Moon Dance

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Abandoned

Moon Dance

By Danni Lee


She was sleeping in the back of the big rig while he drove, it was only an overnight run, but she needed the break.  They had gone to high school together and been friends for years.  She had called him in tears and asked if she could come along.  He had said no problem and picked her up very early in the morning.  She was married, and her husband had gone on a weekend hunting trip with his buddies.  They were friends, nothing more had ever happened between them.

She moved to the front seat of the truck.  “Did I miss much?” she asked, her voice deep from sleep.

“Not much.” he said and glanced at her. Her long brown hair was a mess from sleeping in the back.  “You may want to brush your hair if we stop somewhere.”

“Thanks.” she said and got back into the bed area of the truck.  It didn’t take long before she appeared again in the front seat.  “Better?” she asked.

She had wrapped her hair into a bun on the top of her head.  Her face was beautiful, but so was the hair.  He liked it down, but he understood why she would put it up.  “Yea.” he said and looked at her again.  “So, what happened anyway?”  He asked.

“He’s too rough.”  She glanced at him and he could see the hurt in her face.  “I’ve asked him to be gentle, but he just can’t seem to stop hurting me.” She was looking out the passenger window and he saw her wipe her cheeks.  ‘That son of a bitch’ was all he could think.  It would get dark soon and he wanted to make sure she had something to eat today.

“There’s some good places ahead we could stop and get dinner.”  He offered and hoped she would be interested.

“If you want to,” she said still looking out the window.

“Plug your phone into the truck and let’s listen to something you like for a while.”

She turned her head and looked at him, but she was starting to smile.  “Are you sure?” she asked.  “I listen to a wide range of music.”

“Come on,” he said and handed her the cable.  “Put on something you can sing to.” 

“Ok, but you might regret it.”  She laughs, it was a deep and dark laugh, sending chills up his spine.  She plugs in her phone and starts to sing with the music.  He couldn’t understand one word, but it made her happy.

“What was that?” he asked smiling at her.

“Bass Hunter.”  She laughs again.  “It’s Swedish.”  She plays with her phone for a minute.  “You might like this one.”  The music plays and she sings along.  When the song ends, she laughs.

He raised his eyebrows at her.  “And what was that?” he asked.

She was laughing hard now.  “Icelandic.”  She manages to say.  She returns to her phone still giggling.  ‘Why would he hurt her?’  “You’ll like this one.  It’s too high for me so I’ll sing it an octave lower.”  She tips her head and grins.  “Sorry about that.”  She plays the song and sings deeply and beautifully to it, closing her eyes and listening to the language.  She is smiling and he can feel it push through him, making him feel for her.  They had often said I love you in their conversations and he did love her, but now there was something more.  The song finished and he finds himself grinning at her.

“And that one?” he asked.

“That one is one of my favorites.  It was sent to me by a friend in Greenland and it is Greenlandic.”  She sighs.  “I still have problems with the throat clicks.”

“It sounded good to me,” he said.  “So, what’s next?”

“Oh, a sad song.”  She gets the phone ready and starts the slow deep song, but she manages it well.  She’s almost in tears singing it.

“What makes it so sad?” he asked her when it ended.

“It’s about a duel between two men over a woman and I always thought the one that died is the one she wanted.”  She looks at her phone again.  “It was German.”  She says still trying to make her selection.

“I got that one.”  He watched her and a new song starts.  This one has words that he understands and some he didn’t.  He smiled and watched her sing.

“That one may not be the best one, but I have another one in Gaelic.”  The next one starts, and she just keeps singing along, but she’s smiling again.

“You got anything in English on that phone?” he asked laughing.

“One more.”  She grins at him.  “Please?”  Her eyes plead and then she pouts, and he can’t help but nod his head.  She was not playing fair when she did that and it pulled at his heart strings and tied them all in knots.  She sings, and he’s having a hard time watching the road.  “Ok, English, and it’s a screamer.”  She laughs but starts a song in English.  She didn’t lie either.  She sang at the top of her lungs and when the soft parts came on, she made him feel like warm butter all the way through.  The way she tips her head down and the power of her voice not to mention lungs reminded him of Janis Joplin.

“Let’s get something to eat.”  He chuckles and they pull off the highway.

“Ok.”  She says and reaches for the cable.

“Let it play.”  He reached out his hand and touched her arm.  “Put it on shuffle.”

“Thanks.”  She smiles at him and he can see it in her eyes.  He wasn’t sure what it was, but it was there, and it was growing.

“I have an idea,” he said.  “Let’s grab what we want and keep going for a while.  There’s a place in the desert that we can watch the moon rise.”

“That sounds beautiful.”  Her eyes have a dreamy look in them.  Then he remembers she is a moon sign, a cancer, and she would love it.

They go into the travel shop and he gets the food set up for them while she looks around.  He watches her, to see if there is anything she may want, but she returns to his side in no time.  They get back into the truck and he starts to drive again.  Listening to her music made it more than interesting.  Some of the hardest German industrial rock and some of the sweetest orchestra music came out of that phone.  She sang and danced in the seat of the truck and would laugh when she saw the expression on his face.  He would laugh too as he watched her.  It was dark but he knew the road and the place was just ahead.  He pulls in and parks the rig.

“Let’s eat our dinners and then we can go out and watch the moon,” he said. She ate quickly and only about half of what he expected, but she sat, and drank her drink waiting for him and watching for the moon.  He watched her face and glanced at the spot where the moon would come up.  He took a drink of his drink and it looked like a bright star on the horizon.  “There it is,” he said.  “Get out, now.”  He was opening his own door, but she flew out of the truck and walked out onto the desert.  She took off her shoes and planted her bare feet in the warm sand.  He watched her arms start to rise as the moon peaked over the desert.

“Play me Knights mix track 13,” she said, her back still turned to him.

He wanted to watch her face, he wanted to be there and see the moon reflected in her eyes, but he got in the truck and powered on the stereo.  It only took a moment to find it and he pressed play.  This was the only night they had together, and he wanted to make it for her.  She danced in the light of the moon, hips swaying and her feet making circles in the sand under her circling hips.  It was pure movement to the music, but the song ended.  “Roasty set by the Wicked Tinkers.”  She was breathing heavy but wanted more.  He found it and hit play.  She abandoned herself to bagpipes, on the desert, under a full moon and only she could make that work.  He could only watch what was happening to her on the warm sand.  The song ended and he watched her. 

“Will you face me so I can watch you?” he asked in the quiet the music left behind.

“Can I do what I would like to do?” she asked him quietly.

“You do whatever you want.”  He watched her come back to the truck.  She took the phone and made a list for it to play.  She let down her hair, took off her clothes and walked back out onto the sand.  “Press play and you can come out here to watch me if you like.”  He did as she asked and walked out to join her on the sand.  She danced to everything he had played already, and then new songs started.  She was glowing in the light of the moon.  Her eyes were closed, and she moved to every rhythm the songs offered.  She held still between the songs, but he could hear her raged breathing.  The moment the first beat started, so did she.  He was astounded by her beauty and the depths she was exposing herself.  Yes, she was nude and that was a joy to watch, but it was watching her and what he couldn’t see, or understand, that was building and reforming around her.  Another song orchestral, and she relished it, absorbed it into her.  Some of her movements were like a ballerina and other times, she belly danced and then the soft song and she flirted with the moon light taking gentle turns, tossing her head and that made her hair tumble in all directions.  It was pure emotion, of sound, sight, and light.  She held up her arms and taunted the moon to come to her.  He stood there his heart all but bursting for her.  The next song was bagpipes again and she really put her hips into it.  She moved across the sand close to him and he saw her smile, but the beat picked up and she danced away.  Her feet hitting the sand hard and dragging her toes across the sand making beautiful designs.  It stopped suddenly.  She dropped to her knees in the sand, he could hear her breathing hard.  He walked up to her and that’s when he heard her sob.

“What’s wrong?” he asked and knelt next to her.

“I don’t know.”  Her hands came up and covered her face.

“I’m here,” he said and held his arms out to her.  She lunged into them almost knocking him over.  He held her and stroked her hair.  Her skin was hot from dancing, but he held her and rocked her slowly.  She stopped crying and looked up at him.  The moon was fully reflected in her eyes.

“I just want to be somebody.  I want the life I need to have.  I don’t know how to live without it.  I want that life more than you could know.  I want someone to notice when I die.”

“Let’s get you back to the truck.”  He helped her up and kept his arm around her.  She picked up her clothing and held them over her.  She was feeling exposed and all that beautiful power she had exhibited on the sand, folded upon itself and absorbed back into her soul.  It was heart wrenching to watch and now he understood.  She was living with the best part of her hidden to keep it safe from the pain.  He helped her into the passenger side of the truck and started to brush the sand off of her legs and feet.  He looked at her face and saw how hollow she was.  “We need our sleep.” he said and smiled at her softy.  She nodded her head, wrapped her clothes around her and went into the back of the truck.  He powered down what he needed too and gave her some time to get dressed or whatever she needed before he joined her in the back of the truck.  She had known that they would be sleeping in the same bed together and he would be honorable if that was what she needed, but he was willing to do whatever she needed to make her whole.  He moved to the back of the truck.  She was under the covers, curled up and facing the back of the cabin.  He undressed down to his boxers and got into bed next to her.  “Can I hold you?” he asked quietly.  She rolled over and put her head on his shoulder.  He wrapped his arms around her and kissed the top of her head.  She looked up at him and he kissed her forehead.  She leaned up on one elbow and he leaned up to kiss her nose and then her cheeks.

“I shouldn’t,” she whispered.

“Tonight, is your night to do whatever you want.”  He reached out and brushed her hair back, she had left it down and he was grateful.  She leaned forward a little and her lips parted.  He leaned forward and brushed his lips against hers, it was the softest touching and not even a real kiss.  She took in a shaking breath and looked deep into his soul.  She leaned down then and put her lips on his.  His heart was hammering in his chest and all the emotion he felt from the time he had picked her up until now was starting to unfold for her.  He reached up and touched her face softly and she turned her head enjoying the feel.  He had to do this right, he had to be more then gentle with her and the only way to do that was to let her be in charge.  He stroked her skin softly where he could reach it, her arms, face, and neck.  She had a night shirt on, but he wouldn’t pull at it and he wouldn’t undo it, that choice was for her.  He ran his hands through her hair and this time when she leaned down to kiss him, she ran her tongue across his lip.  He opened his mouth to her and took in a breath of air.  She covered his mouth with hers and her tongue slid into his mouth seeking his.  When his tongue touched hers, he breathed in again, but he could feel it.  The power that she held close to her heart was coming out and it was aimed in his direction.  Her leg brushed over his and he reached down and touched her calf muscle, feeling the soft skin and the tightness of muscle.  She pushed off the mattress and onto him, he touched her and let her do what she wanted.  She straddled him under her and lifted up the night shirt.  She didn’t take it off but moved it out of the way.  He still had his boxers on, and he really wanted to take those off.  He would wait for her to let him know what to do next.  She kissed him deeply, her tongue dancing across his, it was a dance he realized but he couldn’t hear the music that was playing in her head and he felt deaf.  Her hips moved against him and he arched his back.  This was going to be the hardest thing he had ever done, letting someone else control the love making.

“Do you have what you need?” she breathed in his ear.

“It’s within reach,” he whispered back to her.

“I’m ready,” she whispered and moved off of him.

He slid off his boxers and got out the condom.  Once that was taken care of, she mounted him again.  Her hips moved over him, and he put his hands on them.  Ever so gently he slid into her, and she moved at a slow rhythm, kissing him, and touching him.  Her hair engulfed him, and he could smell her shampoo, but her tongue was doing a dance all its own and he fought to control himself and not just roll them over and press her down into the mattress.  She flipped her head back, forcing her hair behind her.  He reached out and caught it in his hand when it tumbled forward again.  She was driving him crazy with the slow pace and he wanted the tempo to pick up.  Something changed and she pressed down hard on him forcing him deeper.  Her hips didn’t just move in one direction either, there was a circular motion to them that was more then he thought he could handle.  The pace did pick up and she started to breathe harder.  There was a wave of feeling and he desperately wanted to catch a ride on it.He ran his hands up under the night shirt to touch her back and her ribs.  He wanted to feel her all the way through.  She leaned over him and moved her legs farther down his, it was as deep as he could get, and she picked up the pace again.  Oh God, how he wished he could hear the music, know the rhythm, but he probably wouldn’t recognize the song.  She leaned up then and he caught her hand in his to help give her balance, their fingers interlocked, and she tipped her head back letting the soft ends of her hair drag across his legs.  He wanted to buck underneath her and to push hard against her, but he couldn’t control his own legs at the moment.  She was the moon, and he was dancing with her and under her power. She came back to him and covered his mouth with hers.  He wanted to hold on tightly, but she needed to move, and she was so close.  He fought desperately not to let go and to wait for her.  She planted her hands on his chest and took in a quivering breath, and when she moaned, he let himself go, she moved on him gently causing aftershocks through his body.  She lay down on his chest and stretched her legs down his.  He could feel her pulsing on the inside, and he stroked her hair with one hand and her cheek with the other.  This place would never be the same for him, not the desert and not the cab of his truck.  He would never be the same, not after being exposed to the power that she held inside her.  She moved off of him and he instantly missed the pressure of her body.  He took care of the condom and put his boxers back on.  When he laid down, she curled up against him and he stroked her back and held her hand to his chest.  He wanted to cry then, that this one night was over and that tomorrow was soon at hand.

It was early and he reached out for her, but she wasn’t there he sat up and moved to the front of the truck, the dawn was just starting to redden the sky and he saw her dancing to the dawn.  He powered on the stereo and grabbed her phone.  It was playing music to a wireless headset and he plugged it in.  He was taken aback by the bird sounds but when the sweetness of the music came through the speakers, he could understand why she would pick this song to bring in the day.  She was still wearing the night shirt, but she conducted the sun to rise and the colors to burst across the sky.  He could only watch and wonder what would happen to her now, now that she had opened up the door to the power that lay hidden in her soul.  She turned and smiled at him before she ran lightly to the truck.

“When do we need to go?” she asked.

He looked at his watch.  “We got about fifteen minutes. Why?”

“Do you have an empty container?  I’d take a sandwich bag.” she asked smiling.

“What for?”  He grinned at her.

“I want to take some sand,” she said, and her smile was brighter than the sun.

“I’ll find something.”  He turned and started to look through the truck.  In the end it was sandwich bags and they each took some sand from this place, where she found her power and he was humbled by the sharing of it.

The turnaround was fast, and they were on their way home.  She played her music and sang when she felt like it.  She never said a word about what had happened, not the dancing or the night they shared, but he could see it in her eyes.  There was a ghost of a moon and the light of the sun that shined out of her.  Her power was charged and intact, what ever happened to her now, she had her own power to rely on.  It all happened to fast for him and before he could think much about it, he was pulling up in front of her house.

She grabbed the overnight bag and opened the door.  “Thanks for taking me with you.” she said and smiled at him.

“It’s not going to be the same without you.”  He smiled at her.  “I love you.”

“Love you too.”  She shut the door and walked around the front of the truck.

He rolled down his window.  “You want to go again you call me and I’ll come and get you.”

“I always wanted to dance with the trees.”  She smiled at him.  “I’ll let you know.”

He put the truck in gear and drove away.  He turned his music on and listened to it for a while, but suddenly he missed the bagpipes.

Submitted: December 04, 2020

© Copyright 2021 Danni Lee. All rights reserved.

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