Something Good is Near

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

still figuring things out such a mess, but then something good seems to be near.

"Something Good is Near"


The first time she saw you she knew she wanted you and had to know who you were.

Though her scared self and fragile heart were too afraid that she may leap into another yet hurtful relationship full of lies, abuse, and deceit.

She took the chance and gave him a moment of her time to see who he was and what he was like, she was in awe each time they talked her mind was rushing ahead of her and her heart beat faster than it did for anyone she has encountered within her life. When she video chatted with him her face is full of excitement but tries not to show it, but she knew not to rush things cause she knows what it will bring, 

He continues to have late conversations with her from sundown to sunrise telling her about the great view from his place, how he loves the beach and the beautiful sunsets. He amazes her with their talks she hoping that when they meet it is not just only about sex.

She loves talking to him for hours in the day about anything that came to their minds, slowly she is longing to meet him in person for the first time.

Before him, she was a mess depressed and felt nothing but despair she wanted to end her life and breath her last air for she had enough. Now she seeks a reason why not to end it all.

 Then she begins to talk to him and later as she thinks about the night she wanted to end it all, he pops into her mind and she knew he was the reason, it just took time.

Few weeks have gone by and they talked a little more each and every day getting to know one another and hearing his voice was always the best part of her day. Their connection growing stronger she begins to have feelings for him but she does not tell him, but I am sure he knows cause her smile for him surely shows. 

The time is near when he wants to meet she agrees and their evening plan to watch the sunset at the beach but plans got interrupted because she had to work. Though the first meet was a fail, she tells him to trust she was not trying to bail.

Though that is her usual when asked to meet in person to hang, she gives excuses because their way of hang is only to bang. She tells them she is on her monthly visitor and they tell her "nevermind to let me know when you're not on her"  so he asks her to hang one early morning when they were video chatting she said yes and he told her what she tells any guy who wants to hang and his response "and what"  she was in shock and disbelief but at the same time excited and relieved.

She really likes him she found him to be the most real and honest person she has ever conversated with and felt she can just be herself and not have to pretend when talking to him cause when he saw beauty in her, she saw a fat ugly freak. She felt an uprise in her soul a light that was dim now becoming slowly bright just by talking to him. She knew something good is near and patience is all that she needed but things were still not clear, soon it will all reveal.

Finally, they meet in the early morning of a Saturday when she agrees to hang out and meet. Full of excitement she can not wait he is on his way and her heart beats faster and faster as he says he's getting closer. He arrives on her street she so happy she jumped out in the middle of the street and asked him "can you see me?"  She finally sees him in person and he is more beautiful to her in person with his big bright smile and wide bright eyes with a personality that will keep you going and alive.

She feels like she is in a dream and about to wake up soon, the moment he touched her hand she knew; it is all real and her feelings were about to spill. But with a pause, she holds herself back thinking this is too good to be true. So days passed still she has not gone home, he goes to work and so does she. They have been hanging out now for almost a week.

She felt this amazing feeling spending all that time with him she is falling quickly and could not believe how much she really feels for him that the smile that was broken and she thought was forever gone has come back and her light in her soul has lit up with a shine that is all so bright because of him and she knew she found her lifetime lover and he is the last one from now on to forever.

Submitted: November 30, 2020

© Copyright 2021 JCamacho671/902. All rights reserved.

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