Chapter 3: The Weird Priest

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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The woman was not Rohan's wife but his sister, he never thought that his little sister would attend cathedral one day.
His little sister used to visit cathedral only once in a week,  her beliefs were not so strong but today the only survivor turned out to be her.
seeing his little sister alive Rohan was happy but also sad at the same time after losing his son and wife, but he knew he could not do anything as long it was the wish of the God Tora.
" Brother...sister-in-law and Mintu were standing along with me..."
" I saw them...I heard them...crying for help... "
" They turned into ashes before me...I could not do anything..."
" Brother..."
Tears rolled down as she continued to cry while hugging Rohan tightly.
" Erena, calm down. I know it hurts but they did return to the God, God must be taking care of them"
Rohan consoled her as he unclothed his half burnt shirt and covered her.
"Brother,  do you know?  God Tora gave me a very important mission, he said that my child I mean your nephew will be the blessed one "
Erena wiped her tears as she said with a newfound enthusiasm.
" Looks like the sacrifice is not wasted"
Rohan found a small hope in the mishap that God Tora is not cruel, God's words were not fake as God stood on his word.
"A  god of character indeed, I should not have doubted the  God Tora"
Rohan thought but he could not say it out that he doubted the God. If he did, he might be imprisoned or shot to death right away.
" Good! Good! God blessed us"
"praise the god "
with a smile on his face, Rohan replied.
The brother continued to hug his sister, they were lost in their loving movements that they did not realise that Bishop was standing next to them.
Bishop's interruption brought the brother and sister duo back into reality.
" Holy Lady, follow me "
Bishop Ruma ordered as he walked towards the inner cathedral.
" Brother, I have to go"
Erena was reluctant to be separated but she had to, she looked in the eyes of her brother.
understanding Erena, Rohan said: "You can go " as he shook his head.
Erena followed the bishop and entered into a building.
While Rohan was looking in the direction where Erena disappeared, a priest came behind him and shouted: " Congratulations"
Rohan glanced at him, the priest was young, looked to in his mid 20's, he was quite good looking.
" Thank you"
Rohan replied.
" Friend you are lucky, your sister is going to give birth to the blessed one, God Tora must have been pleased with your sacrifice "
The priest said, his intentions were clear he was trying to get closer to Rohan.
Rohan never liked the people who got close to a person only when the person was at the top or guaranteed to the reach to the top in future.
These people were not worth to be friends, they take advantage of innocent people and does not help them back regardless of how the severity of the situation.
Guys like these were like parasites, they were not worth Rohan's friendship, but of course, Rohan knew not to judge people quickly.
But this was his first impression of the Priest.
" Brother I am Gogoan, A normal priest in catching her  from childhood, what about you brother? what's your name?"
Hearing the question, Rohan confirmed his speculation and replied
" I am Rohan,  Hey mister, look I don't know you, first you came behind me, disturbed me then you called me friend first and all of a sudden you are referring me as a brother"
" don't call me  brother, I am not that close to you "
Rohan split out without bothering about the feelings of the priest.
" Brother, you are mistaken... I don't have any ulterior motives, I just wanted to be your friend "
Gogoan pleaded but Rohan ignored him and walked away.
" me"
" wait"
Gogoan began to tail him.
Rohan was exhausted, his emotions were not stable, he just wanted to go out and cry in a corner.
As a man and big brother, he had to act as strong in presence of his family, he should not crumble regardless of the situation.
But now he could cry and let his emotions out, he exited the cathedral and went inside in an inn made up of classically designed wood.
The inn was deserted, Except one or two people, a waitress and a few staff.
Rohan took a seat on an empty table.
" Mister, what do you need ?"
The waitress arrived at Rohan's table and asked him.
" Bring me a strong one "
Rohan said.
"Yes Mister "
The waitress took the order and walked towards the kitchen.
The front door of the inn opened, and a man walked in.
He looked around until his eyes fell on a table where a lonely guy sat.
" Brother"
Gogoan yelled as he walked towards the table, and without asking Rohan sat on the seat opposite to him.
" Mr. a priest I am telling you one last time, don't disturb me and leave me alone "
Rohan shouted.
the waitress, who was bringing a jar of wine,  halted when she heard the sound.
" Brother..."
Gogoan called out.
" who the heck is fucking brother? " Rohan grabbed Gogoan's shirt.
"get hell out of here now"
Rohan shouted in anger as he released his grip on Gogoan's shirt with a slight push.
" I understand, sorry for troubling you." Gogoan apologized as he stood up.
Gogoan left the inn without looking back.
"Excuse me, Sir"
The waitress finally arrived at the table.
" Put it here and go" The angry Rohan shouted.
"Yesss....sss  si..r "
The waitress was shaking as she put the jar there.
Rohan did not hold back and gulped the jar full of wine.
" One more"
The waitress hurried and brought one more jar full of wine.
"One more"
" One more "
After gulping down a few jars of wine,
"my wife, my child uuuuu....uuuuuu"
Rohan started crying like a child.
Hearing cries, "Sir, what happened? why are you crying?"
The waitress appeared.
Rohan even though was drunk, the instinct from the quote a man should never cry as he wiped his tears on his face with hands but the face was wet with tears.
Fortunately, he found a handkerchief on the table, he wiped his tears without bothering about the owner of the kerchief.
" Nothing "
Rohan said as he stood up and took a few steps to live.
" Thud "
Rohan collapsed all of a sudden when he almost reached the door to exit.
"Mister, Mister Are you ok? Hey Mister"
This was the last voice he heard before losing the concious completely.
" Brother "
" Brother, Are you ok?"
when Rohan opened his eyes again he saw blurred figure seemed to be so concerned about his well being.
The blurred figure soon turned into a beautiful figure emitting holy aura, she was wearing a white dress.
" Yes, Erena"
" Where am I ?"
Rohan sat up on the bed and asked.
" In the cathedral"
Erena replied as she picked up a shirt and gave it to Rohan.
Rohan caught the shirt and asked 
"What happened ? Why am I here ?".
"Yesterday you went to an inn where you drank and collapsed without even paying them, but thanks to priest Gogoan, he carried you here and also paid them "
Erena said while helping her brother to button the shirt.
" that guy, I see "
he still wants to get closer to me, what a headache!
Rohan thought inwardly.
" Brother, I know you are depressed, to lighten your heart I arranged a paladin for you to travel the entire city"
Even though the current civilization has horse carts, revolvers and guns, the people of the church still prefer to travel by palanquin especially priests, the common people who lifted palanquin did not take any money, they saw it as service to God.
" Erena, I am Ok, I don't have any interest in it right now"
Rohan rejected.
" Brother, please" Erena hugged him as she pursued.
" No"
Rohan remained stubborn before he accepted.
" ok, but first I want to see priest Gogoan thank him "
Ronald requested.
" Oh..talking about priest Gogoan, he did not return, I don't know where he is. Brother, first you should relax, it's best if you move around the city then maybe you can find him  in the city"
Erena said.
" Give me some time alone, I will be out there at the palanquin in a minute "
Rohan asked for time to organize his thoughts.
" I will be waiting at the palanquin then, it is outside the cathedral "
Erena left Rohan alone.
" Priest Gogoan, what's his motive? why he wants to close to me ? that kerchief ? he even carried me"
" Forget it, let's roam the city a while"
Arranging his thoughts together Rohan exited the cathedral.
At the outside of the cathedral, there was a Palanquin made up usual wood, four people were ready to lift it.
" Brother here, Erena called out "
Rohan who just exited the cathedral spotted Erena and moved towards her.
" Brother, how is it? the palanquin"
Erena asked with an enthusiastic smile.
" It's good, let me try it first before I review it further "
Rohan said as he jumped into the palanquin.
" did you hear that? he is my brother lift it without disturbing my brother"
Erena said to the four labourers.
" Roger Holy Lady"
The four replied completely in synchronisation.
Chanting " praise the god ", they lifted the palanquin which was being ridden by Rohan.
" I would be going then"
Rohan bid farewell as he ordered the labourers to move.
" Have a good journey brother "
Erena shouted as the Palanquin began to move.
"Erena was right"
Rohan, who sat in the palanquin, felt quite good after roaming for a quarter a day in the palanquin.
The city was very big, it is impossible to cover all the streets within a day in a palanquin, Rohan was aware of that.
" Stop! Stop! "
Rohan ordered.
The labourers stopped and put the palanquin down.
" What happened, sir ?" 
The leader of labourers asked.
"Do you see those fruits there, go get me a bunch of those "
Rohan ordered from inside the palanquin.
" You mean citra fruits, sir "
the leader asked for confirmation.
" Yes"
Rohan said.
The leader immediately went to the shop and brought a few dozens of citra fruits and handed them to Rohan.
The circular and pine coloured fruit in Rohan's hand emitted a sweet aroma.
" Citra fruits, Erena loves them"
Rohan thought as he put all the fruits in aside.
The palanquin was ready to move forward again but it enquired a problem as Rohan ordered them to go back to the cathedral.
" Sir, but Holy Lady said we should not head back before the sunset "
The labourers retaliated.
" I said let's go back, mean let's go back "
Rohan did not back either.
Finally, the palanquin decided to move towards the Cathedral.
After a while the palanquin reached the cathedral, Rohan made the labourers carry the fruits inside.
" Erena, Erena look what I have bought "
Rohan shouted in the prayer hall as if it was his home.
" Who are you barbarian? How dare you to call Holy Lady by her name" 
A priest among the tens of priests present in the hall shouted.
" I am her Brother, where is Erena ?"
Rohan replied.
" Holy Lady is busy with ritual, cartoons like you should not disturb her "
The priest was rude with his words.
Rohan was angry but he knew this is the turf of the priests, he can't beat people up here and expected to go unscratched.
"Awwwwwwwww ....."
Hearing cry of a familiar voice, Rohan's heart paused for a second.
The voice came from a room upstairs.
Rohan started running towards it
"wait, what are you doing ?"
some priests blocked him.
" It hurts, Awwwwww... "
The second cry made Rohan's consciousness to travel back in time where he met his child and wife last time, the events flashed in his eyes.
" no, I can't let it happen again"
Rohan no longer cared whether he was in presence of God or not, he punched the priests and pushed them made his way to the door.
" Brother stop! you should not go inside "
The irritating voice of priest Gogoan was heard, but Rohan did not stop, he tried to open the door but it seemed to be locked.
Rohan kicked open the door by force and saw something which he would remember even in his next life.

Submitted: December 06, 2020

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