BOOK 4: ABSTRACTION STORY 1: Abstraction of the Beauty

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Who would have thought that there are markers in life that you should pay attention to? Nothing happens that easily. How many times in my life have I celebrated such events? And every time they return the attention, or were witnesses to the events with my participation…





(abbreviated version – in english / usa )


…  Pair of white pigeons settled on the back of a bench on my way, in the morning, towards the metro. It was this event that made me wonder. I haven't noticed anything like this before. There were no pigeons in this area... the Birds followed me with their eyes to the exit from the University territory and, after making sure that they were moving along the route I needed, they all rose and flew away in the direction of their interest and residence…


Who would have thought that there are markers in life that you should pay attention to? Nothing happens that easily. How many times in my life have I celebrated such events?  And every time they return the attention, or were witnesses to the events with my participation…


The episode with the white pigeons was fixed in my memory as a warning signal. It happens. I don't know what I might expect on the way home. I had to hurry. The train to Boston left exactly on schedule. This time I was returning home with an unusual present for my colleagues and relatives.


I had no trouble getting two business class tickets on the Washington?Boston train. The accumulated miles and the second ticket made my trip comfortable in relation to what the present in the basket was. It was for him that a seat in the car was purchased.


There was a cat in the basket. The mystery of its origin and transformation into a scientific artifact clearly outweighed the concept of a present. It was the result of an amazing experiment, if not a miracle. But I had to admit this even to me, later, based on the circumstances of the trip…


I managed to get two seats in the car, taking into account the proximity across the table, with female passengers. Politeness and attention to the neighbors in the car was common. It's time to focus on your business and thoughts. They are all different. Everyone who went to Boston and New York understood that six or three hours on the road makes the trip fast enough, so there is no need to communicate with the neighbors in the compartment, if there are no special prerequisites for this. That's what happened to me. The load of experiments has receded. I got a chance to rest and just sit with my eyes closed. It was something to think about and evaluate the events of the last three days out of ten spent in the laboratory.


The presence of a living creature nearby, and even with the status of a scientific artifact, gave me a reason to pay worthy attention to the amazing creature in the basket. I periodically opened the lid and looked, with undisguised delight, at the cat with white fur, which had one eye blue and the other ruby. We must pay tribute to the assessment of their color. The eyes were unusually large, and their color was literally mesmerizing in its perfection.


For me, this was an exceptional event. I perfectly remembered the initial state of the cat: the coat is gray and the eyes are normal, with yellow illumination of the iris. The difference in reincarnation made me repeatedly open the lid of the basket and watch, not so much for the condition of the cat, but for the constancy of the color of the new coat and eyes. An hour or more passed unnoticed, in such care on my part. Naturally, my actions did not go unnoticed by my fellow travelers.


The first thing that surprised me, if I may say so, was their reincarnation. According to the schedule, the train left from the warm autumn of October in Washington, North to the already cool Boston. After taking off their outer clothing, scarves and hats, and warming themselves for an hour in the warmth of the car, my companions were transformed into no less amazing appearance than my scientific artifact. Two ladies appeared in front of me, their white hair pulled back in a sleek updo and a ponytail on their shoulders. They had time to clean themselves up, but I did not particularly note their behavior during the period of my memories and contacts with the cat in the basket.


There came a time when the interest of attention to events determined the beginning of communication. The eyes of two ladies of indeterminate age stared back at me. They were clearly interested in my actions in relation to what was in the basket. I had to look closely at their behavior and ... I couldn't help noticing who they were looking at.

With undisguised surprise, I noticed that this was the second time two children had stopped near our compartment: a boy and a girl, about five years old. If we compare it with plants, two dandelions stopped in the aisle of the car facing our compartment. With a smile of silent happiness, they turned their white faces, with fluffy white hair on their heads, in the direction of my fellow travelers. Attention to the looks of the ladies and children added to the memory and comparison that I saw a pair of white pigeons, which marked their presence, with my participation, for the second time.


The response to the presence of two children was the answering smiles of each of the ladies and a light touch of one of them to the children's hands?palms to palms. This was enough to make the children run happily to their seats in the car…


The exchange of smiles on my part marked the beginning of communication:

? Alex Grant, Professor of Biophysics at MIT, I'm going to Boston with a presentation of scientific confirmation of teleportation, based on laser editing of the genome of the subject of the experiment. Evidence of such a phenomenon rides with me in a basket. It's a cat! Don't blame me, but I am still under the impression of the results of such an event and I can't help but pay attention to her condition.


I watched my speech and behavior so as not to say anything superfluous. The pause allowed me to take a closer look at my fellow passengers. The episode with "dandelions" and the comparative assessment of the coincidence of the white hair factor instantly turned on a bell of wariness in me for the development of further events…

Two ladies with white hair, extremely clean skin, white color, without a single wrinkle were looking at me. But the most amazing thing was in the eyes. They were of the same design as my artifact. One eye is blue, the other is ruby. I couldn't help being speechless at the comparison…


A pause in communication was supplemented by a confession from each of the ladies:

"My name is Ast’Ra," the first of them said. She looked younger and probably decided to be the first to show courage in communication.

"My name is  Pet’Ra," said the second. With a smile, she confirmed that she was condescending towards her colleague, if that was the way to describe their chain of command.


I just had to smile and nod my head to accept their willingness to communicate. But I was struck by something else in their speech. I even froze for a moment, from the strangeness, namely, how the names of each of them were pronounced. The first three letters of each name were pronounced on the inhale, with the exhalation of the pronunciation of the same sound?the syllable  ‘Ra»... I had to continue the conversation.


Under the impression of the unusual pronunciation of names, I indicated with a question to the ladies:

? Are you going from Afar?

? From Afar! How did you guess?  Pet’Ra replied.

? I'm afraid to admit it, but something tells me that your journey is about to be completed with the benefit of a very important result. Even the children noticed your presence in the car. And twice already.

"And you, Alex, are observant. –  Pet’Ra is expressed in the affirmative with a smile.


Further – more! My name was also pronounced in two syllables, with the first letter " A " on the breath.

"Please don't mind the way we pronounce names.  Pet’Ra said it softly…

? I hope you'll understand this later… we're going to New York. Our mission is really important for evaluating events in the future. We visited Yellowstone. Four calderas were in the interest of our attention. We were lucky with the weather this time. Snow has not yet covered the territory of the Park and roads. We were not disturbed, and we did not interfere with anyone. The measurements turned out to be reliable for taking into account the behavior of Calder magma for a period of at least one hundred years. For the planet Earth, this period is significant in terms of survival, primarily for humans.  Pet’Ra delivered her speech in a clear voice, but also in a low voice.


At certain moments, she pronounced words with the initial breath of the first syllables.


A chill of strangeness was beginning to fill my mind. Such a coincidence must have happened. An artifact of an amazing experiment in the trash. Fellow travelers, with eyes like a cat's, the color of their eyes. White pigeons and white hair, and the faces of fellow travelers. The coincidence of unusual events was pleasantly complemented by certain equality in the results of the actions performed. The presence of dandelion children in the episodes of the trip only added to the intrigue of upcoming conversations and events... because dandelions, as a rule, are also white.


? Your journey is not long. It's less than an hour to New York. I hope you will have a successful continuation of the work with the results of measurements. – I expressed the usual recognition of attention accepted in the scientific circles of my colleagues.

"Thank you for your courtesy.  Pet’Ra said it softly, looking me in the eye. ? This is normal for communication on the train. I wish the same to you both. I hope you can understand the results of the experiment. But, understanding what you happened to get the result, I want to note that sometimes luck in experiments is the norm of chance. But you have to start somewhere. You can say that you are lucky! The living embodiment of an experiment is more than a hope for success in promoting science. You understand that the result is not only teleportation.


 Pet’Ra treated me as an equal. This was only the beginning of her desire to say something more important to me. She glanced at Ast'Ra with a hint that she was only saying what would be useful for me to hear. With a nod of her head and a movement of her eyes in my direction, Ast’Ra indicated agreement with the conversation.

? Do you mind if I show you our cat artifact? ? My offer was clearly unexpected. The ladies just spread their hands and nodded back at me with undisguised curiosity on their faces.


I carefully pulled the cat out of the basket and, holding it by the belly, put it on the table. Fortunately, it was the usual size. Pressed against the table, her gaze showed concern. The effect of the cat's appearance struck my fellow travelers. They took turns stroking and examining her body and, especially, the color of her eyes. The emotions were loud and genuine.


Ast’Ra spoke to me first:

? Alex! Tell me?is this a hoax? Where can you buy such a natural wonder in Washington? After all, this is an analog of the breed?Turkish Angora? How clearly highlighted heterochromia?the presence of cat eyes of different colors. Very similar to the color of our eyes. Alex, are you a wizard by any chance? Indeed, there is a secret of genetic conformism in this specimen. What do you say to that?

? This is an artifact of the experiment. – I had the feeling that I was giving in to excuses in the course of our conversation. I even had to stand up slightly and move closer to the table to look more convincing.


Carefully choosing my words, I began my story:

? I must admit, there was no combination of experiments with a cat in the program of experiments. An ordinary gray cat was the subject of a random presence in the zone of influence of the energy of lasers and random variable generators. Our colleague brought it from the veterinary clinic in the process of conducting another experiment. No one even paid attention to the cat. It was placed in a spacious box from under the device. There were several such boxes in the laboratory. Two of them were empty. Naturally, their location was not determined by the need to use common equipment for experiments as part of the scheme. Quite by chance, the owner of the cat decided to check the condition of her pet and, not without hysteria, found it in an empty box at the end stand of the equipment. Thank God the cat was alive and unharmed. In fact?the effect of transferring the cat's body from the box, through the space of the laboratory, to another, empty box. In other words, we got the result of teleportation in the laboratory space… ? After saying the words about the first stage of the experiment, in one breath, I was even surprised at my own revelation. I even had to wipe my face with my hands to hide the involuntary state of such openness.


"Alex, what happened next?" How did you manage to get absolutely white from a cat with a gray coat color, and even with such eyes? ?   Pet’Ra, with the intonation of a voice of concern for my condition, addressed me.


This is the same. You want to share the success of the experiment, but suddenly you feel something forbidden in the expression of thoughts. In order not to reduce my explanation to a banal conversation on the train with fellow passengers, I began to understand that I was being listened to by very educated ladies. The solution was simple and obvious. Moreover, the experiment itself included the participation of partners who did not really spread their work program. I decided to continue my explanation based on how the remaining days of experiments actually went, but this time it was with the subject of experiments – cats.


I smiled, spread my hands in a pause of expectation, and continued:

? Everyone calmed down, the cat was found. After a break, having rested, we still decided to deal with such an incident in the laboratory. I won't describe everything, but our colleagues are very advanced in mathematics and methods of conducting experiments. The results of the experiments over the past three days are in front of you. There was no violence in the frequency of experiments on the cat. The final result is the result of the ninth experiment on our patient. 


As I finished my speech, I paused to return to my original position in my seat. Mechanically, I opened the lid of the basket, closed it, and looked at the cat on the table and ... with a slight smile, said:

? By the Way, we have not found a suitable name for the cat. Here's the story. Washington Angora in front of you. In your opinion, is there anything comparable between the facts of external similarity, by the way, about the color of the eyes? Rate my recognition in the results of what I saw…


It's time to show the logic of the response to my fellow travelers. My question at the end of the explanation was clearly not meant as a joke. This happens at conferences when they want to hear from a colleague who speaks an answer based on the presence of indirect knowledge of the subject of the report.


Undeterred, Ast’Ra was the first to respond to my attack:

? Alex! Have you ever played cards, such as Texas holdem Poker or Point black Jack? By the way, the number of cards in these games: 54, 52, 36 or even 32. If we simplify these numbers, we get ? 9 and 9. But more on that later! Did you have to shuffle the cards in the deck before you dealt them? Don't rush to answer.  ?  Ast’Ra moved slightly to the edge of the table to put her hand on the cat's back. Beautiful fingers sank into the fur, revealing the unity of the white color of interspecies kinship…

? Your smile says a lot. Remember manipulating a deck of cards. As a rule, there are 54 or 36 of them. The game starts with cards in hand. The result is a win or loss. Further, we can only talk about repeating actions and waiting for the right to win. Do you agree with this approach to the possible assessment of consequences in the game or as an analog of actions, including physical experiments?


? Quite! The only difference is in the significance of the goal and the result. Please continue.

? Cards on hand, these are options for choosing actions. The goal of your experiment was clearly from another program. The cat is the manifested probability of the Joker. The hostess's hysteria is a denial of a happy accident. Your participation in the game?editing the genome at the stage of changing rules of the game. You were not alone in making decisions. The team started playing almost from scratch. The genome of every living creature on the planet Earth, in principle, is finite in its embodiment in the natural combination of the manifestation of genes. Of course, these are not cards in the player's hands. In this case, it is an interference with the composition of a living being. I will not describe the essence of possible combinations, and how there are significant differences in the color or size of individual parts of the body in the manifestation of certain mutations. There is a principle called the "Invisible hand". In other words, it is an "Abstraction of Constants". If they are combined, the effect of solving a set or "Combination ? Combinations" is shown. Your experience model showed the probability of choosing, from a finite set of genes, a change in coat color, size, and eye color. In your deck of finite combinations of genes, the result of an explicit and possible change from a finite number of variants has appeared. In other words, you have caught the Joker Timing. I congratulate you on that…

? Frankly, this is a rather unusual explanation for our scientific achievements. Abstraction, the Combination of, Timing. But, ? the "Invisible hand", ? this is what was clearly present in our experiments. Science is a beautiful thing. Sometimes it takes your breath away when you realize to what heights a person's knowledge rises! ? I sincerely expressed my emotions.


Quite naturally, there was a pause. Surprisingly, I had the feeling of being on the train, in a compartment with two unfamiliar female passengers, as an example of a certain exchange of knowledge that clearly goes beyond the conversation on the road…

? Alex, let me hold the cat. –  Pet’Ra with a smile of gratitude prepared for the celebration of joy from intimacy with a white passion.

I carefully moved the cat to the edge of the table. White beautiful hands gently lifted the white beauty and put her to his body.


After a few minutes,  Pet’Ra decided to add her opinion to the topic of our conversation:

? Alex! Don't judge strictly what Ast’Ra said. Her lengthy introduction to the topic of your amazing result will be continued on my part. I suggest you give the cat a name ? "Dandelion" or Dandelion. Three syllables of three letters equals nine. It turns out the cat, named – with the number 9. A simple combination of nine letters. Small set. Three by three. If this equality in the syllables of the name can reflect the outcome of the phenomenon of the experiment, including in the lives of your colleagues in science, then this principle has the right to live. Good luck in revealing the logic of the quantum process of modulating the combination of teleportation and the factor of preserving the object of wildlife, with the result of the" abstraction of constants " of mutations, in the phenomenon of cat transformation…

? Unexpected proposal. I find this as random as the outcome of our experience. It's a wonderful name. Dandelion Cat. Name ? with the number 9. Origin from the direct nature of the flower. Dandelion – white. Accepted one hundred percent. Who else would suggest such a thing... ? It was with undisguised joy that I admitted my consent to such a name…


The ladies looked at each other, then, not without superiority in the expression of their handsome faces,  Pet’Ra turned to me:

? Alex! What I am about to tell you will be a logical continuation or attempt to Supplement the explanations of your experiment in the laboratory. My opinion will touch on the main thing in the system of evaluating your work. You used the method of laser editing the genome of the subject of the experiment. Teleportation appeared as a phenomenon of deviation from the model of experience. Perhaps conducting an experiment based on my suggestion will also be useful.  Pet’Ra paused on the last words and looked me straight in the eye. Her look confirmed her decision to offer something new to me.

? Please continue. It is really important for me to find out what can be done in our experiments. It is clear that our experience is only the beginning for moving results to real things. I, ? all attention!

? Good. I will try to be understood in the sentences.  ?  She leaned slightly over the table, holding the cat to her body, and continued to address me.

? Representation of experience. Naturally, I will use concepts based on your knowledge of equipment, methods, logic, and the number of experiments. The subject of the experiments is a cat. Equipment composition  ?  specification. The method of presenting the model is an "Abstraction of Constants" or a program of sequential computer operations in the composition of the equipment. The goal of the project is quantum genome editing with the effect of subject teleportation. Finally, the most important thing. Something that was not in your experiments. The main object of experience is a Mirror. What is not there, you will have to create! Of course ? this is not a simple mirror. In the turnover of concepts, even for your level, ? this is a "Magic Mirror"! – Pet’Ra smiled with a view of the storyteller.


It was unexpectedly easy for me to take her words. Ast’Ra confirmed with a smile that I was about to learn the main secret of the Magic Mirror. She added her smile with the words:

?Alex, what could be better than words from a fairy tale. Moreover, we don't have time to share our knowledge with you in more detail. The most interesting thing is ahead. Listen to this carefully.


 Pet’Ra's magnificent eyes flashed enigmatically and continued:

? When you look, what do you see in the reflection of the mirror canvas? The answer is your image. As a rule, this is a so?called imaginary image on the mirror plane. The brain completes 65 percent of the reflected image. But don't forget, this isn't just a mirror. Imagine that instead of you, in front of the mirror, the subject of research or a cat. In the course of the experiment, you fixed her image on the mirror plane. Now pay attention? you rotate the mirror 180 degrees, the speed can be different, and ... the cat's reflection on the mirror plane moves to a different coordinate position. Mirror?combines the functions of quantum genome editing, spatial preservation of the cat image, transformation of the gene transformation, reflection, removal of the subject of the new cat composition to the coordinates of the place of its delivery. In other words, the reverse function occurs – the cat's body is taken out of the mirror cloth and gets located in a new, calculated place. Thus, the function of the mirror includes the process of teleporting the cat from the mirror plane. Isn't that magic?  Pet’Ra smiled again. The intrigue of her proposal brought the most important thing closer.


She continued:

? The moment the mirror is rotated to its original position and the saved cat's reflection can be returned with the initial image, on the original mirror plane. The experience can be repeated. It all depends on the design of the mirror and the speed of its rotation. Make a mirror a quantum modulator of the energy of reflection, and you will get from the" Abstraction of Constants» of its States?a new appearance of the cat, such as a real artifact of your experience. What served you as an embodiment of the mirror in your experiments? I hope you can figure this out. One thing comes together as a result of the experiment: is it possible to travel and change the structure of external features of the subject of the experiment within the laboratory? The answer is Yes. Comparison – with an object like a quantum mirror, teleportation is possible on the scale of the Universe. But more on that later, if you don't mind. ? Pet’Ra waved a hand to warn me of my response to her suggestions, and then hurried to finish her address.


Try to remember the following. For the theoretical basis of your knowledge, I offer you the following theses:

* Morpheus code or Abstraction of Constants?the basis for building artificial mutation programs, genome editing.

* Evolution Of the abstraction of Constants or DNA, as the equivalent of the absolute timing fractality.

* Timing of the absolute or visualization of the manifestation of identical reality according to the Morpheus Code.

* Absolute reality or universal flow of knowledge, abbreviated as VPZ.

* Fractality of the universal flow of knowledge or identity of the absolute reality, abbreviated as TRA.

* Quantum manifestation of TRA or:

* Great law of the Universe: Combination?Combinations or Combination of probabilities of manifestation of configurations of reality.

Reference: Fractality is a multi?scale identity.


? Let me conclude with this message to you, Alex. I wish you success. I hope that my suggestions will help create new knowledge for your colleagues in promoting experiments and experiments for the manifestation of visualization of new realities on the planet Earth…

All this time, the cat named Dandelion was in her arms. Moreover, it is located almost vertically on its body, snuggling its muzzle almost under the neck with its eyes closed. Supporting her body with his hands,  Pet’Ra continued to look at me with great attention. The closeness of interspecies communication strikingly created the unity of the embodiment of something else in the form of neighbors with a cat on their chest. White color prevailed against the background of visual images of the environment of our compartment…


? Thank you for such a useful conversation. ? I decided to continue the conversation. ? In science, there are moments of manifestation of new knowledge. For me, your suggestions,  Pet’Ra ? are an immersion in the sphere of understanding the paradoxes of knowledge of the future. There are no words to express my gratitude to you. ? The sincerity of my words was understood by my companions. They expressed their respect for my gratitude in the same way and with a nod of their heads, with a sign of respect for me.


I decided to conclude the summary of the experiments with the following facts:

? The final result of the experiment with the manifested coat color and eye heterochromia, with the influence of the dominant white color, was manifested by the W (white) gene. It is quite obvious that its influence has created an amazing combination of pigment for the eyes. One eye is blue. The other is ruby. The last experiment was the ninth as a result of the result obtained. The numerical comparison of experiments coincides with the number of the names. Is this an accident? "Unwittingly, I became a participant in the comparison game based on what  Pet’Ra suggested.

? I'll give you a little hint Alex, in fact additions to the Treasury of your new knowledge.  Pet’Ra only smiled at my last words:

? The logic of our conversation unwittingly reveals the need to offer you something new. ? Pet’Ra looked at Ast’Ra, then held the cat in both hands and leaned slightly over the table to tell me the same thing in a low voice:

? Abstraction of definitions, numerical comparison of variants of the influence of letter combinations, and even the formation of an integer ? " 9 " ? is a symbol for the completion of a digital series or natural numbers. This is success. Next  ?  perfection. Transition to a new quality?an Abstraction of  Beauty! Quantum understanding of the Future ? in the full scope of the evolution of knowledge. How do you like this offer, Alex? ? Pet’Ra returned to the original position of her seat…


Her eyes flashed for a moment with a wonderful spectrum of blue and ruby light. There was something prophetic in her expression and smile. Ast’Ra touched the cat's back with her left hand, giving it a gesture of agreement and a desire to smooth over her colleague's emotions. The pause naturally took its place in our conversation.


A legitimate question arose in my mind: "who, in General, communicates with me? Who are these two strikingly beautiful and educated ladies? This is even more than calling them smart. The name was given to the cat. Calculated the number of letters. The coincidence with the number of experiments, after which a new, in fact, cat appeared, as proof of experience... but, most importantly, it is the recognition of the combination of a completely new phenomenon for practical results of the Future. And this, ? goes beyond the boundaries of the laboratory. Further ? it can be an achievement of knowledge for future research, in the discovery of practical teleportation in space?time… for a moment, I was afraid. The impression from the stop before the iceberg. After all, it is also white. The accident with the cat turned into the beginning of future problems...


I decided to calm down... The pause was clearly dragging on. Time inexorably completed the trip of my fellow travelers to New York. This was noticeable in the suburbs of the metropolis. I smiled and made a sign with my hands that I was ready to listen to other suggestions.


However, Ast’Ra joined in the conversation. Her actions were determined by the goal of something new for me. From her bag, she took out a silver?colored ball that was slightly larger than a tennis ball. Holding it in her hands, she performed a series of manipulations, after which the ball hovered slightly over the table.

Ast’Ra turned to me with a mysterious smile.


I want to suggest that you watch something for a few minutes that will be useful for you to learn. Be careful, do not get lost in emotions and keep your word that this will remain only in your memory as a message on our behalf. Do you agree?

?Yes, of course. This is more than clear, after all that we have already discussed. I'm all ears …


A slight clockwise rotation of the ball with a swaying motion caused an unusual phenomenon, close to the manifestation and attenuation of the sphere of light flashes of bright light. Suddenly, a holographic screen the size of a laptop screen opened above the ball. After setting up the image, the screen showed images of amazing content.


There was no sound in normal viewing mode. Duplicating the caption text made it possible to read and understand what appeared on the viewing frames. In chronology ? this is imprinted in my memory in the following sequence:



Mission: "Survival?in the Future"

Status: Upper

Creator's verdict: assignment to the Pleiades interplanetary Convention

Goal: the planet Earth

Task object: Yellowstone volcano calderas


Constellation of the Pleiades. Planet Belim. Mayan Star:


1. Ast’Ra ? messenger. Research astronaut. Commander of the three stars " Maya»

* Name number?eight (8) ? highest status of visualization of reality configurations

2.  Pet’Ra ? intermediary. Commander of the security group, US territory

* The number of names?eight (8) ? the highest task completion status

3. "Number 8" ? permission to fly through hyperspace!

4. Distance from Earth to the Pleiades: 4,211 X10^15 kilometers

5. Flight ? hyperspace: 645 seconds!

6. Flight?teleportation / transport of artifacts: 31, 536x10^6 seconds

** IMPORTANT: life on the Pleiades planets is in the future! Relative to the planet Earth


Earth planet:

1. Purpose of the study: registration of coordinates and geophysical parameters of magma energy of the Yellowstone volcano Caldera

2. Territory: Wyoming, Idaho, Montana?USA

3. Task: delivery of artifacts from the territory of the Yellowstone volcano Calder to the planet Belim, Mayan stars

4. Execution Time: 30 days or 2, 592x10^6 seconds


The completion of the Mission: report the Convention of the Pleiades

The Creator's verdict: a Project for the Future of planet Earth




The screen went blank... my eyes expressed surprise and gratitude for the demonstration of the mission of the task and the work plan of my fellow travelers. Ast’Ra waved a hand to warn my attention that this was not the end of the demonstration.


A text explanation for the next episode of the demo appeared on the screen.


On the planet Earth, volcanologists have found that eruptions accompanied by powerful earthquakes occur every 600 thousand years. The first powerful eruption of the Yellowstone volcano occurred 2.1 million years ago, after which the island Park Caldera was formed. The second time the volcano disturbed the surrounding area of the Park about 1.3 million years ago. The last one was 640,000 years ago ... a moment later, a historical phenomenon was reproduced on the screen: the last volcanic eruption in Yellowstone Park. Viewing lasted no more than three minutes…


In words, it is impossible to convey and find comparisons to compare with the frames of the modern chronicle. It remains in my memory as a fragment of a trip to the past. It turns out that this is possible. I was lucky. This proved that my trip was comparable to events that fit well into the fate of my life, as a reward for the advance of future achievements in science…


But as it turned out?and this was not the end of the demonstration. After a short pause, something that could be compared to a chronicle of space travel appeared on the screen…


A few minutes of contemplation of the Space plane flight from the planet Earth to the constellation of the Pleiades. Demo version  ?  event fragment mixer. Space plane Launch. Going beyond the Earth's orbit. Stop in the space of Space. Transition to the state of rotation around the axes of the sphere of the manifested space of new energy. Generating a mirror or window image of an infinite funnel?a cone?in front of the Space plane. Instant entry into the shining mirror of the funnel window and ... the dark space of Space…

The point of the cone?funnel reveals a new window?mirror in the infinite space of space, giving the Space plane the opportunity to enter the space of the shining stars of the Pleiades. A huge window?mirror literally revealed a Space plane from a transparent bubble?sphere. Before the Space plane opened a huge expanse of clusters of stars Pleiades and a tide of nebulae…


In the calculated space of the Pleiades cluster of stars, the Space plane performed a reverse rotation operation, freeing itself from the energy of passage through hyperspace. After leaving orbit, the ship literally sailed to land on the plateau of the mountain cosmodrome, on the planet Belim, the Mayan stars ... the Journey continued in the perspective of the planet's overview. There was a stunning view of the metropolis, which was striking in its variety and perfection of architecture. The white dominance of the alien city's structures created the illusion of infinity Abstraction and Beauty…


This was the end of the demonstration of space travel. Everyone involuntarily looked at each other. But, as always happens when adults are busy with themselves, they are surprised to notice that they are not alone in their emotions... the following picture was presented to our attention.


The participants of the trip viewing were, in addition to us in the compartment, two charming "dandelions". The children froze at the table, as if hypnotized. In their eyes, the captured display left a lifetime of phantasmagoria of phenomena, clearly not a child's order of impressions. Even the smile on their faces contained intense comprehension of what they saw.


The screen went blank. The ball, swaying slightly, stopped sparking with charges of the sphere of unknown energy. Ast’Ra covered it with her delicate fingers just in time and returned it to its original position…


The children woke up and moved to where  Pet’Ra was sitting. A new interest of attention was paid to the cat.  Pet’Ra carefully returned it to the table and pushed it toward me. The cat spun around on the table and rose to its feet. She arched her back, yawned, sat down on her hind legs, and stared at the children with her startling eyes. Two hands simultaneously reached for her body, but she gently, as if reluctantly, stopped their movement with her paw. After that, it easily walked on its hind legs and went to its owner…


The silent episode of visiting our compartment was announced by the joyful exclamation of two "dandelions", as a sign of the completion of the third event in their lives. It all happened again?the children touched their palms in the palm of a new friend on the train that was in New York…



My fellow passengers quickly gathered and were ready to leave the compartment. Pet’Ra skipped into the aisle of the car Ast’Ra. Then she turned to make sure nothing was bothering her. At that moment I saw, at the stop of her head movement, the profile of her face. This was a new shock...


I captured the so?called snake line profile image of a female face. How is this possible? This snake?shaped profile reflected the beauty of creating the mental image and spirituality of a woman named  Pet’Ra. It turns out that this is possible... It is almost magic if a person on the planet Earth is able to perceive with his eyes and, integrally form in his imagination and memory, the highest virtues of another person. But, Pet’Ra is not a human. She is a creature from another planet. What perfection has been achieved by the civilization of the constellation Pleiades, if it is enough to see the snake outline of the profile of a woman's face to perceive it in the abstraction of the line as the perfection of BEAUTY…



I couldn't say goodbye to my fellow passengers. Apparently there was a Protocol behavior that is associated with the implementation of the security of their stay in New York. Two tall men rose from their seats and took their places in the aisle of the car. Ast’Ra and  Pet’Ra were in the middle of their attention. Clothing and scarves with headdresses hid their faces from people's attention. Four characters, in fact, from another planet, joined the flow of people walking along the platform, to the exit.


Looking out the window after the departing passengers, I still waited for a moment of farewell – two white hands with surprisingly beautiful long fingers turned towards the compartment window and made farewell movements with such grace that I could not help comparing their movements to the moments of dandelion teleportation…



I continued my journey to Boston with a basket containing the most beautiful artifact in the world – a white cat named Dandelion. Two seats in my compartment remained vacant. This was a reward for the opportunity to contemplate in memory communication with representatives of the planet of the constellation Pleiades. It was impossible to forget.

A small voice in my head reminded me that the best way to remember what had happened on the way to New York was to try to get some sleep. Save this event in your memory as a gift of fate. Recognize that the bearer of amazing tips will be invisibly present in my life, including in scientific experiments on the topic "Dandelion»…


The mission of messengers from the planet of the Pleiades constellation is determined by the verdict of the Creator to assess the Survival of the planet Earth in the Future. The period of manifestation of events and global changes in life is one hundred years. So there's still time to work. The Magic Mirror project is a Testament to the ability to solve the problem of conquering the space of the Universe. The path is not easy, but the goal is amazing?teleportation to achieve the Abstraction of Beauty…


Alexander Shutov


Baltimore – Boston  –   Sevastopol



Submitted: December 01, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Shutoff. All rights reserved.

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