Angels Real Or Fantasy?

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Article about angels

  • Well that depends on your belief system and if you have faith or not; not faith that there is angels but also if you believe in God. There have been over ninety-two angel sightings and doesn’t include my own personal experiences of angel sightings. Many people believe angels exist and I know I am one of them. What are angels and what are their purpose?


  • Angels are a creation of God and are there to serve him and his purpose. God has many angels, some are there to serve him, others are guardian angels who watch over people and children, and warrior angels who fight for God against evil and the devil.  
  • What makes people believe there are angels? Many people have had near death experiences and have seen an angel or angels or even have been saved by angel. Angels are real and not a figment of our imagination, God may send them in our time of need, and we see them sometimes not as an angel but as a person in most cases angels will disguise themselves as man or a woman, maybe even a child.


  • What makes angels divine or holy? Angels are creation of God and are divine in his making and angels are holy because God made them that way. Most people believe that angels don’t exist and are fake, but they are they are around us all the time, they are there watching over us an guarding us.


  • Non- believers refuse to believe because they don’t believe what they see is real or have no faith. Honestly to have to religious to believe in angels all you need is faith. Can a non-believer see an angel and believe?


  • Yes, a non-believer can see an angel and I’ll you why, God is sending that person a message that God himself exists and so does his angels and he wants that person to have to faith and believe. One hundred percent of the time a non-believer will become a believer and have faith and will believe. 


  • Can angels send us messages, yes absolutely sometimes they will tell us things that might happen in the future or let us know when I loved one might pass or has passed on. My grandmother who is has passed on, had her own experience with an angel on the day she died, she said this “a beautiful angel in a long white dress with beautiful wings came from heaven and had saved her, for she was fighting for soul and her and the angel won; the room smelled of flowers and then the angel took her by the hand and led to heaven.”


  • I have had my own personal experience with an angel where I was pushed by an unknown force, and a little girl in a white dress saved me, now I believed this little girl was angel, she was my guardian angel. People can tell me I’m wrong and I shouldn’t be talking about this but I find this to be inspirational and religious and I don’t if this topic doesn’t get talked about it because it can be conversational but I don’t care I love this and want to share this with others and maybe make them aware or maybe someone out there will read this and need to hear it because they are going through something and need the faith and if I can provide that then I have done my job. I have dealt with people who are naysayers and don’t believe in angels and I’m not here to make you believe, you have the choice to believe whether you experience your own angel encounter or you read my article and you believe.


  • But no matter how you experience an angel encounter I truly hope it’s amazing, and it changes your life and you become a believer and have faith and I will tell you the experience will change you and the way you think ad its truly an eye opening experience.  
  • And if decide if you do want to tell them what they saw and they tell you what you saw isn’t real don’t buy into it because until they experience it for themselves they don’t know therefor they don’t believe. I’m here to say angels are real and not a fantasy but the choice is yours and you believe what you want.

Submitted: December 02, 2020

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D. Thurmond aka JEF

I believe that you will find the the bible makes reference to two kinds of angels, Heavenly Angles, and then there are just angles. The word angle means someone who delivers a message. So I would think one kind was from heaven, the other, not so much. However, that does not mean they aren't both sent by God. --- I believe that I've encountered both and the later may not have known she was sent to deliver a message, but she did anyway. It's a good thing I was listening.

Thu, December 3rd, 2020 9:50pm

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