.
I find so many people to praise; only few judge and say the truth. 
I prefer to go alone.
As it is very hard for me follow others. And I am strong enough to do so!!
I am full of Attitude!!
I am BAD-ASS…I don’t rely anyone coz I can fight for myself….
I am a survivor….
Every time I have collected myself, whenever I was scattered….
I am WOMAN…..
N I dare to follow my own dreams.... 
dedicated to all the wonderful women ….


Submitted: November 30, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Sujataserene. All rights reserved.

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Love yourself....

Mon, November 30th, 2020 8:49am

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