Minky and the Dragon

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is a story I'm still working on.
It's a supernatural/romance that contains swearwords, substance use and naughty scenes.
I'm looking for feedback on the flow and story content. (Do you like it? Does it make you want to read more? Are my words used in a creative and elegant way, ect)

Minky leans back in the musty car seat, lazily cracking the window a few inches by cranking the old fashioned handle on the door. A breeze brings crisp night air into the broke down old Station Wagon. Minky thumbs a see-through Bic lighter until a small flame flickers to life. The girl holds one end of her hand rolled blunt over the flame, slowly spinning it between her thumb and pointer finger, evenly distributing the heat. Once satisfied, the teen takes her thumb off the lighter and takes a long drag off the blunt. She blows a thick stream of smoke out the crack in the car window, a sad smile inching over her lips.

“If only you could see me now.” Minky chuckles to herself, taking another deep puff off the blunt. “Sitting here, smoking weed all day, every day. I’m living your dream.” The young woman squirms in the squeaky car seat until she produces a picture from her back pocket. She holds the picture in her hand, illuminated only by moonlight. Minky takes a few rapid puffs off the blunt as she stares at the picture of herself and another female. “Miss you Jinxi…”

Before long, the blunt has been smoked down to a tiny nub which the girl flicks into the Station Wagon’s ashtray. Peaceful numbness slowly caresses Minky and she lets her eyes drift shut. She runs her finger across the photo’s glossy surface as sleep creeps into the smoky rust bucket.


16 year old Mink Mine had been a normal high school student when The Rift appeared. She’d been in science class when the warning sirens started to blare. The teachers had stopped their lessons as a voice no one could recognize came over the PA system:

An anomaly has opened in the sky and creatures have been seen coming from it. Not much is known at this time.

The school is going on lockdown.

Everyone stay inside.

Lock the doors and stay away from the windows.

Do not leave until told to do so.

Again, this is NOT a drill. This is not a drill.”

The staff and students hunker down as told and wait but it doesn’t take long to find out just how dangerous the situation had become. About an hour or so after the initial announcement over the PA system, the building was struck by something large. The school trembles violently and panic ensues. Despite the teacher’s protests, students take off running and scatter.

Minky fled her classroom as well but she wasn’t going for the exit doors like her classmates. She heads deeper into the school.

 Frightened wails and confused chatter fills the halls as another colossal object strikes the building. A shower of broken glass and pieces of the building rain down from the impact.  More bodies file into the halls, fleeing their classroom confines. Minky’s heart beats hard against her chest and her legs feel like Jell-O but she continues. She jogs down hallway after hallway, avoiding students and falling ceiling tile to the best of her ability. Finally, she stops in front of a closed door to catch her breath before flinging it open.

“JINXI” Minky hollers into the classroom. A few wide-eyed students huddled in a corner gasp at the girl’s sudden entrance.

“Minky!” A high school girl replies with relief. She hops up to her feet and rushes to greet Minky.

“We gotta get out of here.” Minky tells her quietly, her eyes drifting past her partner’s to the still watching eyes of the classroom. “Something is going on out there, I think we’re under attack, probably terrorists. We’re sitting ducks in this school, we’ve got to get out.”

“Minky… Haven’t you heard?” Jinx questions, her voice quavering.

“Heard about what?” Mink questions impatiently.

“It’s not terrorists.” Jinx replies with a broken voice.

“I don’t care.” Minky hisses, taking Jinx’s hand in her own. “Let’s get out of here. Come on.” Without waiting for Jinx’s reply, Minky begins to drag her away from the classroom. The pair can hear the distant and not so distant sounds of distress as they travel briskly through the halls.

“Th-there was an opening in the sky.” Jinx tries to tell Minky who is busy navigating the halls. The impacts on the building have caused things like trophy cases and ceiling tiles to topple down, obstructing certain junctions. “It opened in the sky… and they came out of it! They’re out there right now Minky… They’re out there right now!”

“Jinxi, please!” Minky barks, turning to face the babbling teen at her side. Jinx shoves her phone at the girl. Minky’s eyes scan the image on the screen.

“Rift opens in sky, monsters spill forth!”

Reads the caption above a blurry image. Minky has to narrow her eyes and really concentrate to make out the photo’s contents; a dimly glowing streak in the sky with… long serpent-like things circling the air around it.

“The fuck is this garbage?” Minky sneers, pushing the phone back towards her girlfriend. “Monsters? Are you for real? Monsters don’t exist.”

“It’s real Minky!” Jinx insists, tears clawing at the corners of her gentle chocolatey brown eyes. “There’s videos! It’s real! There are monsters outside!”

Minky pulls Jinx close to her as the girl sobs uncontrollably. “Jinxi, baby, listen to me.” Minky begins, trying her best to use a soothing voice. “I know you’re scared, I’m scared too but we need to get out of here.” As if making Minky’s point for her, another building shaking crash rips through the high school. Jinx screams in terror as Minky keeps a protective hold on her. More ceiling tiles drop and clatter to the floor. “This place isn’t safe, see? If we stay here I’m afraid the building will come down and crush us. We’re going to make a run for it to your house ok? It’s just down the road. We’re going to get out of this death trap and hide out in your basement, ok Jinxi baby?”

“O-ok Minky…” Jinx sniffles, rubbing her fists into her eyes to dry her tears. Minky smiles weakly at her, taking just a few seconds to appreciate seeing her usually smart-mouthed and rambunctious companion so delicate. Jinx gathers herself and gives a little head nod, indicating that she is ready.

The pair emerges outside to chaos.

Vehicles have crashed and strayed from the roads, people are running to and fro, massive fires rage in uneven clumps all around, buildings and fauna have been set aflame or completely leveled to rubble. Trumpeting howls of the creatures bellow in the near distance. High up in the sky, above all the madness, is the anomaly; The Rift. An ominous undulating gash high up in the horizon.  

“We just need to be quick.” Minky tells her girlfriend as the two hesitate on the school steps. “We’ll go through backyards, avoid the roads. We’re going to run for it, shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.”

“Ok.” Jinx nods, her eyes glued to the sky. Minky keeps her eyes trained on their surroundings, listening intently.

“We’ll take as much cover as possible,” Minky continues softly. “Stay under trees and awnings. We need to stay out of the open as much as possible.” She gives Jinx’s clammy little hand a reassuring squeeze. “You ready?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be.” Jinx affirms grimly.

Minky nods grimly, her eyes scanning their surroundings once more. She slowly counts to three in her head and then her feet leave the top step. The two girls run with everything in them and make it safely to Jinx’s parents’ house. Jinx’s parents aren’t home so the pair hides themselves away in the basement.


 “They still aren’t answering?” Minky questions hesitantly, watching Jinx take her cellphone away from her ear for the hundredth time, hanging up.

“No…” Jinx mutters.

“My mom hasn’t answered either.” Minky confesses.

A few weeks have passed since the two high school students abandoned their school and took refuge in Jinx’s parents basement.

“911 working for you yet?” Jinx questions, setting her cell down and reaching for a circular metal cookie tin.

“Just rings. No one ever answers.” Mink responds, watching her girlfriend roll a joint by candle light. Minky liked to watch her girlfriend roll blunts and joints, Jinx always makes it look so effortless. Minky had tried to roll a couple of blunts at her girlfriend’s past requests but they never came out as nice and tight as Jinx’s perfect rolls. Minky’s ends were always too wide and weed would sprinkle out or was sucked straight into her throat as she tried to light it.

Minky hadn’t thought much about marijuana before she met Jinx in their freshman year of high school and the only reason she started smoking was to impress her. Jinx, however, had been avidly smoking reefer and cigarettes since middle school.

“We got to get out of here soon, dude.” Jinx laments with a wry grin. “We’re almost out of papers.”

Minky chuckles halfheartedly as Jinx lights the joint and inhales. The power had shut off abruptly a week ago and no connections were going through on the cell phones. They were completely isolated in the dark basement and papers were definitely the least of their problems. Jinx passes the joint and Minky takes it, absentmindedly taking a couple of shallow puffs before passing it back.

“We need to see what’s going on up there.” Minky eventually mutters.  “It’s been quiet the last few days. Might be safe to look around a little, see if the neighboring houses still have people inside, if not maybe we can find food.”

“I totally have the munchies.” Comes Jinx’s dull response. Her throat is so raw from coughing her voice comes out as a choked whisper.  Even in the candle light Minky can see her eyes are red from smoking all day.

“I know.” Mink responds evenly. She was starting to worry about her girlfriend. All day, all night, during the girl’s every waking hour, Jinx is always rolling up and smoking. Minky knew her girlfriend’s over indulgence was her way of coping with the fact that she hadn’t heard from her parents in weeks and the world outside is going to shit. It is truly disheartening news and difficult to deal with but instead of facing it Jinx choses to medicate. She gets herself stoned enough that she doesn’t have to think about the awful state of the world. She just sits in a stoned stupor, sleeping as often as she can.

Minky takes the joint out of the girl’s fingers and puts it out on the basement wall, ignoring her girlfriend’s protests.

“We will finish this when we get back, ok?” Minky tells Jinx in a tone similar to one a mother would use on fussy toddler.

“Oh, are we going to a gas station?” Jinx questions, rising wobbly. “Good, need blunts. You got money Minky?” 

“No gas station baby.” Minky tells her with a frown. “We’re going to look around the neighbors houses for food.”

“I’m starving!” Jinx giggles dopily.

“I know baby.” Minky nods, a tight frown on her face. Minky helps Jinx pull on a hoodie, slips black Converse shoes onto the teen’s feet and ties them for her. Jinx staggers up the basement stairs with one arm tossed over Minky’s shoulders, leaning heavily on her for support. Minky considers leaving her spaced-out companion in the basement so that she can scavenge on her own but that idea doesn’t feel right. They should stay together.

Minky opens the basement door and lightly pushes it open. The hallway is vacant and just how they left it weeks ago. Minky hesitates in the open door, listening for any sounds around them.

“Minky!” Jinx hisses, stepping into the hall and pulling Mink along with her. She slams the basement door shut, the action seemingly makes the whole house shutter. Minky’s eyes narrow as she glares at Jinx who looks equally as annoyed at her. “You know better than to leave the basement door open! Mom and dad will smell the weed when they get home and I’ll get in trouble. Sometimes I swear you want me to get in trouble…”  Minky stares at her companion for a long moment, a pang in her chest.

“I’m sorry.” Minky whispers to Jinx. “You know I don’t want to get you in trouble so don’t say that again, ok? I’ve done nothing but protect us just like I’m trying to do right now. I won’t leave the door open, ok? But you have to be quiet Jinxi. As quiet as you possibly can be.”

Jinx isn’t listening, she’s already sauntering toward the kitchen. “I’m gunna make Pizza Rolls! Want some?”  

Minky groans with annoyance and ignores her companion. Instead, she moves cautiously towards the front of the house and peels back a dusty curtain, peering outside. The cul-de-sac Jinx lives on is completely still. No movement is visible from the houses she can see. She studies the view out the window until a scream rips her away.

“What is it?” Minky questions loudly, fear clawing at her core.

“Everything in the freezer is GROSS!” Jinx’s whine drifts through the house. “And it all stinks!! Mom and dad are going to be pissed at me…”

Minky lets a frustrated growl escape her lips as she turns back to the window. She was starting to think Jinx was losing her mind and she had no idea what she could do to help. Explaining things didn’t work either, no matter how many times Minky told her the same things over and over, Jinx wouldn’t believe her. Jinx lives everyday in a marijuana haze of lies, thinking life is no different than before The Rift. Minky does her best to placate and keep the girl safe but it’s really starting to irritate her.

Jinx walks into the living room and plops down on the couch, her blank eyes instinctively gravitate to the black TV screen over the mantle. “Minky, did you hear me? No Pizza Rolls…”

“I heard you babe.” Mink affirms.

“Can we go to the store?” Jinx questions.

“Baby, I told you,” Minky begins, turning away from the window with an exasperated sigh. “I don’t think the stores are safe. Don’t you remember the monsters and The Rift?”

“’Monsters’?” Jinx echoes weakly. “’The Rift’? We can watch whatever scary movie you want when we get back from the store! I’m really hungry.”

Minky shakes her head side to side and says nothing.

From outside, a sound is heard, far off. Distant popping and a low undulating sound. Minky strains to identify the sounds but from inside they are too muffled. She pads over to the front door and unlocks it.

“I’m going to step outside for a minute.” Mink tells Jinx, looking back at her. Jinx stares at the black TV as if her favorite show were playing on it. “Stay inside Jinxi, ok?” The zombified teen nods, eyes never leaving the TV.

Minky also nods and opens the front door enough that she can slip out, closing it behind her. Outside, the air smells of rot, decay, fire and char. Minky pulls her shirt over her nose, fighting back the urge to hurl. She presses herself against the side of Jinx’s parents’ house, looking up at the cloudy grey sky. Smoke billows from the skeletal remains of buildings and cars, adding to the gloomy grey day. The Rift remains adamantly punctured in sky, glowering angrily.

Minky takes slow cautious steps, keeping her back pressed against Jinx’s family home. She moves along the siding until she’s in front of a neighbor’s house. Minky takes a deep breath to steady her nerves before sprinting across the lawn. She flings herself against the neighbor’s house with a soft thud as her wide eyes scope out the situation. Nothing on the cul-de-sac stirs. Minky moves slowly to the nearest window, standing on her tiptoes to take a peek. Inside the home is dark and undisturbed.

Minky makes her way to the front door and pauses to consider her options when she hears the popping sounds she’d heard a short time ago in Jinx’s living room. She listens, eyes combing the sky. The rapid popping continues, the sound closer than before. A thunderous roar bellows closer too. Someone’s shooting at the monsters? Shooting a lot too, must be the police or military.

A small relieved sigh finds its way out of the girl. Someone is out there, Minky and Jinxi aren’t the last two people on the planet. There are still people out there to protect innocent bystanders. They can be rescued and taken care of! Maybe their parents had been taken to a safe place with the other survivors! Hope and optimism washes over Minky like a cool shower after a hot day.

Minky is about to sprint across the yard to reveal her discovery to her girlfriend when an ear piercing roar rings out somewhere unseen yet uncomfortably close. The ground vibrates with the deep rumble of the trumpeting howl. The gunfire starts up again, popping off almost nonstop for what feels like minutes. The monsters… They’re fighting one right now… If she and Jinx were to go for the men with guns they’d be running directly into a battlefield.

Minky’s hand shoots for the neighbor’s front door handle and she gives it a few frantic twists but it’s locked. Her eyes comb the porch and she leans down to grab a decorative statue of a rabbit. Minky glances around nervously, the popping of gunfire spurring her into action. There’s a monster very close to their hideout and it is not safe to be out in the open and since it looks like the girls won’t be able to reach the men with guns until the monster is dealt with… Jinx needs to eat something…

The decorative rabbit smashes though the small window on the door, sending a noisy tinkling of glass onto tile floor inside the house. Minky freezes in place, her head swiveling in every direction. Nothing changes on the cul-de-sac so she carefully reaches past the broken window and unlocks the door from the inside. She lets herself in as quietly as possible, glass crunching under her flip-flops.

“Anybody home?” Minky calls out, her voice barely louder than a whisper. “I don’t mean any harm if anyone’s here, just looking for food.” The inside of the neighbor’s house is still and dark. Minky stays close to the door for a few moments to let her eyes adjust. Her heart beat drums in her throat and in her ears as she steps further into the house’s living room. Minky forces herself to move slowly despite fear urging her to rush. The living room of this house is clean and plain, with a small TV, a curio cabinet packed full of dusty knickknacks and a couch and loveseat combo.

Minky moves on to the kitchen which is just past the living room. She flings open cupboards and pulls everything out that looks safe and places it on the counter. Soon she’s got about a dozen canned goods, a couple boxes of Mac N’ Cheese and a few other non-opened odds and ends. She stares down at her haul with a triumphant smile and starts to gather everything up in her arms. It doesn’t take long to see what a bad idea it is to try and carry the heavy cans by hand. Minky continues scavenging the cupboards, hoping to find a stash of plastic grocery store sacks inside a grocery sack but finds nothing.

She gives her collection of goods a frown before descending farther into the house in search of a backpack. The first door she comes across is a bathroom and she finds nothing of use inside. The next room appears to be a guest room and only houses a neatly made twin bed and an empty dresser. Even the closet is bare. A tight knot begins to form in Minky’s belly as she stands in front of the last door in the house. It’s the only closed door she’s seen and for some reason the heavy bedroom door fills her with unease and foreboding. Her trembling fingers grip the knob and spin it, pushing it open with a loud drawn out creak.

The smell hits Minky immediately and she stumbles backwards, tripping over her own feet and slamming her back into the hallway wall. A few framed pictures hanging on the wall are jostled off their nails and crash to the hardwood floor, shattering. Nausea rises in the pit of the teenager’s stomach and she crumples over, unable to hold back the contents of her stomach. She coughs and sputters, spitting acrid remnants of bile onto the floor. Minky wipes her mouth with her sleeve, taking a few shaky breaths through the fabric.

She can see from the misty grey light filtering in through the open curtain that there is a body in the bed, cacophonous flies all around it. It looks like an old lady from what Minky can see from her bent over position in the hall. The longer she stares at the unmoving corpse the sicker she feels. Minky straitens and reaches for the doorknob, ready to close it and forget that’d she’d seen something so ghastly when something on the floor next to the bed catches her attention. It’s a beige tote bag, the kind people used to take to the grocery store to reduce using paper and plastic bags. It looks just big enough for the collection of edibles waiting for her on the counter in the kitchen.

Minky whimpers to herself, trying to ignore the sickening rotten corpse and its army of insects. She half crawls into the room, a hand firmly pressed over her nose and mouth. Her free hand is stretched out in front of her, eager fingers twitching to grab the tote bag. Flies buzz and bumper car off Minky’s head and she bites back disgusted cries, lunging for the tote. She snatches up the bag and turns quickly, bolting back into the hallway and slamming the door behind her.

Mink breathes hard, leaning over and putting her hands on her knees as she catches her breath. It felt as if she’d been holding her breath the entire time. Minky turns her attention to the tote bag, eyes taking inventory of its contents. It was full of knitting yarn in different colors and various long knitting needles. Minky stuffs a couple of the knitting needles in the back pocket of her jeans and dumpss the yarn out onto the hardwood.

“Sorry to mess up your pad, granny.” Minky mutters to herself as she returns to the kitchen. She was ready to get out of a house that was starting to feel more and more like a tomb. She holds the tote bag with one hand and uses her other to push the canned goods off the counter into the open bag. She does the same with the rest of goodies she’d been able to scrounge together and heads to the front door. Minky is halfway out the door when a massive shadow engulfs the house.

The teenager freezes instantly, her eyes drifting to the sky. Mink can’t see the beast but she knows it’s flying just over the house. The creature’s shadow moves languidly across the house and yard, great wings beating audibly, causing grass, trees and debris to whip about as if a an elephant-sized helicopter were landing. Minky watches the shadow drift lazily until the creature comes into view. Her eyes widen as fear courses through her veins.

The beast is about as long and tall as a double-decker bus, covered in crimson red scales. Its body is tight and slender with a long neck and a wedge shaped head covered with spikes and thorns. The dragon has wide webbed wings, massive claws on all four of its legs and a bloody snout full of pointy teeth that snap mindless as the beast continues to down the cul-de-sac.

The dragon snaps it’s maw open suddenly and lets a blast of fire escape it’s mighty throat, lighting a two-story house on fire. The building quickly turns into a burning inferno and the dragon hovers over it briefly before landing on the roof. The house collapses instantly under the monster’s weight and fire damage but the beast doesn’t seem to mind. It coils up in the embers and flames, its legs pulled close to its chest as its large tail sways destructively behind it.

Dread forms like a brick in Minky’s belly upon seeing one of The Rift’s visitors up close. So close, in fact, it was only about four houses away from Jinx’s parent’s home. Entirely too close for Minky’s liking. Having a monster move into the neighborhood is scary enough but a monster that can breathe fire and kill you without ever even touching you…

Metallic grinding and the crunching of tires over refuse bring Minky’s attention away from the dragon. Army vehicles are steadily pushing through the backyards of the cul-de-sac, heading in the direction of the dragon. Several military vehicles converge in the circular pavement of the cul-de-sac and idol there. Minky looks back to a dragon that is glaring menacingly at the military’s arrival in the neighborhood. The beast remains seated in its cozy burning rubble but keeps a watchful eye pointed at the vehicles.

Minky’s eyes return to the armored military vehicles. Men are exiting the vehicles and barking orders at others. They scramble around, doing something productive the girl can’t see from her position. Her gaze continuously see-saws back and forth from the men, to the dragon and to Jinx’s current whereabouts. Her thoughts are racing and panicky and she can’t seem to make her body move. She remains a silent observer.

The military men scrabble about, a few of them standing guard in front of the rest, monitoring the dragon. The dragon remains perched on the embers of the house, clearly agitated. The beast snorts small warning flames and snarls wildly, tail whipping back and forth like a cornered cat. One of the military men steps forward with some kind of large weapon. He sets it down on the pavement and gets on his hands and knees to position the weapon. The man points the long tube directly at the dragon.

“Launch rocket on my command!” Another of the men, the leader, barks.

Rocket? That weapon is a rocket launcher?! They’re going to fire a rocket at the dragon! They can’t do that, Mink and Jinx will get caught in the blast! They’re too close to the launch zone. Even if the pair could somehow survive the rocket blasts, the dragon is a big threat too. Jinx’s parent’s home is right in the path of the battle, the likelihood that it’d receive damage is too high. An image of the two girls trapped and starving to death in the basement of the leveled home causes Minky to shudder.

“Three! Two!” The man in command barks and Minky burst forward.

“Wait! Wait please!” Minky screams at the top of her lungs. She runs out onto the lawn of the neighbor’s house, towards the men. “Don’t fire! You’ll kill my girlfriend and I!” The men are surprised by the teenagers sudden appearance and several guns are immediately trained on her.

“Halt! Stop right where you are.” One of the men with guns orders and Minky freezes as told. She’s on the edge of the yard, the bag of edibles clutched between both her sweaty hands. Minky tilts her head back to see the dragon has also taken notice of her, its narrowed dinner plate sized eyes trained on her. Terror grips her and she turns back to the military men with a pleading sob.

“You armed?” Questions one of the men.

“No!” Minky responds with a quivering voice.

The man in charge and another approach the girl with cautious strides.

“It’s not safe for you to be out here little lady.” The man in charge says casually, his dark eyes giving Minky a curious once over. The name on his military garb reads Von-Stroh. He’s older, maybe in his 40’s and has a hard face grizzled by war.

“Please help us!” Minky begs, tears welling in the corners of her eyes.

“Who’s ‘us’?” Von-Stroh demands evenly, his eyes briefly flicking to check on the dragon before returning to the girl.

“Me and my girlfriend!” Minky babbles quickly. She lets one hand free of the tote and points at Jinx’s parent’s home. “She’s not well! She couldn’t handle the way things have become and her brain broke. We need your help please! Please! Pl-Plea…” Minky trails off, choked off by her own crying.

“It’s just the two of you?” Von-Stroh prods.

“Yes.” Minky nods with a hiccup.

Von-Stroh turns and leans into the man standing next to him. “Send a few men into that house to get the other girl. Put ‘em in a Humvee and take ‘em back to base. Those are orders!”

“Sir yes sir!” Responds the lesser ranked man, taking off to set the command in motion.

“Thank you!” Minky whimpers gratefully.

“Come with me little lady.” Von-Stroh tells the girl. He places a hand on her shoulder and guides her towards the line of idling vehicles. “Good thing you popped out when you did. Don’t worry you’re pretty little head no more, ok? You and your girlie-friend are going to be fine now.”

“Thank you!” Minky chants through her thankful sobbing. “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

“You’re most welcome.” Von-Stroh purrs, his hand sliding off the girls shoulder and down the curve of her back. Minky stiffens uncomfortably but keeps stride with him. “So, what’s in the bag hm?”

“I scavenged a few groceries from that house.” Minky responds squeakily as Von-Stroh’s hand grazes her bottom before returning to her lower back.

“Wonderful.” Beams the man in command. He plucks the heavy bag out of Minky’s hands, ignoring her surprised gasp. “The boys will be famished after a hard day of saving your lives. Thanks darlin’.”

“My friend hasn’t ate in a few days.” Minky protests, giving the man a sad look. “She needs to eat something soon.”

“You’ll both get fixed up once you get back to base.” Von-Stroh responds, annoyance creeping into his tone. He opens the backdoor to one of the vehicles and motions for Minky to get inside. Minky hesitates nervously, turning back to see the dragon has stood up, hackles raised defensively. She climbs up into the big armored vehicle and Von-Stroh slams the door shut behind her. Minky casts nervous glances at the silent man seated behind the wheel and the view out the front windshield. Jinx is being brought out of her house, one of Von-Stroh’s men on each side of her to help her stay upright. Within moments, the men are loading a lethargic Jinx into the backseat next to Minky.

“Put your seatbelts on.” The driver orders as he revs the engine. “Gunna be a little bumpy.”

Minky fumbles to buckle herself in then leans over and helps secure Jinx’s seatbelt. The Humvee rumbles, backing up and whipping in a circle so that it’s facing in the direction the men had originally come from. The Humvee jets forward, flying off the ground a few inches as it leaves the pavement and rolls into the grass. They move quickly and with purpose.

“Minky..?” Jinx whispers, loopy. “Minky? Wh-what’s goin’ on?”

“It’s ok baby.” Minky whispers back, inching closer and clasping her hand over Jinx’s. “We’re being taken somewhere safe.”

“Can you ask your friend if he’ll stop at a gas station?” Jinx muses, completely clueless of their situation. She pulls her purse onto her lap. “I found a couple of dollars in my purse.”

“Jinx…” Minky sighs with exasperation.


~~~~2 and a half years later~~~~


 Minky sits by the window in a classroom of an elementary school. She gazes wistfully through a small slit in the scrap metal that protectively covers all the windows of the school. The elementary school serves as a living quarters for survivors of The Rift and consists mostly of women, children, the elderly and members of the militia. The same militia men who’d carted Minky and Jinx away from the dragon a few years back. Von-Stroh is in charge of the entire operation.

The classroom door opens, causing Minky to spin in her seat. Rosita and her sons, Hector and Gorge, share the classroom with Jinx and herself. The young brothers are bickering noisily back and forth in Spanish. Rosita shoots Minky an apologetic look as the family moves to the pile of mattresses on their side of the classroom.

“Have you seen Jinx?” Minky questions quickly, unable to hide the disappointment in her tone.  Her girlfriend had been absent the last few nights and Minky was starting to get upset.

“No, sorry.” Rosita replies quickly with another apologetic frown.

“I saw her in Von-Stroh’s room!” Gorge pipes up. “Von-Stroh is so cool! Can you ask Jinx if I can hang out with him sometime too?”

“Gorge!” Rosita snaps. The boy’s face twists with confusion and Hector snickers at his brother’s scolding.

“It’s ok Rosita.” Minky mutters weakly, rising from the creaky wooden chair by the window. “Gorge didn’t do anything wrong.”

“I’m sorry…” Rosita mumbles regretfully, avoiding eye contact. Minky strides icily out of classroom, closing the door softly behind her. She continues purposefully heading towards the stairs. The second floor of the elementary school houses the common folk. There are about 15 classrooms of varying sizes with multiple families forced to share the precious and limited space. The halls are often packed with bored residents looking for a break from their stuffy confinements and children whose parents need some alone time. People who live on the second floor don’t get to go outside very often. Dragon attacks are few due to the elementary school’s rural location but they do occur on occasion. Keeping people inside both ensures that the militia guards don’t have to babysit anyone and also keeps the more vulnerable residents safest.

Minky keeps her eyes on the floor, not in the mood to chat with any of the numerous occupants loitering in the spacious school halls. She approaches two of the militia men guarding the staircase to the lower level, their level.

“Let me through.” Minky demands evenly, her gaze remaining on the grimy tile floor.

“On what grounds?” One of the men snickers.

“She’s getting lonely without her girlie-friend.” The other man jokes.

Anger flares through Minky and she forcefully pushes past the men, heading down the stairs as they bark orders at her. Neither actually attempts to stop the girl though. They watch her figure vanish from sight with smug expressions on their cold faces.

Minky steps off the last stair and pauses, looking around. She had only been on the first floor a handful of times and wasn’t positive where she needed to go.

“Hey, you get lost little girl?” A gravelly voice purrs very close to Minky’s ear. The girl jumps away, startled. An older militia man glowers lasciviously at her.

“Where is Von-Stroh’s room?” Mink questions, her voice not as fierce as she would have liked.

“The Boss already has company.” Says the creeper man. “I am all on my own though. Why don’t you come keep me company and I can get you something nice. Got a couple packages of Peanut MnMs and some Ramen Noodles with your name on them baby cakes.”

“You can’t buy me with junkfood!” Minky snaps. “Tell me where I can find Von-Stroh’s room!”

 “Little bitch.” The old man huffs before sulking away, continuously muttering profanities.

Minky grits her teeth and pushes forward with determination. These perverted tyrants won’t buy her off as easily as they do with some of the other ‘ladies’ in this awful place. There are enough whores running around, happy to spread their legs for Cheetos and batteries. Minky refuses to ever be like them.

Minky continuously combs the halls of the lower level with tunnel vision, ignoring everyone asking or demanding to know what she is doing there. When a classroom with several men gravitating around its entrance comes into view, she is certain she’s found it. She marches up to the classroom and the men guarding it, eyes burning into the closed door.

“Whoa, you can’t go in there.” A militia man laughs, moving his big bulky body directly in the path of Minky and the closed door. She tilts her head up to glare at the man.

“Just get out of the way.” Minky says through grit teeth.

“Boss ain’t taking meetings right now.” The bulky man insists, firmly planting his feet.

“I need to see my girlfriend!” Minky bellows at the object in her path. “Get out of my way!” When the man remains adamant in place, Minky attempts to barrel past him but he’s much bigger and stronger and barely waivers. Minky growls with frustration and begins to beat her small fists into her roadblock’s chest. It’s clear that her feeble attack doesn’t do much to the tank but his buddies step in and drag the girl off. “Let me go! Let me go right now! Jinx! Jinx! Get your ass out here!” Minky is roaring with rage, kicking and thrashing at the men trying to restrain her. 

“You need to calm down!” The men are telling her but the words float in one ear and out the other.

The door to the class slams open causing the men in the hallway to freeze up momentarily.

“What the absolute fuck is goin’ on out here?!” Shouts a half dressed Von-Stroh. Minky manages to wriggle free of her restrainers’ in their moment of surprise.

“I want to talk to my girlfriend.” Minky hisses bitterly, stepping towards the now open door and the disheveled man.

“Sorry Boss!” One of the militia men responds. “She just showed up like this! Crazy bitch!”

“Probably that time of the month.” Another of the men jabs and a few join in with snide snickering.

“Jinx!” Minky calls.

“Can’t I help you?” Von-Stroh questions, voice teeming with annoyance.

“I think you’ve done enough.” Mink bites, eyes burning at the man who’d once saved her.

“Little girl,” Von-Stroh chides, wagging a finger at Minky in a mocking gesture. “Go back to your room.” He turns to head back into the classroom.

“Hang on.” Another voice from inside the room whispers. “Let her in.”

“Are you sure?” Von Stroh questions hesitantly a few seconds before beckoning Minky inside.

Minky rushes in before anyone can change their mind and finds her girlfriend waiting on her. Jinx is draped in a plush lilac robe, her hair messy and her eyes bloodshot. She’s sitting on the end of an overstuffed mattress/box spring, looking at Minky expectantly. The room is spacious and full of fancy antique furnishings. It’s definitely much nicer than any of the upstairs rooms which consist mostly of old stained mattresses and left over child-sized chairs and desks. Minky also notices purple articles of clothing littering the floor, cute little stuffed animals stashed here and there.

“What’s up babe?” Jinx’s voice comes out sounding raspy.

“You look comfortable.” Minky states icily.

“Kyle found it for me.” Jinx responds, notes of adoration in her tone. “He finds me lots of really great things. It’s so nice getting spoiled.”

“What about me?” Comes Minky’s deflated response.

“Of course I didn’t forget you.” Jinx half chuckles. She gets up and rummages around inside a standing boudoir. Von-Stroh makes himself comfortable in a leather armchair, uninterested in the clucking of hens. Minky watches Jinx with tears in her eyes. “Oh, here you go. See? Just like mine only it’s pink.” Jinx produces a plush pale pink robe from the boudoir, showing it off.

Minky walks over to Jinx, glancing over her shoulder to see ‘Kyle’ is fiddling with something in a metal tin. She ignores him and focuses on Jinx.

“I don’t care about the robe.” Minky whispers bitterly. “You know what I mean.”

“Babe, you need to calm down.” Jinx laughs. “You’re being kind of a downer.”

“Am I?” Minky snorts, tears streaming down her face. “I haven’t even seen you in days. I’m sick of this shit and I’m sick of this place!”

“Babe, come on.” Jinx groans, rubbing her forehead with her fingertips. “We’ve been over this so many times.”

“I don’t care about the special treatment!” Minky tells her. “All the bathrobes and packets of noodles in the After mean nothing to me! I just want you to stop spending all your damn time down here! You don’t need to do this!”

“Idiot girl.” Kyle Von-Stroh chuckles cruelly from across the room. Minky bites back a snarl of anger as she glances towards him. He’s got a plastic band tied tightly around his upper bicep and is focusing a needle into a vein on underside of his forearm. “You still don’t get it do you?”

“What’s he talking about Jinx?” Mink questions, turning away in disgust. She focuses her bleary eyes on her girlfriend, tugs on Jinx’s hand. “Please, let’s get out of here. You and me, like it used to be. I need you Jinxi.”

“Things… aren’t like they used to be.” Jinx says softly as she slips her hand of out Minky’s. “I’m not going back to that room upstairs either. Sorry babe but I’m moving in down here with Kyle.”

“What about me?” Minky sobs weakly.

“I’ll still take care of you.” Jinx assures, patting her hand on Minky’s shoulder. “You’ll still get lots of yummy stuff, I promise.” Minky reaches out and grabs Jinx’s wrist. Surprised, Jinx stammers and give her companion a puzzled look. Minky continues to hold her girlfriends wrist as she tugs the sleeve of the lilac purple robe up. Red, round puffy track marks dot her pale skin. Minky lets go of her wrist with a repulsed gasp.

“I don’t want anything from you.” She snarls, knocking the pale pink robe out of Jinx’s hand. “I worked so hard to keep us alive when The Rift first showed up… You were the first person on my mind Jinx! I came back for you! I protected you when you went batshit crazy! And this is what I get in return?! You’re just going to dump me to whore around for the troops and shoot up all day? Well Jinxi, THEY can have you! Cuz I’m over it!”

“Calm down.” Jinx says in a deescalating voice. “You’ve always been so dramatic. The only reason I even started entertaining the Militia was so I could take care of you. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me and that’s why I’m going to make sure you’re well taken care of here, ok? I got your back so stop wiggin’ out.”

“I never asked you to take care of me that way!” Minky snaps.

“One of us had to do it!” Jinx snaps back. Anger underlines her facial features. “We couldn’t BOTH sit in a corner and shrink up Minky! I was the one able to do what needed to be done. And guess what? I’m NOT sorry about it!”

“Wasn’t there anything else you could have done?” Minky questions with exasperation, tears threatening to spill from her eyes. “I needed you... I hated this place and you were all I had…”

“You were all I had.” Jinx retorts with annoyance. “But because I didn’t hide and sulk, I made new friends. I put in the work and I earned privileges.”

“Work.” Minky snorts, shaking her head side-to-side. “Is it really that hard getting on your knees?”

“Get out!” Jinx shouts, her face flushing bright red with anger. The two females lock furious stares for a moment, a million things being said in the silence. One thing is entirely too clear though. “Leave, Minky. Now.” Kyle Von-Stroh stirs in his leather recliner, ready to escort the intruder out.

“Yeah, I’m gone.” Minky says, turning abruptly and marching to the door. She doesn’t want either of them to see her cry. She storms out of the room and retreats back upstairs. Minky curls up and weeps as silently as possible on the dirty mattress she’d shared with Jinx. Rosita and her boys are as respectful of the broken girl’s privacy as four people pinned into a room together can be. Minky cries and sobs and shutters until nothing comes out then she just lies still, staring at the wall.

Night arrives at long last, the hours crawling by at an agonizingly slow pace. Minky can hear Rosita snoring and knows her roommates have fallen asleep. She sits up slowly, looks across the room and confirms. Minky gets up from the mattress and grabs a backpack from under her pillow. She slings it over her shoulders and pads over to the sleeping family. She places a big bag of scavenged treats down near their beds. Jinx had brought her the bag of granola bars, potato chips and licorice the other day. Minky had been planning to take the stash with her but after the heated argument earlier she doesn’t want anything from her ex-girlfriend. She leaves the bag and sneaks out of the room.


Minky wakes up with a startled cry, her head whipping around frantically. Her sleep-heavy eyes comb the inside of the old Station Wagon, seeing nothing out of the ordinary. The sun is peeking up over the valley, the sky a lovely milky blue. Mink sits up the car seat and buries her face in her hands. Her cheeks are wet, she notes, must have been crying in her sleep again. She usually wakes up crying when she has the dream of her last day in Fort Avilla…

Minky groans and coughs a few times before reaching for a rolled blunt. She lights the end and takes a few deep puffs, calming her nerves. She starts to relax. Minky slowly puffs on the blunt until it’s burned down to a worthless nub she flicks into the ashtray. By now, the sun has risen enough that its golden rays are filling the inside of the Station Wagon. Dust motes almost seem to sparkle in the early morning sunshine. It’s getting entirely too bright for the girl to be able to go back to sleep.

Minky yawns and stretches noisily before throwing open the car door and stepping out. Cold dew drops swamp the girl’s bare feet and she winces. Minky hops and skips through the wet grass until she’s standing in soft cool dirt. The girl hums to herself as she moves large rocks off a crinkly blue tarp and pulls dry firewood out from underneath. She tosses a couple of logs into a circular iron ring and works on getting a fire started. Once a little fire has stirred to life, Minky wonders out to the outhouse to take care of business.

After using the outhouse Minky returns to the fire to warm up. She sits in a plastic lawn chair holding her hands and feet close to the fire. The world is fully lit by the sun now. Looks like it’ll be another beautiful day, Mink thinks to herself. She lazes about by the fire for a while, listening to the snap and crackle of the flame. Birds’ chirp and trill chipper good morning greetings from the trees. A gentle breeze rustles through the girl’s hair. Minky is utterly rapt with contentment.

Eventually Minky gets up from her cozy spot by the fire and heads off to start her day.

A few weeks after running away from Fort Avilla, Minky had stumbled upon the little cabin in the woods. The cabin was the only property for miles and miles so it was the last resort for a tired, heartbroken girl. She ended up finding herself in the apocalyptical version of heaven. An overgrown garden in the back houses many veggies and tall heathy marijuana plants. Fragrant apple trees are ripe with fruit. Chickens roam the property, often raiding the veggies in the garden. The chickens stroll about during the day and return to a sun-bleached chicken coop at night, creatures of habit.

A little bit of hard work and elbow-grease and a whole lot of experimentation and guessing do wonders for the girl. Minky gets the garden in better order, feeding the things that are too rotten for her to the chickens. The twelve happy healthy hens lay plenty of eggs for the young lady to eat. Minky had scavenged everything useful from inside the cabin when she first arrived. There’s a couple of mostly decomposed corpses with bullet holes in their heads inside that make her feel too nauseous to be around so she opts to sleeps in the Station Wagon parked out back. The car had no wheels but was the only vehicle on the property. A small shed is home to gardening equipment and a push mower. The property has a large pond where Minky occasionally bathes and catches little fish to roast over the fire. The property even has a well pump with a handle that still produces spring drinking water.

Minky has lived the last few months in utter peace, haunted only in her dreams and the occasional loneliness. Even dragons don’t take notice of the little farm in the middle of nowhere. Minky theorizes the flying serpents don’t like the smell of marijuana but she can’t be sure. Dragons’ pass overhead from time to time yet none have dared to encroach on the girl’s paradise.

Minky feeds the chickens rotten tomatoes and drops a couple of sunflowers heavy with seed and watches the noisy hens dive at the treats. She coos and baby talks to the creatures as they eat. After a while the girl grabs a couple of eggs from the coop and returns to her small fire. She cracks the eggs into a cast-iron skillet she’d found in the cabin on day one. She fries the eggs over the fire then eats them with her hands right out of the skillet. No reason to use table manners when you’re alone. After eating Minky scrubs the pan with a cloth and heads off to bathe in the pond.

Soon the sun has crossed the sky and dusk is rolling in. Minky feeds a couple of thick branches to the fire and sits in the plastic chair. With the last of the ebbing orange sunrays of the day Minky rolls several blunts. She places the majority of them back into the wooden stashbox on her lap and places it next to her on the ground. She stands up with a stretch and pulls an old cellphone out of her pocket. She holds the power button for a few seconds until the screen flashes on. Minky had found a couple of those rechargeable power banks for cell phones in a mostly picked over gas station after fleeing Fort Avilla and used her phone as sparingly as possible. Once the power banks were used up, the phone would be useless.

While the phone powers on, Minky lights a blunt with the little bonfire before her. She plops back into her seat, covering up with a scratchy wool blanket. Minky takes a deep hit as she fiddles with the phone. She turns the brightness down as much as possible to save battery and thumbs through her playlist. With another long drag, the girl’s finger taps Tiny Dancer by Elton John. The soothing melody plays through the phones speaker. Minky sways her head and hums along, taking long drags. With no electricity, the night sky is vivid with spiraling nebulas and endless twinkling stars.

Minky’s heart squeezes for a moment. She glances around, a pang of loneliness rippling through her. She had lived in Fort Avilla for two and a half years and had been miserable the entire time. The fort had been extremely crowded, smelled awful and the only way to get anything as a woman was to sell your body. Minky feared her life would be nothing but oppression and depression but out here she is isolated and free. She has no desire to return to Fort Avilla, or any other Fort for that matter, but she must admit it gets lonely by herself all the time.

Jinx flashes through Minky’s weed-buzzed mind. Anger and sadness fill her thoughts as she remembers the good times they’d had.

The couple skipping school to hang out at the mall…

Her and Jinx holed up in the back room of Putt King’s arcade clumsily trying to keep up with the Dance Dance Revolution machine…

Weekends sprawled out on Minky’s bed, the two girls holding hands in the darkness while TaTu played…

Tears are cascading down Minky’s pale face as she continues to fixate on the past. She had been truly in love with Jinx and she’d broken her heart so carelessly. Junk food and heroin were more important to Jinx than the girl who’d kept her alive in the early stages of The Rift.

A trumpeting sound rumbles off in the distance. Minky sniffles and groans and dries her eyes, focusing her slowed senses on the noise. The only thing she can hear now are the insects and frogs that sing convivial greetings into the night. Minky shakes her head as if trying to clear it. She powers her cell phone back down and grabs another blunt from the stashbox by her feet. She lights the blunt with the glowing embers of the dying fire then proceeds to drag a piece of scrap metal over the fire ring.

Minky gathers up the stashbox and wool blanket, blunt producing a thin line of smoke from between the girl’s lips. She trudges to the Station Wagon and crawls into the back. A stash of blankets and pillows lain out on the floor in the back of the old car serves as her makeshift bed. Minky crawls in and curls up, hotboxing the car as she finishes the last of her blunt. She cuddles against a pillow, burying her face into it, and falls into a deep slumber.




The black dragon is a mere blur against the midnight sky. He glides listlessly on an air current, black pupils pointed at the ground below. The familiar scent of fire and char fills his nostrils and infuriates the beast. He opens his maw and blasts out a warning call. Shadowy figures shift and murmur unintelligently at the edges of the great beast’s mind. They dip and dodge in his peripheral, whispering cruel things to him.

Astarot snarls and swipes at the shadows with his massive claws. Rage surges through him when his claws make no contact and he whips about in the air, lashing out wildly. His claws rip at the air, his fangs snapping ferociously at nothing. The shadows avoid his every attack and mock his attempts, goading him to continue.

The maddened beast continuously lunges at unseen tormentors, the desire to rip and rend them in his claws driving him forward. He wheels about in the sky for hours, dipping and diving blindly at the taunting blurs that haunt his mind until he’s exhausted. His massive wings shutter before giving out. The beast cannot keep himself airborne and falls to the earth. The dragon crashes through the tops of trees, splintering them under his weight.

Astarot struggles tiredly to get back onto his feet, toppling more trees with his thrashing movements. He kicks tree debris away from his body, angrily chomping thick branches in half. Once the obstructions are cleared away Astarot beats his wings hard. He rises to stand on two legs, beating his wings harder. The beast strains a few feet off the ground before his worn out wings drop him back on the ground. He attempts to go airborne a few more times with similar results.

The shadows laugh at Astarot, they call him stupid and weak and tell him he deserves to die. Astarot bites at them but they retreat into the trees, hiding from him. Their voices are a continuous cacophony of overlapping echoes all around the maddened dragon. His instincts tell him he needs to get somewhere high up. A dragon can see and smell better when perched high up on a cliff or other elevated place. Being trapped on the ground left the dragon vulnerable to an attack.

Astarot growls low in his throat, narrow black slits lolling about in their sockets. The shadows dance and flicker behind and between the thick mess of trees that surround the large beast. They continue their bleak chanting until Astarot is enraged by them once more. The dragon snaps his dripping jaws unrestrainedly, car-sized head smashing into trees like a wrecking ball. The shadows evade his every attempt, of course. They move farther away from Astarot, calling out insults. The dragon lowers his body close the ground and starts to prowl after them. The beast’s large sinuous serpentine body causes trees to bend and bow as he forces his way through.

Astarot mindlessly stalks his shadowy bullies, almost in a trance. He pays no attention to his surroundings, focused solely on the shadows. A strange smell floats on a gentle night breeze, filling the dragon’s nostrils. He snorts, nostrils flaring at the repugnant odor. He begins to swing his massive head, readying to turn and head in the opposite direction of the unpleasant smell when another smell tickles his nose. A vaguely sweet scent mingles with the overwhelming unpleasant one.

The dragon pushes forward, following the intoxicatingly sweet scent in the air. The shadows grow dim and their taunts seem to fade in and out as Astarot moves forward. The pleasant smell gets closer and closer but so does the distasteful earthy scent. The dragon does his best to ignore the disagreeable scent but it gets stronger and stronger the closer he gets to the sweet smell. So strong, in fact, Astarot loses track of the sweet scent, it is lost to the unpleasant smell that permeates the air nearby.

The shadows flare to life once more, dipping in close to the dragon as they whisper maliciously to him.

What kind of dragon loses a scent so easily? You’re weak! A disgrace to your kind! You should be dead. You deserve to die. Can’t get off the ground, can’t find a simple scent… Pathetic. You don’t deserve to live. Just lie down and die already. You’re useless.

Astarot snarls furiously, snapping at the shadows. He could feel his rage starting to bubble over and knew he would lose himself again if he gave into it. The sweet scent… Whatever is making it is hiding inside somewhere within the unpleasant scent… He just needs to focus so he can find the lovely scent that calls to him… The dragon growls a deep rumbling warning to the shadowy tormentors before continuing towards the strong earthy smoky scent.

It doesn’t take long for the beast to find the trees open up to one of the two-legged creature’s dwellings. Astarot doesn’t leave the cover of tree line, instead he settles down, wrapping his tail and wings around himself as his eyes sweep the open area. There are many different smells emanating from this place, the repugnant earthy smell, the smell of a very small fire, the smell of feathered foul, the smell of fruit on trees… The intoxicating smell in there too, all around, tangled up with the numerous other scents. He cannot pinpoint the source of the scent that calls to him so he waits. His body is in need of rest anyway. The dragon’s head lowers, his eyes combing the opening until eventually sleep takes him.


A sound rouses Astarot from his restless slumber. His eyes pop open and scan the opening in the trees, now awash with early morning sunlight. For a moment he panics, not knowing where he is or how he got there. The dragon starts to rise, rested enough to fly once more but hesitates when a foul smell drifts over his nose.

 A pungent earthy smoke fills the air and seems to emanate from one of the rectangular metal boxes the two-legged creatures have all over the place. The dragon settles back down, using his wings to cover his body as his eyes narrow in on the smoky metal box. After a while the box opens near the rear and a two-legged female climbs out. Astarot’s attention snaps to the female immediately, taking her in.

The female two-legged creature appeared to be young but not a child. She was thin and curvy with long messy hair. She held a burning stick in her hand, often bringing it to her mouth and inhaling. Astarot nearly leapt from his hiding spot the first time he saw the smoke trailing out of the girl’s mouth. He thought she was like his people since she could produce smoke but after watching her intently he realized the female wasn’t making fire but instead it came from the stick she breathes in. This confuses the dragon but at least he knows where the awful smell comes from.

Astarot remains hidden in darkness provided by numerous trees as the day leisurely passes by. The dragon fervently observes the female in her natural habitat, his eyes on her whenever possible. Astarot is utterly rapt with the two-legged female. The occasional sweet whiffs of her scent that float over his nose on the summer breeze drive him crazy. He wants to bound after the female, grab her in his claws and take her somewhere up high, somewhere the dragon can better protect her but he forces himself to remain statuesque. Even when tiny forest birds land on the dragon’s back to pick bugs off his scales, he does not twitch. His entire focus is on the female.




The day passes like every other day. Minky feeds the chickens and makes herself eggs for breakfast. She visits the outhouse and tends to the garden. She sits by the fire and smokes, trying to form shapes out of the fluffy white clouds in the sky. She walks the push mower around a bit despite the yard being well maintained, just looking for something to do. The girl picks apples and washes them before eating them. She smokes a blunt while sitting by the pond, her feet dipped into the water.

Sunset encroaches and Minky grabs her wool blanket and stashbox from the car. She feeds the fire a bit more wood and sits near it, wrapping up in the scratchy blanket. Minky sinks into the plastic lawn chair and places the box on her lap. She pulls out another blunt and her phone from the box. The phone powers on Minky leans in close to the fire and lights it. She puffs on the blunt and listens to a few random songs on shuffle.

The clear sky shines with dazzling stars and a nearly full moon. Minky hums along with an Alice Cooper song as she rolls tomorrow’s blunts by fire light. She smokes one more and retires for the night to the Station Wagon. Minky curls up in a mess of pillows and blankets lain out in the back of the old car. She tosses and turns, staring at the ceiling of the car. She flip-flops positions, having trouble falling asleep. Minky groans with frustration as the Station Wagon squeaks from all her squirming.

Minky was feeling lonely, she always hated sleeping alone. She thinks about Jinx and herself, wrapped up together in the darkness of her room at her parents. Now Jinx was cozily snuggled up to Kyle Von-Stroh and Minky lay alone in the back of an ancient car… It didn’t seem fair… Minky shakes her head suddenly, as if to clear her thoughts. She knew what she could do to help herself get tired.

Minky shifts in the nest of blankets, her hands rifling around until she produces a simple battery powered vibrator. The girl lies back comfortably, her eyes again staring up at the plain car roof. She turns the dial slightly and the vibrator hums softly to life. Minky turns the dial a bit more and the vibrations increase. The girl pulls her panties to the side with one finger and moves the vibrator down with her dominate hand.

The cold plastic brushes against the girl’s folds and causes her to flinch and gasp softly. It only takes a few seconds for her natural heat to warm the toy. Minky drags the toy up and down her pussy lips a few times, teasing herself a little. Minky presses the tip of the vibrator to her sensitive spot, holding it there. The gentle vibrations on her clit make her legs twitch and cause her to whimper softly but it’s not enough to make her cum. It feels good and oddly relaxing but it won’t get her over the finish line.

Minky enjoy the gentle vibrations for a few minutes, grinding her hips lightly as she circles the tip of the toy around her clit. Eventually the teasing becomes overwhelming and Minky turns the vibrations up. The toy hums noisily between the girls slick folds and causes the girl to wriggle and whine a bit more. She focuses the tip of the vibrator on her most sensitive spot, stroking the toy up and down it. Pleasure ripples through her and her skin prickles with goosebumps. Minky arches her back and pants loudly, her unfocused eyes lolling about.

Close… Getting close… Minky can feel her release creeping near. Her clit aches with heat and lust and she strokes the toy over it rapidly.

“Yes… Yess… Yesss..!” Minky hisses softly as a bolt of pleasure races through her like warm electricity. Her clit thumps and throbs with release and makes her continue to squirm even though she’d turned the toy off. Batteries were hard to come by so Minky tries to use her secret treasure sparingly. She moans and pants softly, letting her eyes drift shut as post-masturbation lightheadedness takes her. Minky’s ears ring for a long moment before gradually clearing up. With her senses returning to normal, the girl listens to the silence that had crept in.

Minky’s weary eyes scan her surroundings. All was seemingly the same but something just felt off… Minky forces her hazy brain to concentrate, to figure out what was sending up red flags in the girls instincts. It finally hits her: The silence... the bugs and tree frogs had stopped their nightly serenade. Minky knew the only reason local fauna would stop their usual routines would be if something dangerous was nearby; a predator.

Minky instantly becomes alert. She gets on her hands and knees and crawls over to the closest window, seeing only blackness out its view. She turns to the opposite window and sees the same black nothingness. Not being able to see two feet in front of the car from the windows at night wasn’t unusual, cloudy nights often left the girl alone in the dark but this wasn’t like that. The sky had been bright and brilliant just a short time ago, not a cloud in sight. Minky wasn’t sure why but she just knew this was something else, not just a cloudy night.

The girl turns her attention to the rear window and freezes. A hubcap sized eyeball glares through the dusty Station Wagon’s rear window, unblinking. The girl stares into the eyeball, unsure if it can see her or not. She slowly backs herself up against the back seat, heart hammering in her chest and throat. A few minutes pass this way, nothing happening. Then the eyeball blinks lazily. The black slit of a pupil stays locked on Minky’s general location.

Minky fights the desire to hurdle over the car seats and escape through the front of the car, remaining as still as possible. She wouldn’t be able to outrun a dragon, no human could. She was also aware that a car would not keep her safe. Dragons could rip the roof off a car as easily as popping open a can of sardines. Minky knew she was in trouble and could do nothing but wait helplessly for the beast to either walk away or come and get her.




Astarot glares into the rectangular metal box, his patience wearing thin. The dragon was delighted to wallow the day and early evening away as the female’s secret admirer.  

The shadows that torment the beast’s maddened mind lurk sparsely and quietly at his peripheral, less opinionated than ever before. Watching the female granted him a break from his tormentors, spurring him to fixate on her even more. As long as she was in his eyesight, Astarot was free of them. When the female ventured into the wooden hut or the metal box, the shadows would surge back to life. Astarot refused to acknowledge their bloodlust and insults, knowing he’d lose himself to madness if he were subjected to their toxic hatred for long. Instead the dragon would fill his thoughts with the female. He’d sift out her scent and think of all the things he’d watched her doing until she reappeared, chasing the shadows away.

Astarot knew this female was special. He’d seen many of the two-legged creatures that belong to this world and none had had an affect like this on him. The longer he focuses his mind on her, the more his senses come back to him.

The two-legged female utterly held his attention and kept him fascinated. The dragon often tried to reach out to the female with a mental nudge but she never responded. Astarot couldn’t seem to connect to this female though he tried dozens of times. This troubled him greatly but he knew it would only be a temporary setback. Once they’ve mated Astarot would give the female his Fires and forge a mindlink. Getting to that point might be tricky… But Astarot is confident. This is definitely his female, she brings him clarity and chases the madness away. He will win her over as his mate and they will be able speak very soon...

 The madness that fogs his brains seems to lift in patches, certain memories drift across Astarot’s conscious.

Anchor… Having a mate will anchor me… Me… I am… Astarot… My name is Astarot! I remember my name! She is the one who has helped me do this… She is the one who keeps the shadows away… Mate… She must be my mate… Mating… I need her… Need to mate her… To anchor myself to her… She will be my mate… My mate…My mate… She will be my-

Astarot stops his frantic but lucid thoughts when a new smell greets his nose. The scent is intoxicatingly sweet and musky and stirs Astarot. His body responds to the smell before his brain can make sense of it. Need suddenly aches through the dragon and he focuses on the rectangular metal box the human had concealed herself inside. Astarot rises from his hiding spot, carefully moving his bulky body as quietly as possible. He keeps himself low to the ground as he approaches the metal box. The female’s scent so near his sensitive nose overwhelms Astarot.

The dragon circles the metal box silently, intently trying to locate her. The metal box has see-through areas that let him pinpoint the female at the rear of the box. The dragon aims one of his massive eyes at her, seeing that she is sprawled out in the back. She holds something that buzzes between her legs. The female’s soft whimpering as she pleases herself is music to the dragon. Her mating scent is overpowering and Astarot struggles to contain his excitement. The dragon wraps his body gently around the car, careful not to disturb the female inside. He desires to bury his face between her legs in place of the buzzing object but for the time being this is the only way he can feel close to her.

Astarot greedily keeps his eye on the female, enraptured to inhale her ever increasing mating scent. He is careful to note the way she encircles the buzzing object on the outside of her cunt. Astarot could not remember an instance of a Dracony female doing such a thing but there was much he still didn’t recall. A few memories resurface in Astarot’s mind.

Dracony females… Red… Red for mating… Challenge… Females challenge males… Males take a female…

Astarot greedily digs his claws into the soft earth as the female’s sounds increase. Her mating scent rises to a crescendo before weakening gradually. Astarot’s body is tense, his chest heaves. He fights to keep himself sane as lust surges through his mind. The female turns off her buzzing pleasure stick, going limp. The dragon continues to gaze in, hungry for more.

After a few moments the female sits up. Her precious mating scent being replaced as she moves around the metal box. Something makes the female nervous, the scent filling the dragon’s nostrils. This smell isn’t as enjoyable and makes Astarot concerned for her.

What could be distressing my mate?

The female continues to move around the back of the metal box until she sees the dragon peering in at her. Excitement floods through Astarot as his mate meets his gaze but a strong fetid scent takes him aback. Fear. Her fear scent is high and absolutely horrible and acrid. Astarot hated it.

Do not fear, my mate. I am here and I will keep you safe. You will never have to fear again. I am strong and I will take great care of you.

He tries to tell her but of course she cannot hear his mental pledge. The female moves away from him, eyes wide. The fear scent increases as time passes. Astarot observes her, confused as to what could be frightening his mate when it hits him. The female is afraid of… him?

Why would you fear me, my mate? I would not hurt, not ever! Please stop making the fear scent… I want you to make more of the mating scent!

Astarot nuzzles the car with the side of his face, wishing he were nuzzling the female directly. A low pleasurable rumble escapes the dragon’s throat.

Certainly this will soothe my female.

The horrid stench of fear spikes in the air at Astarot’s tender affections. The dragon uncoils himself from the metal box and takes a few steps away. His gaze remains pointed in at the female. The shadows sense Astarot’s dismay and swarm on him in his moment of weakness. They whisper to the dragon, their icy breath clawing at his scale.

Astarot rapidly snaps his jaws at the shadows, growling with frustration. His nostrils flare and his tail lashes wildly. He will not let his tormentors win now that he’s found his mate. Astarot lowers his head, looking in at the female. She hasn’t changed and neither has the fear scent she emits. The beast paces, snapping his jaws. The shadows don’t let up with their cruel commentary. They pluck at the corners of Astarot’s sanity and threaten to send him back to his mindless state.

The dragon shakes his head rashly and opens his wings. He stalks toward the metal box, eyes narrow. Astarot ignores the increasing fear scent as he moves his body calculatedly over the vehicle. The dragon flaps his wings languidly, shaking the stiffness out. His massive clawed forearms grip the metal box tightly around the middle, claws digging  into the siding. The metal box creaks as Astarot positions himself. The female lets frightened little cries slip out within. Her fear scent spikes once more but Astarot ignores it. The dragon snorts furiously, trying to expel the acrid scent from his nostrils.

Astarot beats his wings hard and forcefully, rapidly propelling his large body off the ground and into the sky, Station Wagon held close against his underside.




Minky’s heart just about jumps out of her throat when the dragon approaches. She watches the monster with fearful rapid breaths. The dragon slowly steps over the old vehicle. The creature’s weight causes the roof of the Station Wagon to buckle in slightly and for a few terrifying seconds Minky fears she will be crushed beneath the monster. She gets onto her hands and knees and franticly glances out all the windows. From what she can see, the beast is standing over the vehicle, straddling it. The dragon’s long serpent-like neck can be seen through the front windshield but the head is out of view.

Minky turns her attention to the rear. The monster’s back legs and tail can be seen from his window. Minky crawls towards the nearest exit, moving carefully so as not to alert the dragon to her intentions. She reaches for the latch handle and stops when the dragon beats its wings about forcefully. The air outside whips about fiercely and the car rocks forward with a loud ominous creak.

Minky scrambles away from the back door on her hands and knees. The air outside continues to whip about as the girl realizes what is about to happen. With a loud groan, Minky hurdles herself over the back seat just in time for the beast to take off. The car lurches forward as the dragon nearly catapults itself off the ground, immense wings beating hard. The sudden and rapid acceleration upwards pins Minky to the backseat. Her hands fumble around the cold plastic seat, groping blindly. She finds the seatbelt buckles and clumsily clicks them in place. The girl grips the bottom of the backseat and wishes the seatbelts in the back went over her chest instead of just around the waist.

The dragon reaches a high enough point in the sky and the incessant beating of wings slows considerably. Minky hesitantly sits forward once she’s able to move again. Her head swivels in all directions, looking out each window. The beasts front arms partially obscure the view out of either of the back seat windows, offering only a clear picture of wispy grey clouds and night sky. Minky inches closer to one of the windows and looks down and observes the ground sliding by in a dark blur. The girl scoots back to the middle of the seat, stomach swirling sickly.

Minky turns slightly in the seat, glancing into the back of the vehicle. The blankets and pillows are mostly piled up against the rear hatch. The girl’s eyes scan the large back windshield, seeing only the beast’s slick black underside pressed against the glass. Lastly, Minky turns her attention to the front of the Station Wagon. She can see the sky from the front, vast unyielding night. Her breath catches in her chest for a moment as she admires the sparkling clusters of stars lain out before her. The underside of the dragon’s long neck and chin occasionally bob into view.

Minky keeps her gaze pointed out the front windshield as the dragon glides swiftly through the night. She listens to the huffing breaths of the beast and the whoosh of great wings. With the dragon now riding air currents it doesn’t have to exert much energy, the ride becomes smooth and enjoyable. The only thing keeping her from truly appreciating the scenic flight is the unshakable fear that the dragon might drop the car.

The dragon soars through the night for what feels like an eternity. Minky had no way of knowing how long they’d been in the air but she guessed about half an hour. The dragon gradually lowers until Minky can see the ground again. She watches with anxious curiosity as the dragon advances towards a large two-story facility, cast in dull grey moonlight. The dragon lazily circles the building several times before making a rough landing on the roof. The Station Wagon jerks and bounces as the beast lands on its back legs, still holding the vehicle to his chest.

Minky whimpers every time the car moves to fast or too sudden, her hands flying to roof of the car to keep her head from bashing into it. The dragon carefully sets the old car down and moves his head in a sweeping motion from the front to the back of Station Wagon. The beast’s large eyeball appears in the left backseat window, causing Minky to gasp. She moves to the right side of the seat, pressing herself against the door as far away from the man-eater as possible.

The dragon stares intensely in at Minky for a long time, its slit of a pupil sluggishly widens into a circle, reminding the girl of a cat’s eye. She watches the dragon’s eye, studying the pupil as it pulses back and forth between a circle and slit. Time crawls by agonizingly slow as the staring contest continues. Minky’s frantic brain desperately tries to make sense of what happening.

Why hasn’t the dragon tried to eat her yet? The beast’s sharp talons and dagger-like teeth could easily tear the roof off the old Station Wagon, so why hasn’t it attacked? Why did it bring her here? Is this where the monster wanted to dine? Was Minky just a conveniently bundled morsel in a dragon-sized doggy bag? What is it waiting for? What does it want?

Minky’s panicked thoughts overwhelm and frustrate the frightened girl. The dragon nudges the vehicle with his face, its scales scraping unpleasantly on the rusty metal. Minky bites back a startled yelp as the Station Wagon wobbles. The dragon does this a few more times before his eyeball reappears in the window. Minky glowers at the beast’s large curious eye, starting to get annoyed.

“What do you want?” She questions under her breath. At the sound of her voice, the dragon’s pupil instantly expands into a full circle. Minky observes this and decides to remain quiet for a bit. The staring contest begins again and Minky pays close attention to the dragon’s pupil. In the silence, the slit widens and shrinks sporadically. After a suitable period of quiet has passed Minky softly clears her throat. She had specifically waited for dragon’s narrowed-slit and observes the pupil expands into circle at the sound her voice, once more.

“Are you going to eat me?” Minky questions the beast. The eye blinks in response, pupil a perfect circle. “Just do it if you are… I can’t stand the waiting…” Another blink and the same focused round pupil. Minky frowns and sighs, unsure what she should do. Silence creeps in again and the dragon’s pupil begins pulsing back and forth.

After another impossibly long stare off, Minky is the first to break the stare. She glances into the back of the Station Wagon, at the pile of pillows and blankets. The girl looks to the dragon then slowly leans over the back seat, again looking over her shoulder at the dragon. The beast’s pupil shifts faster between a slit and lemon shape but the dragon doesn’t react otherwise.

 Minky turns her focus again into the back of the vehicle. She crawls over the seat and squats on the bare metal of the trunk area. She riffles through the tangle of blankets and pillows until she finds her stashbox amid the chaos. Minky carefully opens it, gazing in at the disheveled contents. She plucks a blunt and the see-threw Bic lighter from the box and closes it up. Minky sinks into the pile of blankets, setting the box down.

“Sorry scary dragon.” The girl mutters, more to herself than to the dragon. “But this has been a stressful night and if I’m going to die I’m going to do it high.” The sound of her voice causes the dragon’s pupil to round. Minky flicks her thumb over the lighter and a small flame brings dull light to the trunk. Minky holds the blunt over the flame, spinning it in her fingers. The dragon’s head sways until he’s staring in through the large rear windshield. The beast settles comfortably a few feet behind the car, both eyes pointed at the girl. Minky watches the dragon lie down, curling its wings and tail close to its body.

Minky lets the flame extinguish and takes an eager deep puff, letting the smoke out slowly. She repeats this process a few times, eyes never leaving the giant. The dragon’s ever fluctuating pupils are trained intently on the rear of the Station Wagon. It takes Minky half the usual time to smoke the blunt and she shakily lights another. Before long, the rusty old car is hazy with smoke. A stoned red-eyed Minky starts to feel tired, in spite of the random surges of fear-induced adrenaline.

The staring contest ensues between the heavy-lidded girl and a wide-eyed dragon. The beast’s eyes never waiver, two shiny white orbs glowing somberly under the moonlight. Minky drifts off without even realizing.


The muffled sound of birds chirping merrily pelts Minky’s ears. She moans groggily, coughing a few times. Her eyes slip open gradually, lolling about the pile of blankets she’s slumped in. Her body feels stiff and achy from the uncomfortable sleeping position. Why had she fallen asleep like this in the first place?

Reality crashes through the girls sleep-fogged thoughts and Minky whips her head toward the rear windshield. The massive beast’s black scales shimmer in the bright morning sunshine. It’s coiled in the same spot it had been in when the girl fell asleep, wide eyes observantly scanning the Station Wagon. Its large head lifts a few feet from the ground, nostrils flaring as it breathes in deeply.

Minky instinctually jumps at the immense beast’s movement. She anticipates the monster will lunge forward, pry her from the flimsy vehicle and devour her for breakfast. Instead, the dragon tilts his head side to side, nostrils greedily inhaling the air. The ever shifting pupils are fervently pointed toward the girl. Minky stares back at it for a long time, following its limited reactions and mannerisms. Bathed in warm sunlight, Minky can fully view the dragon. She’d been unable to see it clearly during the night and takes her time examining it.

 This dragon was a bit bigger than the red one she’d seen years ago on Jinx’s cul-de-sac. It is covered in jet black scales that shine and sheen like an oil puddle on the sidewalk. The beast’s underside scales are a few shades lighter than the rest. The dragon’s wedge shaped head has two jagged steer-like horns, the left one snapped off at the halfway mark. The beast sports many smaller horns and spikes along its head and brow. Its large body is thin and sinuous, all sharp curves and muscle like a big black scaly cat. Its leathery wings remind the girl of an oversized bat and it has a spade on the tip of its tail. The beast is armed with sharp talons and pointy yellow teeth that stick out slightly under its lips. Quite a few scars fleck the dragon’s face and limbs.

The dragon is without a doubt the most intimidating and scary thing the girl has ever seen! So, why was her fear subsiding? As Minky continuously moves her eyes over the dragon, spotting new scars and spikes she’d missed on her initial look over, she finds her apprehension slowly replaced with nervous curiosity. She’d never heard of a dragon that didn’t violently rampage and bring destruction with it yet this one was sitting like a dog awaiting its master’s return. Maybe it’s sick or hurt?

A dull ache in Minky’s gut gnaws at her as the morning crawls by. Her Blatter was ready to burst but she wasn’t sure what she could do. Relieving herself in the Station Wagon felt like a bad idea, it was her home after all. She really didn’t want to sleep in a car that reeks of piss but considering her situation… Minky squirms and crosses her legs, her eyes watching the dragon intently. Before long the ache is overwhelming and the girl can’t keep ignoring it.  

Slowly, Minky crawls to the backseat and climbs over them, turning back to see if the dragon has moved. Only his head bobs, eyes probing. Minky scoots close to the right door and places a hand on the handle. She cranks her neck back to watch the dragon as her hand gingerly squeezes the handle and the door pops open an inch. The beast’s eyes shift to predatory slits and its body visibly tenses but it does not stand. Minky pushes the door open enough for her to get out, eyes still glued to the dragon. She waits a minute, studying the dragon, before swinging her legs out.

Minky stands up on quivering limbs, her entire body stiff and ridged. She leans on the Station Wagon for support, leaving the door open in case she needs to get back inside in a hurry. The dragon shifts excitedly, tail swaying a few times behind it but doesn’t rise.

“Hey…” Minky says, her voice dry and cracking. “I need to take care of business, ok? I’m not running away. Please… don’t eat me while I’m peeing.”

Minky wasn’t sure if the dragon could understand her but she doubted it. It did seem to like her voice though and talking to it made her feel more at ease. The dragon sits curled up behind the Station Wagon, long serpentine neck swinging its large head around to keep eyes on the female. Minky forces herself to look away from the dragon, to examine her surroundings. The top of the building the dragon had brought her to had no doors or ways inside, just one jagged craterous hole in the cement roof. Getting to a bathroom didn’t seem likely…

With a resigned sigh, Minky takes a few shaky steps to the front of the Station Wagon. She leans on the hood of the vehicle as she bends over to slip her panties off. The dragon cranes its neck to the side of the rusty old car, an inquisitive look in its ever shifting eyes. The monster’s scrutinizing gaze causes Minky’s Blatter to hesitate.

“Stop watching me!” Minky whines. “I can’t go if you watch…”

The beast doesn’t avert its eyes so instead Minky closes her own. She squats in front of the Station Wagon, legs spread apart as wide as possible. After a few seconds of coaxing, the girl is finally able to relive herself.

Minky moves away from the front of the Station Wagon and slips her panties back on. The dragon hadn’t wavered in its observations. Minky looks around again, her focus on the hole in the roof. Maybe there’s food or water somewhere inside. The girl makes her way over to the large dragon-sized hole in the roof and looks down. Sunlight filters down through the hole, illuminating dingy tile floor and concrete debris. It was a long drop, Minky knew she wouldn’t be able to get inside this way.

The girl walks over the closest ledge and peers down at the ground. The grass here is wild and overgrown and swishes noisily in the warm breeze. A small playground overrun with vegetation is barely discernable. A heavy feeling forms in Minky’s stomach. They’re at an elementary school? The last place Minky ever wanted to go back to… She’d spent enough time prisoner in one and didn’t like being stuck on top of another. Jinx flashes through Minky’s mind and the girl shakes her head hard.

The dragon stirs from its spot behind the Station Wagon. Minky whips around from the ledge and see’s that it’s now standing. The beast stretches and yawns before slowly padding over to the girl, each step shaking the building. Minky fights the urge to dash back to the vehicle as the intimidating monster approaches her. The dragon towers over her, head pointed directly at her.

Minky remains frozen in place as the beast’s head moves in and pushes against her. The girl bites back startled cries as the dragon’s snout probes her, nostrils flaring as the beast breathes in her scent. The scaled maw of the dragon is hard as steel. The beast’s breath is awful and reeks of rotten meat and sulfur. Minky lets the dragon poke at her, pushing its muzzle slightly when the monster gets a bit eager.

“Easy, easy.” Minky tells it in a forced soothing voice. “Not so rough ok? Please…” She runs her hands along the dragon’s smaller snout scales, warm and smooth. “I’m touching a dragon… Why am I touching a dragon? This is so weird, you know?” Minky continues in her best calming voice. The dragon’s eyes remain circular when the girl speaks to him and for some reason Minky likes it best when the beast’s eyes are round. 

A low rumble vibrates in the dragon’s chest as Minky continues to talk and touch its maw. This causes Minky to let go immediately, her hands in the air as if a police office had ordered her to do so. The rumble grows as the beast moves its head back to look at the girl, eyes shifting. The pair lock gazes for a moment and Minky’s heart thunders in her chest.

The dragon moves his maw closer to Minky, the hard lips of the beast brushing against her again. It’s hot breath pelts Minky, making her feel hot and sticky. She was still wearing her sleeping clothes, a baggy old T-shirt and panties, and could feel the dragon’s every touch on her feverish skin. Something hot and wet slides between her thighs and the girl screams, startled. The dragon’s forked tongue has slid out and moves curiously between her legs.

“What are you doing?!” Mink squeals, her face lighting up bright red. The dragon’s eyes focus on the girl, solid golden yellow circles greeting her. The shift in color surprises Minky. Until now, the dragon’s eyes had been black and shifty. The dragon’s tongue drags between Minky’s thighs again, rough and wet. The rumble in the beast’s chest returns but this time the girl isn’t afraid of it. Something about the dragon’s golden orbs tell her everything is fine. The tongue slides between Minky’s legs again, grazing against her panties. She whimpers at the touch to her sensitive area and clamps her legs shut.

“Hey now!” Minky squeaks in a tiny voice. “What are you doing you dirty beast? You can’t go around licking girls like that!” In response, the dragon nudges her again. The beast’s black forked tongue licks the girls legs, top to bottom. Minky puts her hands firmly on the dragon’s snout as the tongue moves past her knees. “No! Stop that! It’s naughty!”

The dragon’s golden pupils flicker black, the circles shifting to slits. It rears back suddenly, turning away from her. The beast snaps it jaws at the air multiple times, growling ominously. The dragon paces about agitatedly, swiping and snapping at nothing. Minky watches anxiously, worried the unhappy dragon might turn its frustrations back on her. The beast stands on its back legs and launches itself into the air.

Minky stares after the black blur until it’s flown out of her sight then she glances around. The Station Wagon looked out of place on the empty roof of the elementary school. Not knowing what else to do, the girl crawls back into the back of the vehicle and lights a blunt.




She rejected you. The female does not want you. How embarrassing! You will never find a mate! You will never be sane! You will be lost forever and ever! You are pathetic. Alone.

Astarot snaps at the shadowy figures that dart swiftly in and out of his vison.

SHUT UP! You are wrong! I could smell the female’s mating scent back there on the roof! It was faint but it was there! Her fear scent dwindles as well. The female WILL be his, of this Astarot is certain. He will just have to be patient with her. He can do that, he MUST. The female’s scent fills his nostrils and her image flashes in his mind. Astarot can still taste her sweetness on his tongue. The dragon focuses his available senses on the female awaiting his return back at his nest. A sense of pride swells in his chest and Astarot focuses on his mission.  




Minky sits cross-legged on the hood of the Station Wagon smoking a blunt, her eyes scanning the horizon. The sky is a beautiful canvass of orange, pink and purple and the evening air brings a comfortable chill with it. Minky had already explored every inch of the elementary school roof and her surroundings. The two story building was too high off the ground for her to jump and she couldn’t find a latter or any other way down. If the dragon had abandoned her here she’d be in trouble. She could either die of dehydration up here or risk jumping through the hole in the roof.

Minky’s mind was racing with halfhearted escape plans when a trumpeting calls echoes through the air. Her head swivels until she spots a black blur. The blur slowly comes into focus as the dragon nears the old school. Minky watches the great beast as it laps around the building three times before gliding in for a graceful landing on the ledge of the building. A bloody animal carcass with long spindly legs drips from between the dragon’s lips. The beast saunters slowly towards Minky, each step shakes the building. It lowers the bloodied animal at the girl’s feet and lets it drop with a wet thud. The dragon snorts proudly and raises its gaze expectantly to the female. She stares in bewilderment at the dead goat before her and returns the dragon’s stare.

“Is, is this for me?” Mink questions the beast. “Did you bring me dinner?” The dragon flares his nostrils and continues staring at her. Minky moves her eyes back down to the blood covered mangled corpse. The goat’s dead eyes had turned a sickening grey-blue color and the poor creature’s face is frozen in a silent scream. Minky points at the goat and then to herself. “Do you want me to eat this..?” 

The dragon stares with round pupils, seemingly fascinated at the sound of her voice. Its forked tongue slithers out from between its lips and licks its blood soaked teeth. The beast opens its mouth slightly and licks its teeth a few more times before returning to the intense expectant stare down. Minky’s eyes widen slightly. Did the dragon just… respond to her? It looked almost like it was confirming what she was asking it.

The beast snorts again and pushes the dead beast closer to Minky, its message coming through crystal clear. The girl puts her hands on her hips and studies the dead goat. Its brown fur is covered in clotted blood and dragon saliva. She takes a few steps around the animal, frowning.

“I can’t eat it like this.” Minky says, tugging on of the dead things legs. She looks to the dragon and points at the goat. “I’ve never prepared a carcass before… I don’t know what to do…” The dragon gazes blankly at the girl, obviously not understanding her this time. Minky furrows her brows and sighs. She points at the goat again, the dragon’s shifting pupils following 

her movements. Minky then points to her mouth and shakes her head. “I can’t eat it that way… I need to cook it…” The teen repeats the motions a few times, the dragon observing her motionlessly.

After several more failed miming attempts, Minky gives up. She sighs with frustration and leans against the side of the Station Wagon. The dragon watches her, pupils favoring narrowed slits. The beast moves its big snout toward her and Minky greets it with a gentle pat. The beast’s eyelids droop slightly and a low rumble vibrates through its long serpentine throat.

“It’s ok.” Minky says in the same soothing tone she’d used earlier. “It’s ok, really. I’m not mad at you, I promise. I just wish… I wish we could understand each other, you know?” The dragon’s eyes shift to circles as the girl’s sweet voice speaks to him. Minky strokes her hands up and down the dragon’s snout, smiling at him. “Can you understand me? Earlier I thought maybe we understood each other…” The pair locks eyes. “I’d really like to be able to talk to you…” The dragon’s round pupil’s flash golden and suddenly the massive reptile vanishes.

Minky gasps loudly as the monstrous dragon is quite suddenly replaced with a man. The naked stranger stands about 6’5, an average weight and rippling with muscles. The man doesn’t have an ounce of fat on him and could have easily been a male model in the Before. The man’s chocolatey brown skin is dappled with faint but discernable marking that resemble dragon scales, they almost look tattooed on. His stern face is peppered with scars and the corners of his forehead sport small spikes, some of which are broken. The man’s messy mane of black locks goes all the way his back. The tips of his fingers have long black claws instead of fingernails. His dark-rimmed eyes glower intensely down at Minky, golden round pupils focused on her.

Minky stammers and blushes bright red at the naked man standing mere inches away, his manhood standing at full salute.

“Hey! Wha-what’s going on?!” A flustered Minky exclaims. She tries to back away but she’s pinned up against the Station Wagon. Her back pressed into the old vehicle with the stranger hovering in front of her, trapped. “Who are you? A-are you… the dragon? How did you do that? Can you all do that? Turn into humans, that is… I can not believe this… What is going on right now…” The words spill out of the frazzled teen’s mouth like a running faucet.

The man’s eyebrows furrow and his thick lips pull into a tight frown as a look of confusion overtakes his face at teen’s loquaciousness. He reaches out his massive hand and gingerly brushes the tips of his fingers against Minky’s lips. She flinches at the touch but doesn’t move otherwise. The man’s sharp talons harmlessly slide against her tender skin. He takes his hand away from her face and opens his mouth as if he’s going to speak but doesn’t make a sound. He opens and closes his mouth silently a few more times before focusing on the girl’s lips again.

“Do you… want me to talk… Slower?” Minky guesses, drawing out each word.

“Tack… Slow… Ar…” The strange man rasps brokenly. He clears his throat quietly and gives Minky a slight nod to continue.

“Ok, I can do that!” Minky nods excitedly. “So… who are you? Are you really the dragon?” She pauses and waits for a response.

“Drag… On..?” The man repeats, voice a little clearer than the first response.

“Yes, drag-on.” Minky says slowly with a nod. She gestures at him and asks again; “Are you the dragon?”

“Drag-on.” He repeats, almost pronouncing it correctly this time. He nods his head once. “As.. Star… Oh…”

“As-star-oh..?” Minky echoes with confusion. The dragon man nods once more and places his right hand on his chest. “Astar… Oh… Astar… Astarot.”

“Is that your name?” Minky chimes up in understanding. “That’s your name, isn’t it? Your name is Astarot!” The dragon man nods stiffly. Minky cheers merrily to herself for figuring it out. The dragon man reaches his hand out and touches the girl’s chest in the same spot he’d touched his own. She’s surprised at the amount of heat his hand gives off. “Do you… want to know my name?”

“Name…” Astarot reiterates.

“I’m Minky.” Minky introduces herself.

“Me-Key?” Astarot attempts.

“Mink-Ee.” Minky says, slower and more pronounced.

“Me-Key.” Astarot smiles confidently. Fangs glint dimly in the setting sun light.

“Close enough.” Chuckles Minky. She flashes him a giddy smile.




“Astarot… Me-Key…” Astarot purrs in a deep, husky tone.

“Yes!” Minky nods incredulously. “You are Astarot and I’m Minky!”

Astarot’s hand still rests on the girl’s chest. His golden yellow pupils climb lasciviously up and down the female standing so near to him. He breathes her in deeply, her rousingly sweet scent makes his blood boil. Astarot’s cock stiffens even more and twitches with need.

“Astarot… Me-Key…” The Dragon-Man purrs again, his breath labored.

“Y-yes.” Minky confirms with a nervous giggle. “Astarot and Me-Key.”

“Me-Key…” Astarot growls in a low, sensuous tone. The Dragon-Man leans in close to the female, his hand on her chest moves quickly to her shoulder. “Me-Key… Me-Key…” Astarot chants lustfully, his body vibrating with desire.

“As-Astarot..?” Minky questions hesitantly.

The female’s lovely scent muddles with unpalatable apprehension. He snorts in an effort to expel the unpleasant scent from his nostrils, his mind growing frantic. He hates this scent… It’s too similar to her fear scent. He does not want Me-Key to be afraid of him! He wishes to inhale her pleasure scent! He wishes to please her with every fiber of his being! Astarot desires to hear the breathlessly sweet sounds Me-Key had made in the back of the metal box. Moreover, he craves to please her and taste her…

“Me-Key…” Astarot grunts, his face twisted in contemplation. “Astarot… Me-Key… Astarot Me-Key…”

“I-I don’t understand what you’re trying to tell me…” Minky mutters, her face flushing bright pink. Her heartbeat picks up.

“Me-Key…” Astarot sighs dreamily. The Dragon-Man’s rock hard cock throbs with need but he ignores himself. With one hand still firmly placed on the female’s shoulder, his other hand grazes her upper thighs.

“Hey!” Me-Key squeaks at the touch. She pushes Astarot’s big hand away from her legs. “What are you doing Astarot? No! You can’t touch girls there! It’s inappropriate!!” The female speaks quickly in her surprise. Astarot can not understand what she is saying but her growing fear scent is unmistakable. He huffs in frustration and reaches for her again.

Me-Key… Me-Key… My Me-Key… Let me make you wild with lust… Once we have mated and I give her my Fires, this communication problem won’t bother us anymore… We will be connected at the soul, able to hear each other with our minds… I have never wanted anything as much as I want Me-Key…  

“Astarot! No! NO!” Minky tells him firmly. She again pushes his hand away from her thighs and shoves at his arm resting on her shoulder. Disheartened, the Dragon-Man lets the female push him off. Astarot could easily overpower the weak female but that isn’t what he wants. He wants Me-Key to want him just as he wants her…

Astarot backs up a few steps, his pupils thin black slits.

She doesn’t want you! We told you so! We told you so! This female doesn’t want to mate with you, no female would! You are a monster. A vile murderous beast. Just eat the female, she’ll be a tasty treat. Eat her, feeling her blood drain down your throat, beast!

The Shadows’ return, whispering cruelly into Astarot’s ears. The Dragon-Man struggles to ignore their taunts and clasps his hands over his ears. He staggers back, unfocused eyes darting back and forth. His chest starts to heave and he can feel his mind slipping away from him. If he can’t control himself… Astarot will lose himself to his anger and rage… He won’t be able to control himself… He might hurt Me-Key without even realizing it…

“Astarot…” A voice calls from somewhere in the distance. He whips his head around, maddened eyes searching. “Astarot… Astarot…”




“Astarot..?” Minky questions in the soothing tone the dragon had seemed to enjoy earlier. “Astarot..? Hey… Astarot, it’s ok. It’s ok, really… Astarot…” Still pressed up against the Station Wagon, the girl watches the Dragon-Man uncertainty. Astarot huffs and pants and his eyes… The pupils shift endlessly and his unseeing eyes glaze over. He stumbles jerkily back, his hands covering his ears. Seeing the naked dark skinned Dragon-Man so broken and out of it rends at the girl’s heartstrings.

Minky takes a few shaky steps forward, her arms outstretched in front of her. Astarot’s panicky eyes desperately roll about in their sockets. The girl forces herself to take calming deep breaths and then gingerly steps up close to him.

“Astarot…” Minky says delicately. She reaches out a trembling hand and touches Astarot’s cheek. His chocolatey skin is burning hot and a bit stiffer than a human. “Astarot… It’s ok. It’s ok. Please… Come back to me… Astarot, come back to Me-Key…”

Astarot freezes at Minky’s gentle touch. His eyes slowly loll about until the black slits land on the female. The absentminded glaze gradually clears and his pupils widen into golden orbs. Astarot takes his hands away from his head and touches Minky’s cheek the same way she’s touching him. His expression is one of confusion and dejection.

“Me-Key…” Astarot mutters meekly.

“It’s ok.” Minky repeats sweetly to him. She strokes her hand up and down Astarot’s cheek while locking eyes with him. “It’s ok Astarot. I’m not angry with you, really.” The pair gaze at one another wordlessly for a long moment. The Dragon-Man copies her movements and slowly drags his rough fingers along her cheek. Minky is surprised at how good the simple touch feels.

“Me-Key…” Astarot sighs contently.

“Astarot.” Minky replies with a small smile. She continues to touch his face with one hand, exploring his scarred skin with her fingertips. She traces a finger across a deep scar running down his left eye and curiously pokes at the spikes around his temples. Minky leans forward on her tip-toes to run her hand along the top of his head, startled at how hardened and rigid his messy black hair is. Astarot watches with an adoring expression as Minky feels her way around his rugged face.

“Me-Key…” Astarot breathes huskily.



(To be continued, still working on it )






Submitted: December 02, 2020

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