I Need A Larger Blanket

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A bed cover discussion

Winter in Texas is unpredictable, to say the least. We can have an eighty-degree day followed by a forty-degree night. If we don't like that we can just wait a minute and the reverse will occur. We never know.

In my best frugal manner this year; I set my thermostat to sixty. I had decided that rather than having my central heating running all the time this year, I would spend more time, if necessary under an electric throw. I love cold, crisp air... as long as my feet are warm. I think I must have been a dog in my previous life because I sleep best when my nose is cold and my feet are warm. I do have a tendency to stick one foot out from other the covers before morning.

I have had several electric blankets over the years. It seems something happens to them over the summer. They get separated from the electric doo-dad that makes them work. Let's say, I have several ...once electric blankets that the dogs use as dog beds. They are great for that. I thought I was being so smart. I did not have to buy dog beds.

This year the prices of such luxury had gone up. So, I bought an electric throw instead of a full blanket. I spent some chilly nights before it finally arrived.

I turned down the thermostat. Got my pillows ready and slithered into bed pulling my new luxury over me. I was able to cover my shoulders and my feet. Perfect!! My night long sleep turned into a contest for "Who is the biggest blanket hog in the house?" I fell asleep all right. I did not think about it when I felt my fur people starting to gather around the edges of the blanket. Yes, in my bed. They live here too. Sweet Pea surprised me because she has a rather thick fur coat. Her one hundred and fifty-pound body snuggled up to my back. Fine... I did not know that is where the race started. Bella must weigh forty pounds snuggled up to my feet. Oscar and Grammy soon joined the party.

Thank goodness the three little snapping turtles cannot jump in the bed. My father's voice rang in my head for a second.  "You bring home the strangest critters."  I'm afraid their solution might send everyone running. I once had a pet skunk that had the same effect on everyone but for an entirely different reason. Believe it or not, I found the perfect home for him too. I found a lady who had her sense of smell damaged for some reason. She lived in a little cabin in the woods... you guessed it... full of skunks. She took care of them. She was very pleasant to talk to but I must confess... I talked to her from the front yard when I brought her new adoptee to her. My sense of smell told me from there that I did not need to go inside. She was an answer to a prayer and I was just happy to find a place for my unwanted friend. Now, back to my story.

"Moo, moo, moo." Bella was now scooting up a bit and Sweet Pea with her eyes still closed scooted her fanny over just a bit too. You will have to pardon Bella she was raised by cows.  Oscar is a squirrel that has now become a member of the house.  Grammy is his mate.  That is when I realized that Oscar and Grammy had also scooted over right next to me. I almost rolled on top of them. I could not move. I was blocked in on all sides. "Moo, moo." Bella and Oscar were now in an argument over who was going to kick me out.

Guess what, I feel very good right now.  I got up and pointed to the laundry room.  Oscar waved his arms and pointed to the laundry room.  I went out there... he was right it was cold out there.  I came back in and told Oscar (yes, I was talking to a squirrel) I would put a blanket out there.  He scampered to the end of the bed and waved at me, "Chattttttttttttt"  Translation, let me know when you get back.

Everyone forgot I own the place.....LOL, I really think, they think they were letting me live here just to feed them and refill the water. Shush... I won't tell if you don't. I think there is a little love involved. Just not enough to share a tiny little throw. We need a BIGGER BLANKET.  Kick them out of bed?  OMG, where would they sleep?It is apparent they don't know either.

I turned up the thermostat, ordered a bigger blanket, and it will be here sometime today. Yeah!! When it gets here the thermostat will come back down and we will have this pajama party all over again.

Submitted: December 04, 2020

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