Darkness and Light

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

The life of a young Irish clairvoyant called Lucy. Who is widowed.

Table of Contents

Lucy's Gift

My name is Lucy Cantrell and I am from Galway in Ireland. I was married at one time in my life to an American musician named Elijah Badur... Read Chapter

Lucy Failed Psychic Ability

Today, it's a Thursday afternoon in midsummer 2009. Elijah has now gone on tour to Paris with his group Beckoning Blin Pop. I decided thi... Read Chapter

Elijah's Ghost

A week had now passed and it was the following Friday at 12.00 midnight. I began to feel Elijah's presence with me in the room as I went ... Read Chapter

Lucy's Dream Encounter With The Dark Side

Two years had passed on now and it just seemed to go over quick for me. I was now working at Galway art centre and not working as a psych... Read Chapter

Lucy in The Sky

Lucy found herself walking through a pathway early one morning with a glass of Ribena in her hand as she always liked to drink it. She wa... Read Chapter

Calling Upon The Spirit's

Iris seemed to have a ready-made family up in the spirit world. She had a husband. An adopted daughter with long blonde hair called Angel... Read Chapter

Beckoning Blin Pop's New Guy

The band members of Elijah Badura had now decided to come out of their hiatus two years after Elijah's death. Hardeep Greaves had called ... Read Chapter

Elijah Scares Lucy

Lucy had gone to bed late feeling totally overwhelmed over her encounter with Adrian. She awoke early hours of the morning and she se... Read Chapter

Intuitive Thoughts

Next Morning, Elijah appeared to Lucy again to give her a cute dream. He was dressed up, and he was showing off his dance moves his cell ... Read Chapter

Lucy's Business & Image Change

Fans of Beckoning Blin Pop have been dressing up as Lucy's deceased husband Elijah as a tribute as they all loved him. Some are even copy... Read Chapter

Lucy's Rival

At this time Lucy was attending spiritual workshops and working with her spiritual business coach Desree Knight whom she became connected... Read Chapter

On The Other Side

Three months had now past and Lucy and Syeerta were working along well together. They worked with clients and gave readings.  Af... Read Chapter

The Psychic Event

A few months had passed. Lucy was focusing on her work at the shop Lucy Diamond, She was doing readings for people face to face and onlin... Read Chapter

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