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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

"Pray to God to seek salvation"

"Pray to God to get to heaven"

"Pray to God to seek pleasures in the afterlife "

"Sacrifice to God to get blessings ".

"Fuck you God Tora "

An old man dying in a slum like a street dog cursed out after the events of his entire life flashed before his eyes.

" I Rohan killed my family in the name of sacrifice for you and donated all my things to the church, but here I am going to die and if there is next life I will........"

The old man took his last breath before completing the sentence.

Table of Contents

The City of God Tora

Herbia, also known as the city of God Tora is one of the best cities present in the continent of Jaguar.   There are various... Read Chapter

Holy Lady

" Aaaaaaa..." " Aaaaaaa..." "Aaaaa...Aaaaaa" The painful cries of women and c... Read Chapter

The Weird Priest

Unedited chapter, may contain grammatically in correct sentences.
Read Chapter

The Sacred Ritual

When Rohan opened the door, a bunch of males and a single female appeared in his vision.   The common thing was they were al... Read Chapter


The book is available at https://www.ringdomstory.com/novel/%2Bme%2Bypx%2B30m59a9naP4hUw%3D%3D.html ... Read Chapter

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