Swept from Safety

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Steph is loving life. Wandering the Flaxherd forests, exploring the creeks and painting the mountains has always meant the world to her. Until now. Steph must step into the real world of Limsworth, away from the safety of the Damsby village. Will she live up to the harsh expectations of her best friend? Or break her promises, in search for an exciting yet deceitful new adventure?

Table of Contents

A Change of Adventure

'This one, and this one, and definitely this one!' I eagerly grab for the scissors and cut some fresh flowers from my garden. Lately I'... Read Chapter

Seeking Security

As I rest my head on my pillow, thoughts about the advertisement keep buzzing around my head. Should I go for it or not? Do I really want... Read Chapter

A True Friend

'Tia!' I exclaim as I fling my arms around the lady, 'I have been looking for you for ages!' Tia nestles her face on my shoulder, and my ... Read Chapter

The Day has Come

'Cadmium red, check! Phthalo blue, check! Raw umber, check!' I squeeze a blob of each paint onto my palette. My hand snakes under my... Read Chapter

Granddad's secret

One hundred dollars! Imagine all the things I could buy for one hundred dollars! I gaze down the main road of Damsby, inviting me in ... Read Chapter

Trouble in Damsby

'Steph, steph,' a voice drifts through my mind, as I lean back in the saddle. It keeps following me, as we ride through the creaky gate... Read Chapter


'Ready? And.......fetch!'  Loki springs to his feet and gallops down to the water. In no time, he's clenching the blue ball... Read Chapter


‘Pitch-black’ is the only way I can describe my surroundings now. The tall, grey houses have been consumed by the darkness of Limsw... Read Chapter

Not what I Expected

‘Stephanie! The flies are buzzing!’ Mum yells from downstairs. As I creep down the stairs, I notice Mum is racing around the k... Read Chapter

Mitchell and Me

A touch of magenta. A spot of purple. A fleck of black. I used to enjoy creating sunset skies with these colours, but it’s not a canv... Read Chapter


‘Assistants…keyholders…administrators…’ I flick through the newspapers piled on Dad’s desk. He spends all day in here, up to ... Read Chapter

The Maze

'Come in.' I tip toe through the doorway. Towers upon towers of boxes loom ahead of me, obscuring the mysterious voice which bellowed... Read Chapter

The Rooftop

It's a strange feeling, walking into an empty house, once filled with the people and music I knew for so long. The fridge, on... Read Chapter

A Letter to Granddad

‘Dear Granddad, I miss you. I hope you are well, and doing better than me, at least. On a sunny winter’s day, Flaxherd i... Read Chapter

Tia's Offer

‘Oh my goodness!’ I cry, throwing the door open. Tia stumbles through the doorway, leaving a trail of snow and water behind her.&nb... Read Chapter

A New Kind of Adventure

This is my last morning at home. This is the last time I will enjoy a new dawn over the Damsby mountains. It feels so surreal to be... Read Chapter

A Different Universe

‘We’re here,’ a voice sings as the car veers off the industrial highway. The frosty tyres screech as I’m taken down ramps and a... Read Chapter