The Coffee Cat

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Hoping to solve a mouse problem, a man takes a stray cat home with him. He later finds out something unreal about the feline...

The Coffee Cat

On a gray overcast October afternoon with a low ceiling, Peter made a pit stop at gas station on a highway leading to his home in the city. After the tank was filled, he thought he would take a break from the long drive and have a cup of joe at a local coffee shop in the station. He ordered a hot Americano, but with not too much hot water added, for he was afraid it would make him have to make another stop before he got home. After he got his cup of coffee, he took it to a small table by the window.

The coffee shop was compact but with enough space to seat a small group of coffee sippers. It was run by only one person, the owner. The atmosphere was cozy and cool with jazz coming from the speakers on the shop’s counter, so Peter finally relaxed after a long day behind the wheel.

Halfway through his Americano, a white cat jumped up to an empty chair next to him and just stared at him with its light green eyes. This startled Peter a bit, and he got up and walked to the counter to ask the owner about why there was a cat sitting next to his chair.

“Excuse me, but there’s a cat on the chair next to mine.”

“Oh, him. Yeah, he comes around sometimes. I don’t know who he belongs to, but he’s great with catching mice. We used to have mice running around chewing things in here. But not anymore. Just let him sit there. He won’t bother you. I think he likes it here”, said the coffee shop owner.

“I see.”

“Are you allergic to cats?” asked the owner

“No. I guess he can just sit there with me. Thank you.”

Peter strolled back to his table, sat, and studied the cat who was now enjoying the view outside the window. Behind those light green eyes and thick white coat was an instinct to stalk and kill mice. Much like birds, another favorite cat prey, mice were the perfect size for little paws and didn't put up much of a fight. Cats loved to stalk their target and wear them down. His new friend, now sitting next to him, was hardwired for hunting mice.

All of a sudden, a bright idea popped into his head. Maybe he could sort of borrow the cat to take care of the mouse problem in his garage. He could take this cat home with him this afternoon, let him go to work at his house, and return him next week. He had enough of mice chewing up his stuff, not to mention the smell.

After finishing his coffee, Peter walked back to the counter and asked the owner if he could ‘borrow’ the feline. He promised to bring him back next week. The owner didn’t have any objection since the cat wasn’t hers anyway.

So off they went, Peter and the cat to catch some mice in Peter’s garage…

A week had past, and not a single mouse had been caught. All the cat had done was eat and sleep, and Peter was not a happy man. He took the cat back to the coffee shop in the gas station on the highway.

“Excuse me, but this cat didn’t catch any mice. I thought you said he was good at it”, Peter said to the coffee shop owner, who was making a cappuccino for a customer.

“What did you feed him?” asked the coffee shop owner.

“Cat food,” Peter replied.

“Did you also give him coffee with his meals?”

“Coffee? No. Why would I? Cats don’t drink coffee.”

“Well, I may have forgotten to tell you. This one does. I know it’s bizarre, but he loves it. The more coffee he drinks; the more mice he catches. Double espresso, to be exact.” explained the coffee shop owner.

“You are kidding.”

“No, I’m not.”

“Double espresso?” Peter asked while staring hard at the cat who was yawning.

“Double espresso,” came the reply.

“Double espresso it is,” Peter mumbled as he and the tomcat walked out of the coffee shop…

 ..... The End .....

Submitted: December 03, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Andy K.. All rights reserved.

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