Island Invasion

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: War and Military  |  House: Booksie Classic

I hear the deafening honk of a horn in the distance, It’s the battle bus. A bus that is attached by a singular balloon is flying through the sky. I have heard many stories about this happening in books and movies, but I never thought it could happen at all. I call the detective’s office, they are the only place of authority on this island. Hoping for any sign of help. The phone rings for what seems like an eternity. No answer. Sirens start blaring from all over. I run downstairs into my bomb shelter. Surprisingly I made it just for this reason back when I was younger, It has all the food and water I would ever need to survive nuclear fallout. Unfortunately, that’s not what this is. I can hear destruction from all around me. Footsteps, guns firing, reloading, words of anger I thought I would never hear. I flip on my TV and notice that there is an issued storm warning. I will have to move eventually. The storm is a poison like gas that seeps into your skin and will eventually kill you if you stay in for too long.

 The footsteps start to fade, and the storm starts moving. 

I creep up the seemingly endless staircase to find weapons and ammo scattered across my living room floor. I grab the closest weapon, which happens to be a green AK47, and load the ammo into the gun. I head into my tool shed and I go and grab a pickaxe for material gathering. Building should be easy, just think and build, just like the movies. I start to swing at the walls, busting my house down, until there is only a hole where the bomb shelter was. Then, I head out.

 The storm quickly approaches as I start to sprint away. It engulfs me in its darkness. I keep running. I should be able to make it out in time before I die. The storm stings all over, slowly getting more painful every second I stay in. I run faster, trying to avoid the pain. I emerge from the storm and slow to a walking pace. I look around. Gunshots and build battle are throughout the sky. A build battle is when 2 or more people fight for high ground, which is important to land better shots, accurately, and more efficiently. But I need to focus. I can’t stand still for too long or I might get shot. I don’t want that to happen; so I crouch down and crawl my way into a nearby shack. Panting, I look through the window to scout for better loot. I look to my right and see a run-down house on top of a mountain. I have to get up there somehow, so I grab my pickaxe and start swinging.

 Moments later I have what I think is enough to make it up the hill. I make my way towards the base of the hill with ease, and start building. Think, build. Think, build. I am so focused that I don’t feel it at first, but eventually, I feel excruciating pain in my side. I have been shot. I panic, build cover, and crouch down. The bullet came from inside of Fatal Fields. I peer over my wall and pinpoint his exact location. He is crouched behind a bale of hay, and some fencing. The attacker's head peeks up from his cover and I shoot my AK twice, both hit. My target crumples to the ground; dead. I keep climbing.

 Eventually, I reach the top, where I find a blue pump-action shotgun. That’s going to come in handy later. Shotguns work better at close-range, neutralizing targets easier. I scavenge around the run-down house looking for any healing items. Bandages work fine, but medkits are my main priority. My last opponent packed a punch, and if I’m going to survive, I need health. I bring my hand to the side where I got shot, and It immediately gets soaked in blood. I manage to find enough bandages in the shed next to the structure to stop the bleeding. I wander around the house searching for more loot when I hear a gunshot. I dive down for cover and look around to see where the bullet came from. Two more shots. It’s coming from the house. There must be multiple people in the house. 

I sneak over to the front door, the gunshots have stopped. I assume that somebody has won the fight. I notice that the front door was wide open, and it wasn’t before. I think that someone followed me up, and believe that I was in the house. The house is dimly lit as I enter. My eyes dart around the room, I look for any signs of movement. I fire a warning shot to see any reactions. 

“Don’t shoot!” I turn my head to the noise. Two hands emerge from behind the couch. 

“Who are you?” I ask. 

“I live here!” The voice trembles. I tell him to come out and talk to me in person. He complies; and tells me that he too, lived on the island before the invasion.

“There are many more than just me here,”

“That doesn't make sense, shouldn’t they have been killed by the storm.” The storm in the movies always killed people. There was no way around it. Somehow though, the people found ways to seek shelter and stay safe from the storm. 

“We had two options, both could have  ended up not so good.” I try to imagine the confusion and panic of the people on the island. 

“The options were: follow the edge of the storm until the invaders fought it out, or hide deep in bomb shelters,” he said. I could've stayed at home, but now after this is all over, I have no home. I give my thanks to the man and head out. 

I step outside after a long conversation with the man. I take a breath and smell the gunpowder mixed with rain. I love the smell of gunpowder. I used to head out to the range back in college with my friends and spend every penny on ammo there. But now that's all gone. The tectonic plates split up the continent, and I ended up on this half. The atmosphere is silent, and I make my way down the mountain. 

My worn-down shoes hit the soft grass. I stand there for what seems like a long time, catching my breath. Gunshots. I take off to a sprint down to Fatal Fields, seeking the cover of the tall corn. Bullets spray all around me as I push away the corn to make a path. I trip and fall injuring my knee. The gunshots stop and I hear running, followed by fall. I hear a person muttering something under their breath, it's a very deep voice, but barely audible. I catch a glimpse of the attacker through the tiny slots in the corn. He is wearing a dark cloak, with black and blue feathers on his belt. I cannot see his face, he is like a shadow; a Raven. 

I lie in the corn in agony. Still nervous at the sight of the Raven. My ankle is gushing blood. I untie the armband I have around my arm and fashion a tourniquet, stopping the bleeding in no time. As I lie there, I notice that the corn smells of dust and manure. The sun beats down, and I feel sweat perspiring on my forehead. I need to get up, but I feel no motivation. I’m giving up. I think back to the man in the house, how this island of people is ruined because of a game. I want my house back. I jump to my feet and brush the dirt off my pants; check that my guns are loaded, and stride out of the corn. 

The storm seems to be moving in a circular pattern, it's getting smaller by the minute. I move hastily through Fatal Fields frantically jumping, and checking my surroundings. One hit from a sniper, and it’s game over. I see something in the distance to the east, a person maybe. I crouch behind a tree and squint my eyes. I tap fire my AR, bang, bang, bang. My target didn’t move when I hit it, I believe it's just a bush. I gave away my location as soon as I fired my gun. I need to find cover. I dive behind a nearby tree, and a barrage of bullets follow, one of them strikes my ankle and I yelp in pain. The pain is so intense that I just want to give up again, but I can’t. I hear running from the cornfield and a tall figure pops out. Definitely not the Raven. He slows into a crouching position hoping I did not see him. I press my back against the bark of the tree. I take a deep breath. His footsteps are coming closer and closer by the second. As soon as the footsteps get close enough, I whip out my shotgun and leap out of my hiding place. The world seems to be in slow motion. As I leap over him, I take my shot, and it hits him right in the head. He crumples to the ground and the momentum of his running scatters his loot. I land on the ground in a thump and scramble to grab as much loot as possible.

I hastily build a wood box around me for protection. I take a look at my prize and spot many good weapons. This guy probably spent all game looting. He has a purple FN SCAR, a gold FN P90, I swap out my weapons and lean against one of the walls. I take a deep breath, wondering about the man in the house from earlier. From what he said, I try to decide whether he is dead, or if he somehow found shelter from the storm. 

I glance around peering through the tiny cracks in the wood. A human-like shadow runs by. I edit a window to take a better look. I have to neutralize him. But first, I need to heal. Luckily the guy I just killed had a few medkits on him. I apply the disinfectant and tightly wrap the bandages around my ankle. I edit the window into a door and run toward the guy. I ramp up above him, and I am able to make out who he is. It’s the Raven. He builds 90’s so fast, it's unbelievable. A style of building up as fast as humanly possible. He’s on top of me faster than you can say fortnight. He is no match for me, but I have to try; I have to try for the people that live on this island. I am able to do a sloppier version of 90s, they are terrible, but they do the job. He starts ramping toward me and I build a cone above him, rendering him ineffective. I jump down behind him and pull out my shotgun and pull the trigger. The sound startles the Raven, and my bullet finds its mark in his side. He does not flinch; instead, he builds a wall putting space between me and him. I pull out my pickaxe, and swing, trying to replace his wall with mine. He’s faster and replaces his wall. He hastily edits the wall into a window and shoots me in the chest with his shotgun. The impact sends me rolling down the ramp as I scream in pain. I’m going to die, it's over. He slowly walks down, pickaxes ready to finish me off. 

“You fought well for a noob.” The Raven growls. He walks closer, blocking the sun from my view. His shadow towering over me. He brings his pickaxe off his shoulder and swings. Time feels like it's in slow motion. His pickaxe inching closer and closer to striking its target. I hear the crack of a sniper rifle. His body disintegrates right over me. The pickaxe he was once holding clatters to the floor right next to my head. The sniper is the least of my worries, right now I have to get down. If I stay up here for too long, somebody will eventually shoot it down. I use one of my last medkits, and start heading down the build battle.

As my feet touch the ground, I feel the edge of the storm barely touching me. It moves slowly, so I have time to move. I exit Fatal Fields and move down toward the desert region of the island. The desert was formed a long time ago. The island’s climate is a mystery to all, it just sort of happened one day. The storm pushes up to the racetrack and stops. The circle's radius reaches from where I am, to the far edge of Paradise Palms. There has to be only a few people left, right? I kneel down and search for other people. Nothing. Not a single person, or build battle in my sight. Everyone is determined to win; just like me.

I decide to play the waiting game and find myself crammed between a few boxes in one of the garages. The spot I picked is great for surprise attacks, I have the high ground, I can see both entrances, and there is a window so I can see outside. The air is musky and warm. I wipe the sweat off my forehead and look out the window behind me. I can’t see Paradise Palms, but I can see spots where people could hide. I close my eyes, taking the previous events in, I open them moments later to find a player wearing a bush, sneaking across the racetrack. I pull out my rifle, and aim, lining my shot through the tiny grating in the window. The player stops in the middle of the tracks. I lower my rifle. I can’t imagine coming this far, just to be killed. If I want to win, he has to die eventually, but not by me. I won’t do it. Only if he attacks me, I will fight back. Either way, if I do shoot, my position will be compromised. 

Sometime later I wake to a snap of a twig coming from behind. I peek above the boxes to assess my target. His outfit is ridiculous, knee-high boots, with a red military uniform, and most importantly, his helmet: carefully carved to look like one of those toy nutcrackers. His giant eyes catch my glance. In a panic, he dives behind another empty box and starts firing with an AR. His bullets pierce my boxes and light is shining through the holes. He advances his position charging me with his shotgun. He shoots, grazing my arm with birdshot. I jump off my platform and dive behind another set of boxes. The gunfire has stopped. My heart is pounding. I turn around and take a glance at what he is doing. I see his shadow casting on the wall. A blue blinking light in his hand catches my attention. C4. It's too late. He jumps up and chucks a piece of C4 on the wall behind me. He detonates it, and I go flying. My head smacks on a car lift. The lights go dark.

I wake up moments later, the storm is on my back. I hadn’t realized it had started moving. I get up and stumble toward the garage door. My head is pounding, and my vision is blurry. That C4 really packed a punch. The storm is moving very slowly, good for me. I duck under the half-open door and hobble toward Paradise Palms. It was once a nice place; a resort actually. I’ve been there a few times before they went out of business for no apparent reason. The storm overtakes me, the pain grabbing me, I don’t care at this point. 

I emerge out of the storm, and the pain subsides. My feet collapsed under me. I need a medkit, fast. I can’t feel my legs. I crawl toward the end of the racetrack. I’m so fatigued. I turn around and rest my back against the rail taking a quick rest. That Nutcracker I saw would probably have a medkit on him, right? Just as that thought crosses my mind, I hear someone bouncing I look up and the Nutcracker is flying in the air bouncing on one of the tires guarding the race track. Our eyes meet, and he starts charging again. I whip out my shotgun and strike him with a pernicious blow. He crumples to the ground, his items scattering. I got him. Sifting through his loot I come across a singular medkit. Just what I needed. I quickly apply the medkit and I stand up. Almost like magic, I feel my legs starting to regain life. I stand up, stumbling, and maintain my pace. 

I make it to the hill overlooking Paradise Palms, not at all as big as the one I climbed earlier on though. Most of the locations on the island have shortened names, that's what makes Paradise Palms special: saying ‘Paradise’ sounds weir, and so does ‘Palms’ it has to be together. To my left, is the beautiful ocean. The light reflects from the sun and reaches my eyes. Off in the distance is the mainland. Nobody has been there in generations since our island broke off. Rumors say that our landmarks are exactly the same except for the shape and general location of them. Like Salty Springs would be next to Pleasant Park. Then again, nobody has seen it.


My eyes slowly open, the world fading into brightness. Suddenly I feel myself start to fall. Down, down down. I’m falling off the cliff. I must have fallen asleep when I was sitting on the ledge of the rock face. I need to act fast, or I’m going to die. I can’t do this now, I need to survive. I pull out my materials and place a wood plank below me. It catches my fall just enough and where I impacted has an indent. Inundated with everything going on, I don’t notice that the supports on my build are starting to crumble, and down I go. Plummeting toward the ocean. Once again, my reflex kicks in, and I place another plank below me. This time the supports start to crumble faster. I start running and place a bunch of ramps. This works out, I needed to get up anyway. I stop ramping up and catch my breath. I reach in my bag to get more materials so I can continue, to find enough resources to make only 4 more ramps. Drat. I turn around and slump against the rocky cliff and slide to a sitting position. Why did I have to fall asleep? 

Five minutes pass and I still can’t think of a solution. I just have to sit and wait. 

Up above, a shadow like figure peers down. His gaze meets mine. He stares intensely for a while. He looks at me, and then past me. He smirks and then open fires. His intention is not to shoot me but to shoot my supports. Bullets rain down from above, one grazes my shoulder. I yelp in pain, but that is the least of my worries. My support breaks and fall about 10 feet before I place another. I think I can replace the plank as soon as he destroys it, and that's exactly what happens. Now I only have enough materials to make two more planks. I need to act fast. I pull out my purple SCAR and open fire on him, my bullets sink into him, his body starts falling, and then disintegrates, causing his items to slide down the mountain. I place a plank on either side to catch as many items as I can. I need materials, and I need a lot of them too. My eyes scan through his stuff. I see some wood and some brick, perfect, hopefully, he has enough. I run over and collect his materials. 

“Holy crap!” I say as I see the grand total of materials. He had five hundred of each. This is more than enough, and I will have more to spare.

I ramp up to the top of the cliff. I am at the backside of Paradise Palms now. The city is practically untouched by other players, it's stunning. Unfortunately, I can’t take in the view now, the storm is moving fast on my back. I ramp down the cliff and start to enter Paradise Palms. I look to my right, the hotel. I need to get up there. It has the best vantage spot for snipers, therefore, I must also keep an eye out, ‘cause well, keeping your head is a good thing I suppose. Right in front of me is a modern house. It's not the best vantage point, but it'll do for now so I can get my bearings. I hastily ramp up to the house, and build a 1x1 with a ramp so I can poke my head through. A 1x1 is a box that has 4 walls and a ramp for protection against gunfire. It’s a viable method in some cases in a final fight. All of a sudden, I hear the crack of a shotgun, I build a roof over my head. Another crack of a shotgun, then a wail of pain, and then it goes silent. It's just me, and one other person. This is my time. If I want to win, I need to get up to that hotel. I edit out the roof of my 1x1 and book it toward the hotel. I start to ramp up. This time, I hear the thunderous roar of a sniper rifle. The world goes in slow motion. I make eye contact with the person wielding the sniper. His shadow of a soul peers into mine, and within nanoseconds. The world turns black. My soul escapes from my former body just above my corpse, I look down to see my headless body sliding down the ramp. The Raven jumps down and starts default dancing on my dead body. My life flashes before my eyes, then, the world as I know it, goes dark for one final time.


Submitted: November 30, 2020

© Copyright 2021 JoshS. All rights reserved.

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