Chapter 2: Holy Lady

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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" Aaaaaaa..."

" Aaaaaaa..."


The painful cries of women and children reverberated in the surroundings

"My wife"

"My daughter "

A man came running towards the circle which was lit in flames.


"Stop right there" with a shout a priest blocked his way, there is not exactly one man there are many who rushed towards the burning fire to save their loved ones.


no one knows when the priests moved to block them, but they completely blocked all of them from approaching the circle.


"Move away "the man who tried to approach the fire first shouted in an enraged voice as he pushed the priest blocking him.


"Stay right there"Bishop who was standing there while observing the situation ordered." If you take one more step, you are defying the God "Bishop shouted but the man did not stop.


Seeing a guy moving forward, the rest of the men began to push priests aside too but Rohan was not among them. When Rohan tried to approach the circle after Bishop's proclamation, the circle lit up just like the fire on the gas stove, the sudden appearance of the fire did not only inflect few burns on Rohan but also sent him flying. Rohan rubbed his body onto the ground to calm down burns, after a while by spreading legs he sat on the ground.


He observed the chaos around, the men were trying to save their loved ones while priests were blocking them then among them one rushed forward.

Rohan did not want to sit and watch either, he stood up to join the crowd


An yet often and the dangerous familiar sound was heard, the one who were pushing the priests halted, their eyebrows twitched, everyone's face revealed a look of horror and a kind of fear. 

Rohan who stood up was no an exception either, he was sweating heavily while looking at the Bishop carrying a revolver and the dead body in front of him which was leaking blood like a fountain. The blood splashed on the holy ground, it reached up to the feet of Rohan. The fear of death, every human was afraid of it unless they were broken, even the people who had ideas of suicide can never face death without overcoming the fear.

" chapter 55 paragraph 76 Oh my children never let your emotions hindrance to your beliefs"

" I know how you feel because my daughter is among them"

Bishop Ruma yelled as he pointed his finger at the fire.

 The men who calmed a little did only observe the pope's face now, his eyes were red and he was crying and his body was shaking.

Bishop walked towards the dead body, squatted near his face and prayed " O heavenly God Tora please forgive this sinner and grant him the paradise ".

Bishop stayed in silence for a minute 

" In chapter 35 paragraph 55 God Tora says that the greater the sacrifice today, the bigger the benefits you get tomorrow"

" oh my brothers, I know you are feeling sad, angry and unbelievable pain in your heart, but it is necessary for the sake of us, for the prosperity of the future and for the greater good"

" My dear brothers, I am not going to deceive you any more, the sacrificial ceremony is one of the requirement to make the blessed one descend into this world"

" chapter 6 para 23 Those who die for the greater good and their beliefs would be granted the highest throne in the paradise"

" So my dear brothers, please don't do anything as stupid as defying the God, God Tora is known for keeping his promises and his generosity"

After saying all these words, the Bishop stood up. everyone were in their deep thoughts, the priests finally took a long breath and also the voices from the flame died down but the problem was not solved yet, as there was a saying that at least one among the crowd thinks differently, a man shouted: "cut your bullshit, paradise my ass, I am going to take at least one of these bastards with me to the afterlife " as he charged on to the priest near to him holding a metal rod. the legs of the priests who saw the man charging at him were shaking constantly

" slap"

another man interrupted the man who launched the attack with a slap and said

"How dare you? "

" This is cathedral there is no place for a sinner like you, brothers let's beat him up"

the man with rod shivered hearing that in response he asked:" but why? they killed our wives, mother and children, why are you still supporting them ? ".

" killed? you are mistaken, no they haven't been killed instead they returned to the god, God Tora will be taking care of them, they would be much happier there"

another man who was around shouted as they ganged to beat the sinner.

similarly, some minor sinners were taken care off by the firm believers.

Rohan was among the believers, he did wipe away his tears and began to beat up the sinners along.

Priests who were watching all of these unfoldings

prayed to the God.

Meanwhile, The flames in the circle died down leaving the smoke.

"look, there is a survivor !" a man yelled out in surprise.

Hearing him the sinners and the firm believers stopped their fights and looked over there.

A figure of a woman could be seen vaguely in smoke, the aftereffects of fire soon disappeared revealing a woman in her early 20's, the most astonishing thing is she was completely unscratched, not a single strand of her hair was missing from her body except the clothes.

"oh my god !" some people exclaimed.

"praise the god "the Bishop shouted.

" praise the god "

" praise the god "

"praise the god "

"praise the god "the shouts of firm believers followed.

The woman seemed to be terrified and there were tears in her eyes, she was moving her head around and looking for someone in the crowd.

"praise the god "

the Bishop raised his hand and signalled the crowd to stop chanting, he moved towards the woman.

The woman did not mind the approaching bishop for some reason and continued to search for someone in the crowd.

Bishop who stood in front of her kneeled then prostrated while yelling " Welcome Holy Lady ".

Seeing the Bishop knotting to the lady, the priests did the same and crowd mimicked followed.

Everyone prostrated in her direction except a half-burnt man.

Rohan stood still without moving, when the women saw Rohan, her tears began to drop like a stream.

she ran towards him and embraced him as her tears covered her entire face.







"Bro....Bro.... Brother".

Submitted: December 04, 2020

© Copyright 2021 EternalCrown. All rights reserved.


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