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My printer keeps going offline when I try to transfer Dropbox files to Pages iCloud



by Abraham R. Nox


Main Character: Marlowe Elizabeth Schmidt Fraser


Age: 39   Height: 5'7"  Weight: 125  Hair Color:  Black Eye Color: Green

Political Affiliation:  None  Religion:  Secular Humanist



Marlowe Fraser is missing, which is not news to her, she has felt for years as if she were a cipher person without one single salient characteristic.  Opening chapter should be written in first person, and is an excerpt from her nationally famous first novel "SKY WISH"


This novel is a vehicle by which I may illustrate the many ways people attempt to control the lives of others, including outright stealing another's personality traits and then wishing the original character dead and why people feel compelled to behave in this fashion.


Use Pentacostalism scene to reveal to the reader the depth of the Southern Amnesia which permits their well known but little understood two-facedness.

Use any and all recollections about Mother and Wayne and Ita etc. to fill out characters of Agnes Blake Schmidt and Thea Schmidt, Marlowe's deranged sister.

Use Cyn-hon as model for Twinky Lubs.

Use Geo as model for Nolen Fraser.

Use Dad as model for Paul Schmidt and create at least six bizarre inventions which should be obvious to the reader are actually outgrowths of his denial over what is happening to his wife, his children, his life.  (i.e. disposable blinders)

Don't forget to insert a faith healer or psychic healer

FRASER, NOLEN : Notes: Packs up a suitcase and stays in small town motels for a few nights when Marlowe won't do what he wants her to do.  Is constantly vigilant concerning her phone calls, shopping expeditions and visits with friends or family---insists upon knowing who is speaking to her on the phone and screams and harasses her until he has made so much commotion that she is forced to answer him and her train of conversational thought is effectively destroyed, which is his purpose.  Constantly controlling, even down to what she wears to work and when he can't get his way he threatens, bullies and insults her. Quotes:  "I won't put up with shit!"  "You think you're one of the great artists and you're not."  "I'm not having babies with you!" "I'm very interested in the results of your "Q" test, (pregnancy test). I want to know whether or not I need to call a lawyer." "No one is interested in what you're writing."  "I'll goddamn divorce you if you don't stop.  This marriage is too much work."  Upon receipt of Mensa acceptance, "You don't scream that way when we have sex!"  Backs out of planned social activities at the last minute, embarrassing wife and guests.  "I'm not going, this is bullshit."  Whenever she is occupied with one of her hobbies (after working all day, picking up her son at day care and then shopping for groceries, for instance)  "Get off your fat ass and do the dishes!  I won't put up with this shit!"  Makes all sorts of plans and changes them at the last minute.  Constantly humiliates Marlowe with his Don Rickles clever but inflammatory remarks concerning her poetry and the magazines which accept her work for publication.  Blasts out his wife's personal and private information  (use of information to harm) to people he knows Marlowe doesn't want to have access to titillating and embarrassing knowledge about her past.  She's attractive and high power and Nolen isn't about to let her have a modicum of control in the marriage.  He "won't put up with shit" but knows damn well she has to put up with everything he dishes out because of her son and because she has no other resources to help her survive in the world.  Important to point out that Nolen never in a million years could have gotten a woman like Marlowe unless she was desperate and he takes total and complete advantage of her vulnerability.  Throws up all manner of road blocks and hindrances whenever she wants to take a class, visit with friends, go to church.  Uses her dysfunctional family against her, does imitations of her family in front of mutual friends and acquaintances when Marlowe is present just to humiliate her.   Suggests that since she has asked him in effect to help financially support her son and since she is, after all, a tainted single parent, divorcee, Marlowe has no right asking to pursue a new career, an education, hobby or anything else that inconveniences him or takes time away from their relationship.  In other words, in Nolen's opinion Marlowe has nothing to offer except her liability son and she should just consider herself lucky that someone was agreeable and forgiving enough to marry her.  Demands sex on an every day to every-other-day basis, critical and obnoxious if she doesn't comply. Belittles her lovemaking efforts.  Threatens to have affair.  Makes frequent comments to the effect that Marlowe, "looks forty with her hair up," and "wears clothes my mother would wear."  Chronically mocks and denigrates her stated wish to "write a novel that has an impact," dismissing her with a scowl and a suggestion that she's sick in the head or some he lapses into some flip comedy such as "why don't you write with the head of my dick," or something equivalently juvenile.  "Stop the grinnin' and drop the linen.  Let's get it on, bebe, heh, heh.  You're going to goddamn give me sex!  I need a lot of attention and I'll find someone who's willing to give it to me!"  He honestly thinks she's suffering from delusions of grandeur ("You think you're one of the great ones but you're not!) but resolutely prevents his wife from seeking any sort of psychological assistance.  Even when he sees that she is emotionally suffering, his only concern is that she keeps right on earning her 40 hour a week pay and threatens that she better not dare have a nervous breakdown, he's not going to pay for any nonsense like therapy, she had better just get her lazy ass to work, etc. etc.  Nolen has no tolerance for anybody else's needs, his are the only needs that matter.  Is chronically overweight but nevertheless finds fault with Marlowe's less than perfect body and is stridently vocal about his disappointment with her looks as she ages.  Highly critical.  Thinks it's perfectly alright to caustically make fun of others as long as he admits his own shortcomings.  Insensitive insecure bully.  Controls all finances, snatching up Marlowe's check the minute she brings it home and will bully and harass her continuously until she gives it to him.  Verbally vicious, this must come across.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF NOLEN FRASER:  35 years old // 6' 1" tall, 250 pounds, heaviness in gut, pad of fat across shoulders, deep-set grey eyes upturned at the corners,  thick light brown hair shot with grey, nose short, wide at the base, slightly upturned, smattering of pale freckles across cheeks, back, back of hands.  Signs of aging around eyes, mouth, deep crease on right side of chin because of his sleeping position.  Rounded chin, soft underneath.  Streaks of white in light eyebrows.  Full, fleshy earlobes which Marlowe finds repulsive.  Has habit of always looking as though he smells something rancid in the atmosphere, peers mole-like at everything, vigilantly scrutinizing everyone and everything for some salient trait to make fun of or criticize.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF MARLOWE FRASER: 39 years of age // 5'6" tall, 125 lbs, longish torso, shorter legs, tendency to have 'bubble butt' and rounded shoulders.  Mid-shoulder length black-blue silky hair with maroon or henna highlights added.  Green-eyed (wears large silver and red thin-rimmed glasses), narrow, longish face.  Thin-lipped, very red mouth, small gap between front teeth, high cheekbones combined with the black tresses would give her a somewhat Indian appearance but for her pale skin.  Thin wrists, legs, small ankles, long neck.  Close to totally flat-chested.  While not blessed with the classic siren figure she nevertheless exudes pheromones of such intensity that men have always desired her to the point of possessiveness, but perhaps they were also inexorably drawn to her air of abstraction (which is mistaken for arrogance) and her obvious deep need for personal independence.  Graceful, would have made a good ballerina and remains an accomplished dancer.  Fashion, trendmad, have fun inventing her outfits.  ARTIST!!!!

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF AIMEE BURNUM: (Nolen's lover) 27 years of age.  Chubby buxom, bleached blonde of dubious intelligence.  Raised by adoring blue-collar parents, therefore inclined to imagine herself to be a precious princess.  Very silky short hair, side part.  Thick dab of slick pink lips.  Double chin, dresden eyes, tolerates sun well and cultivates tan.  Proud of massive mammaries and wears cheesy clothing to emphasize, but is not a sleazy girl.  (Takes courage to be boldly trashy!)  Actually rather conventional, just does a psychic blip over her immoral relationship with her boss, Nolen.  Terrified of Marlowe, thinks that she's nuts, so presents a defiant falsely confident mein when in Marlowe's presence.  A lot of superior "I've managed to grab your man," posturing which is lost on Aimee's distracted rival.  Very limited world view, self-righteous attitude with regard to Marlowe's past marriages, thinks she's just going to marry Nolen and have four or five little blonde babies and live happily ever after.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF BLYSSHE LUBS: (Marlowe's daughter from marriage to Ritchie "Tubs" Lubs in Louisiana.) 17 years old. Dark curly brown hair with red highlights.  Green eyes like Marlowe.  Inclined to be taller than other girls her age and painfully slender, worrisome to her father, who fears the tabloid "anorexia".  Introverted, deep thinker.  Very creative...a character trait Ritchie is unable to understand or cultivate or encourage.  Blames Blysshe's moodiness and off-center perspectives on her "unstable mother".  His rural redneck family cannot even pronounce her name correctly: They call her "Bliss".  On the immature side because Ritchie's family is fundamentalist Christian and they keep as tight hook on the kid, watching for signs of her demon mother to burst forth like evil blooms.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF RICHARD "RITCHIE" LUBS: (Marlowe's second husband)  Handsome in a large, beefy lumberjack type.  34 years old.  Reddish brown hair and beard. Brown eyes.  Deep dimples either side of pouty mouth.  Hirsute.  Keen hunter, of above average intelligence, but no formal education past high school.  Earns living working in father's garage.  Considered wizard with race cars.  Drinks alcohol but not excessively.  Extremely immature, dependent emotionally upon hardened Mamee Yokum like mother.  Only son.  Smokes cigars.  Fingers are always stained with grease.  Plays at being a "Southern Gentleman" but is actually a primitive, narrow-minded misogynist racist sexist asshole.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF CANDACE "TWINKY" MACK LUBS: (Ritchie's new and second wife, he was cheating on Marlowe with Twink Darlin' while Marlowe was pregnant with the twins Blysshe and her brother Jax.  Very immature, arrogant twenty three year old.  (Imagine Margie with Kathy's arrogance) Thinks it's really hot to get a married man to cheat on his wife with her. Thinks Marlowe is old and used up and that she, Twinky, is just the sweetest thing on earth.  Tiny, silly, spoiled and not very bright, she is nevertheless cute and as far as Ritchie was concerned, not at all threatening like his bewildering wife Marlowe.  Twinky has a rose tattoo on her shoulder.  Cleopatra hair style.  Black eyes and very dark lashes,  very dark brown hair.  A great lover of vapid romance novels, Twinky fancies herself a better writer than Marlowe, even though she never thought about writing anything until she found a cache of Marlowe's poems left in Ritchie and Marlowe's trailer.  Basic idiot.  Two-faced Southern belle with false religious modesty.  Gossip. Bigtime liar when it suits her purposes. Has never told Blysshe about her brother Jax, because she doesn't want Blysshe to have any attachment to Marlowe, who Twinky depicts as a mentally ill woman who abandoned her daughter for no reason.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF AGNES BLAKE SCHMIDT: (Marlowe's mad mother) 75 years old, Five feet tall.  Short, grossly overweight, skin the color of fat, stone white hair missing on one side of her head. Liver lips, sagging mouth.  Short stumpy fingers on mannish hands.  Wrinkled, sagging melted candle of a face.  Large teeth, almost too big for mouth.  Long nose.  Uses cane.  Missing a few teeth.  Nearly masculine in appearance, has high-pitched voice like squealing tires.  Extremely intelligent, was valedictorian of her senior class in college.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF PAUL FORREST SCHMIDT: (Marlowe's father)  Medium height, slightly underweight unexercised academic.  Wild snow hair like Einstein, large round black glasses, bulbous nose, small mouth.  Meek voice.  Weak character, completely under wife's emotional control. Dresses without a thought towards color harmony or style.  Very nearly looks like homeless indigent rather than the millionaire that he is.  Walks hunched over, as if expecting a blow.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF THEA CYNTHIA SCHMIDT: (Marlowe's sister)  Thirty two year old schizophrenic.  Short black hair severely parted in the center and greased down to the scalp.  Utterly white skin, unhealthy pallor.  Marlowe's green eyes but darker and less penetrating.  Thea looks crazy.  (A little Ita, a little Zelda) Wears black ski mask around all day.  Nose like Napoleon, a misplaced polyp on her face.  Tall, thin, vegetarian.  Smile like a wolverine, lots of little sharp teeth.  Undershot chin.  Narrow shoulders, unnaturally straight spine.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF JAX JASON LUBS: (Marlowe's son, Blysshe's twin brother)  17 years old.  Tall, medium weight. Henna reddish long kinky hair, earring in left ear. Greenish-brown eyes. Very handsome, inclining to cuteness.  Dimply, like father.  Marlowe's Indian features, Ritchie's coloration.  Drinks, does marijuana like most of his peers.  Broad shoulders, long sturdy legs.  Full sensuous lips, thick reddish eyebrows over deepest eyes.  Pouty like Ritchie, stubborn streak, in full teenage anarchy, wears marijuana leaf t-shirt and filthy jeans, etc.  Unshaven in a sexy, not unkempt way.  Very popular with ladies, father's animal magnetism.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF MANUEL "GRAN-MAN" CHAN: (Marlowe's Filipino/Chinese lover) Medium height, weight.  Raised in the States.  Father diplomat so Gran is very urbane, well traveled, cultured.  But the heat and the violence of the Philippines is in his blood.  Martial arts expert.  Makes living in the export of fine antiques.  Studied at Stanford University where his penchant for granola earned him his nickname.  42 years old.  Dark golden skin, marvelous liquid asian black eyes, thick buddha mouth, broad boyish face and grin.  Long bushy black hair worn in pigtail, umlaut eyebrows.  Movements so graceful as to be termed mime-like.  Elegant dresser but capable of very primal behavior if stressed.  Extremely handsome man and well-beloved by women who are attracted to his exotic appearance.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION OF PACIFICO  PEDROSA:  Psychic healer.  Looks a bit like Khahn. Short, dark, much stronger than appears to be.  Broad, almost bridge-less nose over thick full lips.  Smallish face.  Dark fu-manchu styled moustache, curly thick hair kept in mini-afro.  Delicate small hands, very soft and movements are sensitive.  Not given to volubility or expressions of levity, instead he is controlled and taciturn, and wise.  Long time friend of Manuel Chan's family.  Trustworthy.  Gentle.  Deeply religious in a way that Marlowe finds pathetic, if not outright naive.  She considers him a trickster and a smooth talking con artist.  He seeks to temper her hostile view of the world and open her rigidly defensive mind to accept the plane of impossibles, to embrace the miraculous.  He saves her life, as he has many others who come to him for healing.










Submitted: December 04, 2020

© Copyright 2021 RexMundi555'.-. All rights reserved.

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