Six Random Poem

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Just some stuff.

Six Random Poems

By Alexander Guinevere Kern

C- 11-30-2020



Samurai Poet

I fell on my words

And died.


First Day of Menstruum


It is your own two hands

Clutching themselves

In the Night

Help Me . . .

Help Me . . .

I have come of age





Am ambiance of quietude

A thin veneer of Falling Light

A lectern holding an Unabridged Dictionary

Singing crystal glass vases

Ring of creamy Lilies

A susurrant lift of celestial wings

Gold Lanterns Murmuring

A veil - (gauzy butterfly net)   drawn


By Hidden Gifts.




It was a night mooring

Of Ye Olde Warring


Punctured sea-eidolons

Leaking their stale air,

Decaying complaints jettison

Outward in a rage-spray.


Daylight they cave-fold

Their sails like vampires

Troubling me not.


Yet as I sleep they

Pound the pier, filling my ear

Canals with bitter saltwater

Morning finds tears in my eyes.


C- 1985



For Sharita


Oh eye, oh eye, oh so

Abundantly lashed.

Centering in the dark liquid

A pupil vortex

Contracts. Light struck

Black pool drains

Drains to the brain

All that it sees,





Odor Adjustment Bureau


I can’t bear the stink of your Divine essence, Soul -

When I’m on the rag.

Submitted: December 01, 2020

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