Follow the two stranded cord

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Dayo didn't understand her life. She didn't understand why her mother didn't love her or why her father looked at her as if she wasn't his. She was born to entertain and that's it. Without that she had no purpose or did she?
Ezhno Uday hated himself. Why did he look this way? he wasn't worth his family's time and those he loved were taken away from him. So he would follow this path of vengeance. he would restore his honor.., right?
Follow the story of the two stranded cord of fate as two lives are brought together.

Table of Contents

The birth

“push! Push! your highness!” The nurse maid urged the queen. Queen Dolores’s face was covered in sweat, her red hair splayed ov... Read Chapter

A purpose

Faba held the five year old’s hand as they walked to the throne room. “ do you remember what I told you? Don’t look the king and th... Read Chapter

The morfran

Ezhno Uday, also known as the morfran, hid behind the huge bolder. He could hear his heart beating in his ears. They’re coming! He thou... Read Chapter

A new plan

Queen Dolores, sat in the dimly lit throne room wondering how the situation at hand could be fixed. She would not allow that abomination ... Read Chapter


King Sidon sat on his throne once again faced with a dilemma.  Looking around the room, he was faced with a blue, beaten boy; An ang... Read Chapter

Five years

 Five years went by and Dayo never saw her blue hideaway again. She continued to perform for the king when ever she was requested, a... Read Chapter


The kingdom was in celebration and queen Dolores couldn’t believe it, he was adopting the little disgrace. Giving her a position in the... Read Chapter

Just pawns in a game

Hakumi was restless, something was wrong or maybe she was just worried about Ezhno. He had been gone for a few months on a mission, she w... Read Chapter

What to do now

“you thought just because the king granted you some special title that your worth something? Well let me tell you, your not worth the d... Read Chapter


3 years went by and the kingdom of Gatanie had given up hope of ever finding their lost princess .Little did they know that she had given... Read Chapter


Ezhno stood still as a rock. He was not to be seen nor heard. This was his life now. At the age of fourteen, he was a slave. A slave to h... Read Chapter


Micah stormed through the  tribes dinning hut. It smelled of fish and vegetables. That must mean the hunt went well. He sighed throu... Read Chapter

A new friend

Dayo laid on the soft cot. She had never laid on something this soft and she loved the strange smells around her. she felt her skin and w... Read Chapter

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