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All consultants try every trick of the trade to cross the threshold of client firstly and then endeavor to draw attention by promoting their specialty gamut. But I did once differently at the time of my consultancy inception in the year 1991. During those years, Consultants were not trusted by businessmen in India. There were not many ways to reach out to prospects and it was equally easy to shut consultants out with many excuses.

Perhaps my act in the 1991s could be right because digital technology was not improved as today. I followed the path of “Never do yesterday what should be done tomorrow.”  I had to improvise it to suit ruling times. So, it certainly was needed as I really believed to present myself as original but not a shadow of somebody or not an echo of distant order from some clients.

Consultant’s mistake:

Yes, I know consultants make mistakes. Consultants' mistakes cost companies great damage. That is the reason prospects never trust consultants in the beginning. Management consultants' mistakes are the close encounter of the third kind happening in India.

The first error comes from proprietors or sole proprietors.

Second, errors come from the company's trusted hierarchical executives.

And the third, errors come from Consultants.

Though the proprietors/proprietor or Hierarchical executives do not break rules they bend the rules in their favor.

Whereas the consultant cannot either break or bend rules. He has to adhere to the assignment's agenda.

That is why; I had taken a determinative self-proclaimed statement on my first-day of solo-consultant practice inception.

It is the one I put here.

"My clients expect me to be materially, substantially, and mentally close to them in solving problems. If I am knocked down by non-co-operative individuals from within companies, I will get up and back with double-forte every time I fall. I will draw every ounce of residual strength from me to protect clients and accomplish assignments assigned to me."

I had printed that affirmation, laminated and hanged on my Home office wall above my chair predominately conspicuous to visitors. Also, I made it a habit of handing-it-out to my clients, business prospects, and their referrals.

This act worked well and had given me momentum slowly. So, if you do succeed in a way try again till people accept it and make it fade out before others copy you act.

Remember every inventive act educates us and makes us better at what we do. 

My act in 1991s was not a drop from the melting pot of genius and talent. I just pulled the common man's wise tool string to win prospects confidence, trust through my mission of statement and commitment

You may ask one question, "What was my motto behind that writer affirmation."

My Idea:

After all, the consultant endeavors to sell his physical presence, intelligence first, and then his specialty services later. My endeavor is simple, get sold myself within 2 minutes.

If I, as a consultant, cannot sell myself within 1 minute valuable time of clients, the rest can be forgotten, and the rest 1 minute is to pitch my creativity, which must be different from the run of the mill consultants. So, from prospect to prospect I must raise the bar at multiple levels with splitting focus. Also, I have to maintain the balance between my creativity and the client's data-driven consciousness. It is an unusual primary self-hire before you are hired.

My written affirmation takes almost 30 seconds to read. I can speak rest of 1minutes 30 seconds for pitching my specialty gamut.

In closing, I say it in simple words "if you know the power of your mind so that you program it for success."

Timing is the most important.

How can, as a consultant, you look out for signs that clients' brains are changing at the workplace? And if you know when businessmen are at their peak performance, would you plan your visit differently? By paying attention to neurological differences, can you game your brain to be a better worker?

My answer to all three questions is YES.

Always meet your prospect in the mid-week afternoon timings, post Launch, when he is free.

First, let us understand how a businessman spends a day or every day. As the day progresses, so does his brain. By afternoon, his brain is at his peak but not at it’s “the Best” and physical reactions to the events of the day are not consistent at all times. For example, take afternoon time; there is a dip in concentration on office work and after launch, it is 30 minutes for rest. Busy businessman’s neurological responses vacillate much more in a post-lunch as it nosedives. So, the ideal time is after lunch rest. You can join him for a cup of coffee/tea.

I close this article with a clear and simple example. We train pets to sit, stay, and behave; they behave in that way they are trained. We retain animals for personal company or entertainment rather than accepting them as working animals.

If someone tries to train a Human Being in the same way, will that Human Being tolerate it?

He exhibits an obstinately uncooperative attitude towards authority because Human being is with worthy intelligence.

Likewise, the consultants are not trainers. They are mentors; creative thinkers, and above all consultants are lifesavers of SMEs.

Submitted: December 04, 2020

© Copyright 2021 thai prasad. All rights reserved.

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