Suspicious Minds

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A new neighbor arrived in our neighborhood. We were suspicious of them at first, but we then came to be glad they moved into our neighborhood.

I live in a place where it is quite an event when someone new moves into the neighborhood. We usually only get new neighbors after someone passes away, or a home has been passed onto a relative. The first new neighbor we have had in over a decade recently moved into our neighborhood. We were all anxious to get to know our new neighbor.

One of the first things this new family did was build a fence for their dog. It was a big dog. A large canine who would run to their fence and bark at you as you walked past their house. To say the least, it discouraged people from randomly knocking on their door to say hello.

My daily walk now involved going past a home with a large dog who barked at me. He seemed to do more than bark. This dog seemed to be struggling to get out of the fence to get to me. I yelled at the dog that I was old and contained no essential vitamins and would be a very poor choice for a meal. It didn't appear that he cared too much.

I then saw one of the new neighbors in their yard. He was busy working with his back to me. I tried to get his attention to welcome them to the neighborhood. He never turned around or acknowledged me no matter how much I tried. I got discouraged and continued with my walk. It seemed a bit disheartening to have such an unfriendly family in our neighborhood. We were not used to this type of behavior.

Some of the other neighbors and me discussed the unfriendly new neighbor with the big scary dog on their lawn. We created some theories about the type of people that now occupied our neighborhood. My neighbor Joe also had the same experience with them and their dog. We liked to call the dog Cujo. He suggested they may be Russian plants sent here to fit in with American society as they conduct secret acts of espionage. Joe felt they were probably KGB agents. I told Joe he may have watched too many episodes of the show The Americans. He shrugged his shoulders and admitted it was his favorite show.

I was worried they were drug dealers. The huge barking dog in the front of their house was probably there to prevent anyone from seeing what they were doing. I feared they could have a methamphetamine lab in their house. They look like regular suburbanites but could be part of an international drug cartel. Joe told me I've watched too many episodes of Breaking Bad. I had to admit, I've missed that show since it ended.

Another neighbor suggested they were aliens from outer space sent here to observe us. Joe and I told him we don't know what shows he likes, but that seemed pretty ridiculous to us.

I told my wife about my concerns. She told me to take it easy and let them settle into their new house. According to her, they were probably overwhelmed with moving into a new home and neighborhood. It is obvious my wife has no appreciation for all the great shows you can watch on television. If she did, she'd see things a bit differently.

One day everything changed. It seemed like a usual day. I was out for my morning walk. When I came around the corner, I saw a strange sight. Joe was talking with the new neighbor. The strange part of it was their killer dog was outside the fence and sitting next to its owner. When the dog saw me, it started running toward me. I'm too old to outrun a dog and can't defend myself too well with an MP3 player, so I was ready to be attacked. As the dog ran toward me, the owner told me to get ready to be attacked. I remember thinking this is something only a meth dealer would say. Joe just stood there as if he was under some kind of mind-numbing spy drug.

Then things went from strange to bizarre. The dog ran to the front of me and began moving its head and its behind back and forth as its tail wagged. The owner said I should pet him. I did and the dog started licking me. It was a very nice dog. I realized the dog barked at me when I walked past their house because it wanted some attention and not because it wanted to attack me.

I went up to Joe and the new neighbor. After introducing myself, the neighbor apologized if he appeared to ignore people when he is working in his yard. It appears he has to wear a hearing aid and will sometimes do work without it. When this happens, he can’t hear anything. I told him I understand. He was a very nice guy. His wife and teenage child were moving there in a few days, so he was stressed about getting things ready for them. I felt he was going to be a good neighbor.

I told my wife what happened. She told me I should be ashamed for thinking the new neighbor was a meth dealer and Joe should be ashamed for thinking he was a KGB agent. I told her if she had an appreciation for quality television programs, she would see things differently. She didn't understand. I told my wife with her lack of knowledge of the world of television, I didn't see how she could.



Submitted: December 01, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Nevidomo Istoriya. All rights reserved.

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Ann Sepino

That third paragraph made me laugh. I feed the feral kitten that comes to our yard, and he'll 'attack' and meow my ears off too. I love the humor in this essay. :)

Fri, December 4th, 2020 2:03pm



Thanks for reading the essay. They are still our neighbors and they have turned out to be some really nice people.

Fri, December 4th, 2020 6:58am

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