Michelle's Method: NICE GUYS TM

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My last commentary this year on NICE GUYS TM.

This is #14 and will be the last for this year in Michelle’s Method. I wasn’t planning on writing another but hate to leave it at #13 and read an interesting letter to the love editor online I had to comment on some similar situations involving NICE GUYS ™. 


For those not familiar, a NICE GUY ™ is a fake nice guy who believes in friendzoning, trying to impress women with money, passive aggression, seeing women as objects, etc. They are no different that PICK-UP ARTISTS ™, who cannot make it with women, so lie about their sexual antics, use outdated methods, and sleep with whoever they can get. 


A few thoughts: why pay $12 to $18 for a burger when A&W makes a perfectly good Teen or Mozza burger (I get it on lettuce) for $7 or $8. A $178 burger by Gordon Ramsey was advertised on the radio?! (What’s on it? Truffles, Kobe Beef, Caviar?). The only decent ‘expensive’ burger place by my standards is Bin 4.


Why do NICE GUYS ™ complain on Quora, Reddit, and other websites about how their methods don’t work with women?

Here is a list of their methods:


  1. Buying outrageously expensive gifts for women to impress them and win loyalty. 


  1. Rushing into relationships.


  1. Demanding all of a woman’s time.


  1. Declaring love early on without knowing the person.


  1. Trying to win a woman over with favors. 


  1. Confusing friendship with dating.


  1. Skipping over all the steps of a relationship and rushing to the climax/ending. 


  1. Not getting to know the woman and not listening. Engaging in passive-aggressive fights and communication.


  1. Doing a bunch of things for her she doesn’t want (e.g. cooking a Valentine’s dinner of farfalle with mushrooms for a woman who hates pasta and is allergic to mushrooms) and then getting mad at her for not wanting/appreciating it.


  1. Using money or gifts to impress a woman. 


  1. Expecting a woman to be ‘super-excited’ about all their efforts. Plain kindness and appreciation are not enough.


  1. Expecting to be placed on a pedestal for ‘being NICE GUYS ™’. 


  1. Thinking women are ‘indebted’ to them for favors.


  1. Believe they can buy their way into a woman’s heart. 


  1. Believe that ALL OTHER GUYS are jerks and they are the NICE GUYS ™ who are not appreciated. 


I think this list clearly indicates there are not that many differences between NICE GUYS ™ and PICK UP ARTISTS ™. Both will attract the wrong women. Some will be desperate. Some will be the kind who trade off their looks or attention for money. Some will go along for the ride. 


Kind-hearted women and women with backbone will find neither appealing until they truly abandon their ways. Both forget that these manipulator methods do not work. Not that I am against using strategy. After all, to some degree, I advocate strategy, but I am not into campaigns of manipulation. If you know a guy like this, tell him the truth. If you are dating him, get away. If you act this way, it is high time you stopped. You will have a much happier time in your dating life if you do.


Submitted: December 01, 2020

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