A Dog's Life

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A young woman grapples with the changes made to her body to make her an obedient pet, as she adjusts to her new role in life.

"You there, 36-579, approach the gate." 
36-579's ears perked up and flicked in the direction of the man's voice. She was still getting used to the sensation. She was still getting used to a lot of sensations, her body felt so foreign to her. She said a few more comforting words to the crying girl while smoothing her hair. 
"There there Julia, everything will be alright, you'll see."

36-579 winced at the lie she told. Julia was one of the girls she became close with while in Brightwater's facility, and one of the few with whom she exchanged real names with. She never took things as well as the other girls, 36-579 hoped that whoever won her in the auction treated her kindly, she was delicate and wouldn't last very long if her new owner was too rough with her.
"Please don't leave Ives," the girl pleaded. "Please!" she sounded so weak and defeated. 
"I'm sorry but there isn't much more that I can..uh do," she trailed off. "You'll be fine, you got this sweetie." She didn't believe the empty promise, and surly the crying girl didn't either. Bu there's not much that cold be done. 
"36-579, hurry it up, I don't have all night" he snapped. It was out of character for the often kind caretaker. She didn't get mad, he had his masters too and they were all on close watch today. 
She glared at the man and gave the girl her final goodbyes, they would probably never see each other again, but she had her own problems to worry about, they were in the same boat at the end of the day. She walked to the front of their holding cell and presented her neck to their caretaker. He reached out with a collar in his hands, it was intended to be humiliating and drive home the girls' new roles as pets, but she was desensitized to it by this point. He lowered a veil over her head, though not unkindly, and she was escorted through the hallway and into the next room.

A woman was sitting in a chair sipping tea across from one of the auction officials. 
"Ma'am, it appears that your purchase has arrived, would you care to inspect the merchandise one more time before leaving?" 
The woman looked over at 36-579 and she lowered her eyes as she was taught. Her heart raced. She squirmed in her outfit. It was revealing, the material was sheer and clung to the curves of her body in an obscene way, and most of all it was cold, which wasn't helping her feel any less exposed than she already was. At least she was allowed some undergarments, as minimal as they were. 
The woman raised 36-579's chin with a finger while raising the veil with the other hand and looked her in the eyes. The woman's face was pleasant enough to look at, she had fine features, a small adorable nose, maybe a bit on the pointy side, and unnaturally amber eyes. Overall the look carried an air of sophistication and grace. She stood easily a head over 36-579.
"My name is Liera, I'll be taking you to your new master, do you understand?" she said with a serious tone. Liera removed her hand from Ives' chin. She dropped her head immediately, Liera's eyes were oddly intense.

"Y-yes ma'am," she squeaked out. So this woman was not her new master. Somehow she was oddly relieved. She held her hands in front of her, trying not to fidget, her gaze lowered. "It would be my pleasure to serve Master-, umm..my new master." For all her talk trying to cheer up the other girls like Julia, she had to try her best not to cry. 
Liera glared at Ives and narrowed her eyes. She knew she made a misstep by falling back on a pre-planned line in case she got nervous. 

"You'll find out your master's name when we meet him." she delivered it with a tone softer than Ives expected, as she glanced at the auctioneer giving him a look that said not to pry. She seemed to see the unease she was causing Ives and was trying to put her at ease. She held out her hand and the caretaker handed her the leash attached to Ives' collar and she exchanged a credit chip with the now standing auctioneer. 

"Well it seems that everything is in order. Jedrick, would you mind escorting these two ladies to the carport?" 
"Of course sir," he slurred. He fell in behind the two women and began ushering them towards the hall.

"Oh yes, and please inform your master that it would be our pleasure to do business with him again. We have other wares that may be of interest to him." the auctioneer piped up. 
"Yes I'll be sure to inform him, thank you sir we will be on our way now." Liera said in an even tone and nodded towards the man. Jerdrick kept pace as they made their way down the hall. Ives focused on her feet, trying not to trip, trying to look anywhere else but ahead of her and to an unknown fate. They found a car waiting for them once they reached the carport, Jedrick reached around and opened the car for them.

 Leira slipped the man a shining credit chip then got in first, as Ives was stepping into the car she snuck a look back to lift her veil and stick her tongue out at Jerdrick, he shot back a smile and a wink. She would miss him. He closed the car door behind her and she situated herself, careful not to sit on her tail laying it across her lap and stroking the soft fur for comfort, or was it hair? She found herself next to Leira and seated across from a man who she assumed to be her new master. She bowed her head deeply and as respectfully as she could manage. Without the conditioning she went through in The Facility, this level of submission would have been much more difficult for her to manage. 

"Would you mind showing me your face, what is your name, little one?" His voice was pleasantly deep with a very relaxing tone. 
Ives' mind went racing, "His voice! And OMG he's so handsome! Thank the gods I didn't get stuck with some old gross man" she thought to herself. 
She snapped out of her thoughts as he lifted the veil from her face, "36-5-." 
He held up a hand to cut her off. "No, I mean what is your name?" 
She blushed and stammered out, looking into his deep deep brown eyes "It's uhh Ives, sir." 
Liera sat by smirking, she took her cap from her head and two ears that were laying flat popped up. Ives raised her eyebrows and her ears perked up in synch from her surprise. Embarrassingly enough, she had no idea that Liera was, well, a lycanthrope like her. 
Her heart racing, "It will be my pleasure to serve you and your household," another of her prepackaged lines taught to her while at The Facility to give them an air of servitude and respect towards their new owners. "For as long as you'll have me."

She gasped as he grasped her hands, Ives felt her body grow hot, even with her 
current attire as she took in the smell of him. There was something distinctly appealing about his cologne, it put her at ease and made her feel something stirring inside her. "I promise to treat you well Ives, I am your Master, Giovani, serve me well and I promise you happiness under my roof from this moment, until our last moment." And with that, their contract was complete. 
There was a surprising amount of ritual that went on with the slave trade that survived into the modern age. Though outdated and mostly eradicated it was still technically legal, and certain organizations took advantage of this fact and acquired new slaves through various means but the most common was debt collections from families and unfortunate individuals that accepted money from the wrong people.

Which is how 36-579: Ives found herself in her current situation. Her family took a loan from a local shark to pay for school for their children and medical expenses for Ives' condition. When her father couldn't pay, they took her, since she was the only thing her family had of any value. She didn't blame him, at least not completely. While he was a deadbeat she accepted that things happen and getting an essentially a new body wasn't a horrible trade offbut being made into a slave and, what do the Japanese call it? Kemonomimi? Apparently there was a market for girls especially, but sometimes boys, with animal traits. Some of the girls at the facility ended up closer to a furry's wet dream, she was fortunate and escaped with only a cute pair of dog ears and a fluffy tail. Her new Master, Giovani, let go of her hands, she laid them in her lap, again to stop fidgeting. She tried to keep herself calm, and her face certainly was, but her tail and ears twitched slightly, giving away her emotions.

Liera sat by laughing softly to herself, Ives noticed the other woman's nostrils flaring as she took in the scent of Master Giovani. There was something about his smell that Ives couldn't put her finger on, but it was becoming overwhelming in the cramped space. "Ummm master please forgive me for asking, but it's a bit hot in here, can we open a window or something," she said breathily. He cocked an eyebrow and looked to Liera who nodded primly. "I think you may have overdone it with the cologne," she said, "even for me." she said a bit airily. "I'm sorry girls, I didn't realize it was that bad for you. I can hardly smell it." He pressed a button on the console and the sunroof slid open, letting in the blessedly cool night air. Ives breathed a sigh of relief and Liera poured glasses of alcohol for the three of them and passed them around. 

Ives couldn't help herself but to stare at her new Master's hair as it tossed in the breeze from the sunroof, the occasional street light catching the subtle highlights. It was already artfully messy, like he spent an hour every morning making sure to get that look, and it contrasted sharply with crisp precise lines of his outfit, the wind adding to the effect. 
Ives cradled her class as she drank down the dark liquid feeling it burn in her throat.

The three sat in an awkward silence, Master Giovani occasionally glancing at Ives and making eyes at Liera, who filled their glasses periodically. Her body relaxed as the effects of the alcohol started to sink in, but her mind was racing with all the possibilities that awaited her once their car ride came to an end. 

She wasn't a fool, and they were allowed mirrors in The Facility and she knew what would be expected of her once she was free of them. She started off decently cute, and that was before she had her modifications while in their care. Every look her new master gave her made her heart race with anticipation. To Liera's credit she tried to break the silence by making small talk with both Ives and Master Giovani. There wasn't much in the way of recent events for Ives to talk about. The better part of the last year that she was actually conscious for, when not undergoing procedures, was in The Facility for conditioning. But she eventually got Ives to open up about some of her interests about books and music that she liked. Master Giovani tried his best to interject, adding his thoughts, making the occasional joke. He seemed oddly giddy, like he was trying to hold himself back from getting too excited. Liera moved closer, laying an arm across her shoulders as she played with her hair while cooing about how pretty she was, it was so different than her first impression of the woman. She never had any particular interest in other women, but something about Liera made her think, "maybe?" Ives felt herself sink into Liera's grasp, there was something comforting about the woman and she also had a particularly pleasant smell, like Master Giovanni's but more subtle, who by the way, just sat by watching them, sipping from his glass and glancing at an old fashioned tablet, occasionally tapping the glass screen. Apparently he was a hipster.

By the time they reached their destination the three of them were well and fully drunk, Ives especially. She was a tiny thing, barely above 5'0" tall. Liera helped Ives out of the car, guiding her by the leash. By this point Ives was completely bewitched, tail wagging as she leaned on Liera a bit more than strictly necessary. Master Giovani stood on the opposite side, arm wrapped around Liera's waist. The three of them made their way into Master Giovanni's house. The entryway straddled a line between ornate yet tasteful and gaudy. He took Ives in an embrace from behind as Liera helped her out of her slippers. There was something oddly comforting about the experience, Master Giovanni's arms were nicely thick and Liera's hands were soft and warm and delicate. He led the two of them through the halls and into a bedroom. This room contrasted from the entryway, it was very modern and minimalist, simple clean lines with mood lighting and an interactive wall currently displaying a shifting pattern. 

Master Giovani took off her leash, leaving her collar, and hoisted her into his arms. She nuzzled her face into his chest taking in his smell again, by this point she was convinced that his cologne was laced heavily with pheromones, she didn't care, she felt safe. She could only thank her lucky stars that the house she ended up in was not like the stories the girls told at The Facility, or the raids on illegal brothels (or worse), that made it to the news. 

He placed her gently on the bed and patted her head, "Now that's a good girl," he said with that voice of his rumbling slightly, hitting Ives' chest and making her heart beat faster. He kissed her deeply on the lips as he cupped one small breast in his hand. Besides her time in the facility, she wasn't what one would call experienced, but it was one of the best kisses of her life. He made his way to the door, Ives rolled over to her stomach sluggishly.

"M-master, aren't you going to stay with us?" she panted, her tail wagging fiercely as something stirred within her belly. "Not tonight little one, why don't you try to enjoy some time with Liera." He said, leaning in the door frame stretching out his body, the shapes and curves of his body revealing themselves under his clothes. By this point Liera was undressed and making her best attempt to have Ives do the same. She submitted to the treatment, anything to have more of the woman's attention focused on her, though she had to watch wistfully as her new master made his way to his own bed, alone, with neither of them to keep him company. 

Liera's ears twitched as she made her way up and down Ives' body, sniffing some spots, licking and nibbling on others, her own tail happily wagging back and forth while she had her way exploring the smaller girl's body. Her hands danced expertly up and down Ives' lithe frame. Ives was too stunned by the turn of events and just went into auto pilot. Being submissive came naturally for her so she let Liera take the wheel. She just let herself enjoy the experience.

 The next morning Ives awoke to find herself naked and alone, Liera's scent still lingering in the room. There was a notification for a note floating on the wall display. Ives hopped from the bed and crossed the room to open it. Ives tapped the display, a small window appeared with Liera's face in frame, "Ives, now that you are awake up please make your way upstairs. There's a bathrobe and bath caddy in the closet for you, bring them when you come up." Her tone was back to something a bit closer to the coolly professional one she used when at the auction. "Yes ma'am, I'll be right up!" she sang brightly. 

Liera smirked, and closed the call on her end. Ives looked around the room, in keeping with the minimalist aesthetic the closets were partially hidden in the walls. She went to the first faint outline suggesting a door and was lucky enough to get it right the first time. The robe was made out of a luxuriously soft material that smelled slightly of a mix of essential oils that she couldn't quite make out. She never really noticed smells before, but smell was one of the enhancements that were part of her procedure to turn her into a part human part animal freak. She sighed when she put on her robe, it was much nicer than just about anything she had access to before. "At least they were even kind enough to get one that had a tail hole." she thought embarrassingly to herself.

 She wagged her tail as she looked at herself in a mirror, she still couldn't get used to her new body parts, but she was coming to enjoy her tail, it was actually kinda cute when she thought about it. She picked up the shower bin and made her way out of the room and upstairs. She passed a few other rooms before making her way upstairs. She had to keep her curiosity in check, the temptation to explore her new territory was strong, but she was still new to this house and she didn't know what would push her new master's buttons. As scary as being, what she assumed to be, a sex slave to a stranger was, being thrown out was an even worse possibility. And come to think of it, she wasn't even sure she was intended as a sex slave. She tried to convince herself that they intended for her to be a domestic servant and that last night was a fluke or something. She was trained in both, even if her domestic skills were lacking. 

Master Giovanni and Liera were sitting at a table, Giovani smiled at Ives and her face went red as her ears twitched slightly, she reached up as if to stop them before dropping her hands to her waist. He knew exactly the effect he had on women and there was no reason his newest toy should be immune to his charms, especially after the heavy dose of pheromones she got from his cologne. She stood there, awkwardly looking back and forth between him and Liera. He knew that she was confused, he had read about the conditioning that the girls went through. It went deeper than some simple cosmetic enhancements, somehow they found a way to plant the dog-like need to please their master deep into their subconscious. Without direction she was probably anxious about her new role in his house. "Ives please feel free to take a seat at the table with us. And Liera, would you make her a plate?" Liera stood at attention and went about preparing Ives a plate in the precise way she did everything. She had always been a pleasure to have around for as long as he'd known her.

 "Ives what a cute name," he thought to himself as she pulled out her chair and sat down. She did it all with a light grace, even the way she laid her tail across her lap was adorable, in it's own way. He was already enjoying his new plaything and he hadn't even touched her yet. Liera laid a plate in front of the girl and scratched her behind the ears and sat herself. The two shared look as Ives blushed, she did a lot of that. Liera was performing her job to perfection. Ives was warming up to her quickly, he had read that a same sex partner helped get the girls accustomed to their new roles more quickly. She sat happily eating her food in little bites as if trying to savor every one. "Well, are you enjoying the food Ives?" she looked up from her plate, ears flicking. "Yes master it's very tasty. Liera is a good cook." she said softly, a safe response. "I'd hope so, I made it after all." he said with a half smile. She coughed a bit in surprise. "T-thank you Master," she coughed looking a bit sheepish at her mistake. Those big round eyes of her's would be the death of him. 


And that's all I've written for this part. I have an alternative "route" where a much less...appealing owner purchases our little Ives, from the auction. I've been screwing around with that for a source of conflict to rive the plot. We shall see. 



Submitted: December 01, 2020

© Copyright 2021 K.D. Lambert. All rights reserved.

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