On 'Prevent' and 'British Values'

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As part of an online college form I had to fill out, I was asked to fill out a box titled 'Development' and given hints to show and discuss my understanding of 'Prevent' and 'British Values', subjects that are being taught annually to students in Britain. I don't think that they actually intended me, or any other student, to actually discuss anything, but to merely give a gesture to show that our views blindly alligned with the curicculum and government agenda, but regardless, I may have spent my time writing this essay, or indeed rant, on my views on this subject! I hoped that with publishing this, like-minded people could have a space to feel understood or perhaps articulated. I also hope that within this essay I have expressed my views clearly and accurate to how I mean and understand them.

For those who aren't sure on the terminology here, Prevent is an organisation that has aimed to help prevent terrorism and the radicalisation of vulnerable people.
'British Values', which is what I speak out against here, is a part of our education curriculum where we are told about Democracy and respecting and tolerating other peoples beliefs. The latter point is what I discuss here, especially as it is what is talked about and highlighted most during these, I believe, patronising, presentations.

I am very aware of "Prevent" and "British Values". I have had presentations on them. I would say on regards of the latter that I formulate my own views based on my own moral conscience and mind.

I personally find it a great contradiction to be taught both, as "British Values" tell us we should 'respect' and 'tolerate' everyones beliefs, no matter what they are, whilst we have and need organisations like Prevent to stop radicalisation, and report on collegues or people for having certain views and beliefs.

I personally disagree with the imposition of a curriculum that tells me, or anyone, what my views should be. I support people's rights to have and make their own freely, and speak theirs freely, but, I disagree with the idea that I should tolerate or respect their actual views in themselves, when I may in fact resent them because they are morally reprehensible and vile. I think the reason for organisations like Prevent to exist are one good reason as to why some views should not be respected, and that is because some people have harmful and deadly views and intend on acting on them.

I do not believe that tolerance in itself is at all a wholly good attribute or virtue. I think that there is a multitude of things that we should not tolerate, like terrorism and other vile acts, beliefs or crimes. The views of which "British Values" preach to us will surely be of aid to people with views that should be questioned or even ridiculed, but can't be as that wouldn't show 'respect' or 'tolerance'. I also find it ironic how it states we can all have our different beliefs (which I agree with), whilst simultaneously instilling its own belief on us, which is where I have resentment. I don't like being told what my values are, or what they should be. I support freedom of mind, opinion and speech, within that, I support the right for people to have views that contrast mine, and I respect that right, but that doesn't mean that I, or anyone, should be forced to respect their views should they be vile or wrong. And should they have views that it is okay to maim, oppress or kill others (such as the many and common views amongst terrorists) then I certaintly do not respect that, and I think that actions like that should also not be tolerated, hence the sad necessity for organisations like Prevent, should they be affective.

I think that the idea of "British Values" is an insult to Britain. Escpecially just so many years after WW2, when we fought against tyranny and evil so the western world could be free today. I think it was a very good job that we and our allies did not respect or have tolerance for the Nazi regime or Europe would look very different today. Aristotle said, "tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society," I think it is important to know both what should be tolerated, and remind ourselves of what shouldn't be.

I think that instead of installing these agendas into the education system, people should be allowed to think for themeslves. And on regards of Prevent, I think removing far left-wing agendas from the education system will do some good, and teaching people about the true horrors on having a singular and uniformed mindset, like those of the Nazi Regime and in the Soviet Union, or modern day China and the catastrophies that got it there and also North Korea, might give people a deeper understanding of radicalisation and what it truly means to instill one mind on others, and certaintly your views, or indeed truly radical ones, onto the world.


- G.M.T. -

Written on 01/12/2020

Submitted: December 01, 2020

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